Investment Dominator Updates

Below is a list of updates recently made for the Investment Dominator (not in any particular order).


Exciting Announcement: NEW Direct Mail Options! 

We are thrilled to introduce powerful updates that will take your mailing campaigns to the next level, helping you reach more potential sellers and elevate your investment business. Here’s what’s in store: 

  1. REIPrintMail Integration: Introducing a NEW First Class mailing option for faster delivery. 
  1. ITI Direct Templates: Seamless updates to streamline the entire process. 
  1. Date adjustments to account for efficient processing times. 

Get ready to unlock new opportunities and maximize your success in real estate investment with these exciting updates! 

February Update: New Import record process.

Dashboard option removed from the Navigation Bar for Desktop. This means you can just click on each Tab and that will take you to the Dashboard instead. The Dashboard option will remain on Mobile.

New User Permission ‘System > Access Customize Section’. With this new Permission, you can grant access to the ‘Customize’ Tab to Rep and Custom Role Users.

API Documentation for Tasks

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