2020-02-03 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What are the Big-3 items to have prepared for the upcoming 2-Day Maximizer Workshop – 3:20
  • Clarification on how to move Selling Site listings around to different positions  – 6:05
  • How to handle a seller attempting to start a Bidding War between you and another investor – 9:05
  • How to print out only the completed Offer Requests in the Investment Dominator – 13:20
  • Is there a detailed manual on how to build your Buying Website in the Investment Dominator  – 19:00
  • How to add specific functions/pages on your Buying Website in the Investment Dominator – 21:10
  • What is the email address used when sellers access your Buying Website and select [Sell Your Land] link  – 28:45
  • Is it necessary to have a Google Voice number for each state a property is marketed to satisfy Craigslist – 32:30
  • When a seller accesses the Buying Site can the communication be sent to a different email address other than the Company email – 38:30
  • How is seller information processed on the Buying Site out of the Investment Dominator – 40:45
  • Is it necessary to check a Craigslist Ad weekly to re-post an Ad – 47:05
  • What is the approximate cost for a VA to handle the marketing piece for each listing out of the Investment Dominator – 52:45
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How To Send Out 2nd Offer 30 Days Apart

Once an initial batch of offers have already been sent, Investment Dominator allows you to Tag the associated records. At some date in the future, you can search for and select those specific records based on a Tag and send out 2nd Offers as needed.

Step 1) – Create A Tag For Each Record

From the ‘Customize‘ menu select the ‘Tags‘ section as shown:

Select the ‘Add Tag‘ button to create a new tag.

Give your tag a name by entering a value under the ‘Tag Name‘ field.

For example, you can name the tag to be the date you want to send out the 2nd offers.

When you’re ready, click the ‘Add ‘ button to create and save the tag in the system.

Step 2) – Select Records And Add Newly Created Tag

To select the records in the ‘Offers Sent‘ status simply select the ‘Search By…> Status‘ option from the Quick Search dropdown located just above the record table on the left side of the page.

Click the ‘Search‘ button to load these records indexed under the ‘Offer Sent‘ status.

Click the ‘Select All‘ function from the top of the record table. This will select all the records under the ‘Offer Sent’ status.

Then click the ‘Tag’ option to apply your newly created tag to the recordset.

Type in the name of the newly created tag that you created in Step 1 above and click the name when it appears in the list. Click the ‘Confirm Tag‘ button and then the ‘Ok, Close‘ button to complete tag assignment.

NOTE: To remind yourself to run the list 30 days later, create a Task in the system and assign it to your user account.

Step 3) – 30 Days Later Search For Tag’d Records

To retrieve these records at some point in the future you’ll want to run an ‘Advanced Search‘ to identify the records that are both in the ‘Offer Sent’ status still (meaning they have not yet accepted your offer) and that also have your custom tag applied to their record.

To do this go to ‘Land> Advanced Search‘ and add two rules to your search:

  1. Status‘ equals ‘Offer Sent‘.
  2. AND ‘Tag‘ equals the name of your custom tag you created in Step 1.

NOTE: You will want to create a Custom Status called “2nd Offer Sent” so that you can move these records into this custom Status once you have sent out the 2nd offers that way you will be able to identify who you sent 2nd offers out to in the future.

