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Welcome to the Investment Dominator User’s Guide.

Here, you will find helpful articles and videos to boost your productivity using The Imvestment Dominator Tool.

Data Service Update

Exciting News! Our latest System Update is here and it’s packed with amazing new features that are sure to supercharge your investment business. Due to popular requests, we’ve added a ton of new filter options for our Data Service so you can dial in your land lists even more. These new filters include: 19 NEW …

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Why am I getting Spam messages sometimes?

In today’s digital world, spam is a common issue that affects almost everyone. From unwanted emails and messages to fake online advertisements, spam can be a nuisance and even harmful. To combat this issue, the Investment Dominator like many system rely on a variety of tools, including Recaptcha.Recaptcha is a tool developed by Google that …

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2022-10-27 Live Training Call

Weekly training call: 10/27/2022 Questions answered on this call: 9:30 How to sign up for Outside Data Service integration14:40 How to mail Neutral Letter Campaign30:00 Phone Line setup39:30 How to change site description and what is it for43:00 Website customization and custom themes53:00 How to rearrange Listings order55:20 How to change Property Listing Elements

2022-10-20 Live Training Call

Questions answered on this call: 17:15 How to save Criteria when Importing records (Outside Data Service)23:20 How to change Company Information28:00 How to Bookmark pages31:40 Issues with SSL (Submit a Ticket)33:30 How to use SlyBroadcast with Investment Dominator37:45 Custom Stages and Statuses47:25 Why is Owner Id and Property Id different49:00 How to get Tile View …

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2022-10-17 Live Training Call

Weekly training call: 17/10/2022 What are the Investment Dominator [Big-3] setup requirements – 15:37Signature/Profile – 16:15Company Info – 27:30Domains – 43:55 49:55 – How to Generate your SSL53:30 – Quick Start Guide for the Investment Dominator57:30 – How to see replays of the past Live Q+A calls59:20 – How to create a support ticket for …

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