How To Remove A Property Listing From Your Selling Site

Your property listings on your ‘Selling Site‘ is automatically generated from your property record data. The listing will generate by default once your property record has moved to the ‘Complete Ready To Sell‘ Status (for land) or the ‘Open Escrow‘ Status (for houses) AND if you have at least a ‘Sale Price‘ saved under the ‘Property Listing‘ section of the property record.

If you would like to remove the listing from your selling site…

  • Open the ‘Edit‘ screen for your property record from your Admin Console
  • Scroll down to the ‘Property Listing‘ section and set the ‘Listing Status‘ to “Private“.
  • Click the ‘Update Record‘ option to save the changes.

System Email Notifications


The internet service providers (Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo…) are drowning more and more in spam. As a result they are taking more and more action to protect their users – YOU.

On a daily basis thousands of emails are being rejected directly and are not even allowed onto the server.

That means, the emails never arrive in your account – not even in your SPAM folder

To prevent that, I need you to urgently mark us as “Safe Senders” in your email program.

Otherwise it’s very likely that you won’t even receive over 60% of all my emails including our instructional videos.

If you haven’t yet done it, please whitelist us asap, or add the following emails to your Contacts list (for example with Outlook, Gmail or Yahoo):

Next, when you added our email to your Safe Senders List, or to your Contacts, please press REPLY and send a quick message back with just the words “I marked you as safe” or something like that.

That will also improve your deliverability rates a LOT, because your email provider now sees that you don’t just receive emails but you also answer (so there is back and forth communications which they love)

Another factor that can impact your delivery rates is: if you no longer open the emails you receive from me (for example you might say “I will collect these emails and look at them later”…

Or, you never interact with us (meaning you never click the actual links, or open or even read the emails, or you simply open and close them right away), then your providers will classify that emails form us as “non-important” and “not interesting” and will over time not show you these emails anymore.

So if you want to continue to receive emails from me, make sure you follow the instructions above.

Thank you!

Add Records

For the most part, you’ll want to create records in the Investment Dominator by importing data from into either the ‘Land Deals’, ‘House Deals‘, or ‘Buyers List‘ tabs. However, from time-to-time you may need to create just a single record manually. For that please follow the process below…

Create A Land Deal Record

  • Click the ‘Land Deals‘ tab.
  • Click the ‘Add Record‘ option at the top right side of the screen.
  • Fill out the fields under both the ‘Caller’ as well as the ‘Owner of Record’ sections (which includes the owner’s Name and Address) as well as at minimum the ‘Property State’, ‘Property County’, and ‘Property APN’ fields.

Create A House Deal Record

  • Click the ‘House Deals‘ tab.
  • Click the ‘Add Record‘ option at the top right side of the screen.
  • Fill out the fields under both the ‘Caller’ as well as the ‘Owner of Record’ sections (which includes the owner’s Name and Address) as well as at minimum the ‘Property State’, ‘Property County’, and ‘Property Address’ fields.

Create A Buyer’s List Record

  • Click the ‘Buyers List‘ tab.
  • Click the ‘Add Contact‘ option at the top right side of the screen.
  • Fill out at a minimum the ‘Name’ and either a ‘Phone’, ‘Email’, or ‘Address’ for the Contact.

Can The My Buying Phone Number Be Different Than My Selling Phone Number?

Yes, the phone number that is displayed on your Buying Site as well as printed on your neutral letters is configured under ‘Customize> Company Information> Company Phone‘ and your Selling Site number is configured under ‘Customize> Website Settings – Selling> Selling Site Phone‘.

NOTE: You can also configure a different phone number for your offer package mailer under ‘Customize> Company Information> Offer Phone

Email Deliverability – SPF Record For Your Custom Buying Site Domain

We use a service called to relay our notification emails.

As long as you have configured your buying site’s domain with a www CNAME record to point to as recommended you shouldn’t have to make any adjustments in regards to the email notification system.

However, if you are pointing your domain to our servers another way then you must configure a TXT record with a TXT Value of :

v=spf1 ~all

Set Property Location Option (Land)

Most vacant land lots do not have a property street address which is typically assigned to a property once a building permit has been filed. It is likely that the County Assessor will only provide you with partial property location information like the Property’s Township, Section, and Range numbers and legal description, and perhaps a Property Zip code and street name, while others just provide you with a copy of the Plat Map (Showing roads in the area and the lot location), or access to their GIS system (which is preferable).