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2020-01-30 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What should our focus be while testing our mailings for County Selection – 2:50
  • How to modify the existing Offer Sales Agreement to include the Short Legal Description field instead of Exhibit-A on offers sent – 9:35
  • How to identify the oldest records modified by PAT Live in your Investment Dominator account – 20:20
  • Is it lawful to create more than 3 Notes/year for seller financing deals in the Investment Dominator – 27:20
  • Can the term [Return Service Requested] be added to a custom Envelope in the Investment Dominator – 31:25
  • Is it necessary to countersign an Offer after the seller signs first – 44:00
  • What action to take if the seller scratches off the statement – Buyer retains the right to cancel sale agreement… on offer letter  – 47:25
  • How to import both the Latitude/Longitude values into Land Records in the Investment Dominator – 53:30
  • How to add photos to listings in the Investment Dominator – 56:40
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2020-01-13 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • How to handle importing a file where the APN column shows as a formula into the Investment Dominator – 3:30
  • How to monitor the activity of specific users in the Investment Dominator – 10:15
  • What functions should be set up in user accounts for PAT Live Reps; as well as, the VA of our county lists in Investment Dominator – 13:30
  • Can an Offer Template be generated in Investment Dominator providing the capability to send out offers in bulk via Letterprinting.net – 20:15
  • How can Jack’s Sunnyland website be accessed and displayed from a Selling site in Investment Dominator – 27:00
  • Is it wise to mail Neutral Letters to LLCs from Investment Dominator  – 32:25
  • Why NOT have the VA who processes our county lists have access to our Investment Dominator account – 36:55
  • How to create a Tracking Link in the Investment Dominator – 42:15
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2020-01-27 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What are the BIG-3 to focus on for the 2-Day Maximizer work shop – 2:55
  • How to secure your domains after setting up buying/selling Sites on GoDaddy and Investment Dominator – 5:40
  • How to alter the Default Offer Accept By and Default Offer Expires On (Escrow Close) dates in the Investment Dominator – 10:10
  • What is the optimum pixel size for Buying Site Banners and Logo Images in the Investment Dominator – 13:00
  • How to locate seller Land Records recently entered into the Investment Dominator – 17:15
  • How does PAT Live access your Investment Dominator Account when a prospect calls for an offer property – 22:00
  • What are 3 different Call Services that have multiple extension service options – 29:10
  • How to alter the order of properties on the Selling Site in the Investment Dominator – 34:15
  • What is a 4th Call Service offering multiple extension service options for phone systems – 45:25
  • How to have the signature print on the Offer Cover Letter in the Investment Dominator – 46:20
  • How to add and delete Notes in the Investment Dominator – 50:20
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Raw Data Processing: Identifying Entities

If the County saves both individual owner names as well as entities under a single Property Owner field then one of the data processing steps you will need to conduct is to programmatically identify these entities and move them to the ‘Company’ column within your list. You will also need to indicate under the ‘Type’ field that these records are companies by entering the value of ‘Company’ for these records.

Below is a list of common keywords that would indicate that the owner is not an individual but rather a company or entity:

care of
et al

Raw data lists also contain multipart names or prefixes and suffixes that need to be identified and properly formatted into the ‘First Name’ and ‘Last Name’ columns in the case of ‘Individual’ records and should not be treated as companies simply because they contain multiple spaces. You can also use this list to distinguish between common multipart names and middle initials that the county may also include in the raw data and which should be removed.

Below is a list of common multipart names, prefixes, and suffixes that you should account for in your data processing scripts:

Et Al

Below is an example macro that you can use (and adjust as needed) that identifies companies or multipart names based on keywords lists like the ones posted above. We use similar scripts to identify the Companies in a list and move the company name to the ‘Company’ column in our list.

First, create a workbook with 3 sheets:

    Set InfoWs = Sheets("info")
    Set Kw = Sheets("keywords")
    Set SmpleWs = Sheets("sample")

Then add and run this macro to identify records based on the keywords listed in your “keywords” sheet:

Private Sub GetCompanies_Individuals()
    Dim wrdLRow As Long
    Dim wrdLp As Long
    Dim OwnersLrow As Long
    Dim OwnersLp As Long
    Dim fndWord As Long
    Dim InfoWs As Worksheet
    Dim Kw As Worksheet
    Dim SmpleWs As Worksheet
    Dim names() As String
    Dim pctCompl As Single

    On Error Resume Next

    'Define worksheet that has data on it....
    Set InfoWs = Sheets("info")
    Set Kw = Sheets("keywords")
    Set SmpleWs = Sheets("sample")

    'Get last row for keywords based on column A
    wrdLRow = Kw.Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row
    'Get last row for owners based on column A
    OwnersLrow = InfoWs.Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row

    'Loop through lists and find matches....
    progress 0, OwnersLrow - 1
    For OwnersLp = 2 To OwnersLrow
        fndWord = 0
        For wrdLp = 1 To wrdLRow

            'Look for word...
            fndWord = Application.WorksheetFunction.Search(Kw.Cells(wrdLp, "A"), InfoWs.Cells(OwnersLp, "A"))
            'If we found the word....then
            If fndWord > 0 Then
                    SmpleWs.Cells(OwnersLp, "A") = "Company"
                    SmpleWs.Cells(OwnersLp, "D") = WorksheetFunction.Proper(InfoWs.Cells(OwnersLp, "A"))
                    'fndWord = 0
                Exit For
            End If
        Next wrdLp
        If fndWord = 0 Then
            names = VBA.Split(InfoWs.Cells(OwnersLp, "A"), " ")
            SmpleWs.Cells(OwnersLp, "A") = "Individual"
            SmpleWs.Cells(OwnersLp, "B") = WorksheetFunction.Proper(names(0))
            SmpleWs.Cells(OwnersLp, "C") = WorksheetFunction.Proper(names(1))
        End If

    Next OwnersLp
End Sub

NOTE: If you are not familiar with creating macros, data processing software, data processing techniques, and best practices then we highly suggest you hire a professional data processor to filter and process your raw data lists to be used for import. This article explains how you can easily outsource this step to a highly qualified professional.

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2020-01-23 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • How to handle APN numbers showing as formulas in import files preventing REI printing of Neutral Letters from Investment Dominator – 7:00
  • What strategy to implement when a buyer attempts to tie up a property by not closing 2 – 3 months longer than originally communicated – 17:10
  • When a buyer takes additional time to close on a property, do we close with the seller preventing the loss of the property – 25:00
  • Can PATLive’s [Tresta] system work as efficiently as Ring Central, providing multiple extensions – 27:55
  • How to delete all records from a previous Import into the Investment Dominator – 32:35
  • How to qualify a prospective buyer using the [New Prospect] function in the Investment Dominator  – 36:05
  • How to pull/acquire specific information regarding why a specific area is growing in population – 43:40
  • How to search for and send out 2nd Offers 30 days apart from the Investment Dominator – 49:10
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Notes: How To Attach A Property To A Note

There are two ways you can attach a property, or properties to a seller financing Note:

  1. If you create the Note from the ‘Land>Options>Payment Calculator> Create New Loan‘ or ‘Land>Options>Payment Calculator> Create New Lease Purchase‘ then the system will attach the property record that you were on when you opened the Payment Calculator to the New Note record.
  2. If you create the Note from the ‘Notes> New Note‘ screen, then under the ‘Property Information‘ section you will need to manually select the property or properties that you want to attach to the Note.

NOTE: In order to attach a property record to a Note record the Land Record must be in the ‘Complete/ Ready To Sell‘, or ‘SOLD‘ Status.

NOTE: Multiple properties can be attached to a single Note record.

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2020-01-09 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What is the purpose of the Optin Page in the Investment Dominator – 6:10
  • How do BOGUS names and email addresses get entered into a buyer’s list in the Investment Dominator – 8:40
  • How does Investment Dominator notify me when a customer accesses the Selling Site – 9:55
  • How does a Seller of property notify me when accessing the Buying Site in Investment Dominator – 13:00
  • Are there any concerns of losing a Buyer’s interest from the verbiage “Send Purchase Instructions” on the Selling Site – 22:30
  • In general, how does the Investment Dominator notify me of any customer activity  – 27:20
  • How to SKIP Trace in batches using out of the Investment Dominator  – 30:25
  • Do we utilize [Batchskiptracing.com] as a service to handle Skip Tracing activity – 37:40
  • How to create a Custom Optin Page from within the Investment Dominator  – 43:00
  • How to send in questions for each week’s [Live QnA Investment Dominator] call  – 57:05
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