Use the information the County provides to locate your lot within the Investment Dominator system…

  • Click the ‘Land Deals‘ tab at the top of the screen.
  • Click the ‘Offer Requests‘ Stage to pull up your properties in the “Pending Preliminary Research” status.
  • Hover over the ‘Options‘ icon and click the ‘Set Property Location‘ option.
  • An interactive map will appear and you can hold down your  Ctrl key on your keyboard while rotating your computer mouse wheel control to zoom in and out of the map. Click and drag the map area to move your location view until you locate your property per the information the County Assessor gives you for that property. 
  • Click the map to add a location pin to the property
  • Click the ‘Save Pin Location‘ to save both the GPS coordinates for the property (pin location) as well as the Property Zip code.

Install SSL For Custom Domains

Once you start using custom domains (recommend) for your Buying and Selling websites you’ll want to consider installing an SSL certificate for that domain. While this is not a required thing, more and more internet browsers, search engines, and virus scan software promote the use of the secured https protocol and without having an SSL certificate some web visitors will see unsecured connection disclaimer when they visit your websites.

How To Generate A SSL Certificate?

  • First, you need to generate a .cert file and in order to do this, you need a .csr file from us that contains some required information. So to get started, please open a Help Ticket under ‘Help> Create A New Support Ticket’ and let us know what your custom domain(s) are that you want to secure.
  • We will generate a .csr file for you and send that back to you through the support ticket system.
  • Use the .csr file to generate your .cert file and send that back to use (via your support request)
  • We will then install the file on your account and notify you when it has been activated.

Where Can You Get An SSL Certificate?

While there are many SSL providers out there (even free ones like if you have already registered your domains with (recommended) then the easiest way to obtain an SSL certificate is through your account. More information about that can be found at:

How To Set Offer/ Offer Amounts In Bulk For Land Deals

If you would like to set the offer and/or option amounts in bulk here are the steps…

  • Click on the green ‘Land Deals‘ tab.
  • And then click on the ‘Offer Requests‘ Stage at the top of the table.
  • Click the blue ‘Set Offer/ Options Amounts‘ button.
  • This will display the Offer and Option Amount fields for each property displayed in the table.
  • Enter in your Offer or Option Amounts for each property in this list then click the blue ‘Save Offer/ Option Amounts‘ button to save all the offer/ offer amounts in bulk. NOTE: Click the ‘Calculate Offer/ Option Amount‘ icon to bring up the calculator for that property.

The January 2019 Update

Hello everyone, I hope 2018 was a success for you!

To get 2019 started right we have released some exciting new updates to the Investment Dominator CRM system.

Below are some quick overview videos of all the new goodies designed to make your real estate business run more efficiently in 2019, but before you get started please follow the instructions on this page to clear your browser’s cache for your Investment Dominator CRM URL. There were some layout changes to the property tables so this step is very important to do first in order to ensure these changes correctly take effect.

  • Property Short and Long Descriptions and the HTML Editor:
  • (LAYOUT CHANGE) – Timestamped Notes (Private/ Public)
  • Property Reference Links (Private/ Public)
  • New Header, Body, and Footer Source Fields:
  • Letter Template Generator:
  • Generate Signature Option:
  • New ‘Set Property Location’ Option:
  • Set Offer and Option Amounts (Bulk Record Table Option):
  • Record Options for Custom Statuses:
  • Advanced (Land) Record Search and Saved Searches:

Here’s to your success!

Jack Bosch and Team

What Is The Purpose of The Buyer’s List?

The ‘Buyers List’ section on the Investment Dominator is where we manage the disposition or marketing/sales side of the business. Jack Bosch talks about this in the Land Profit Generator training program in Session 16: Internet Marketing Basics.

Basically, the ‘Buyers List’ a list of prospects that you grow, refine and nurture over time. Since real estate is not an impulse buy, it normally takes a few touches before you sell a property to someone and the ‘Buyers List’ helps you keep track of these people while they are in that decision-making period.

Here are some helpful articles that talk about the ‘Buyers List’ in more detail, but we also recommend that you watch the Land Profit Generator Module 16 to get the overall concept of this important list.