Create Your Own Custom Optin Page/ Selling Site Theme

In addition to the two built-in Selling Site themes that come with the Investment Dominator system, you can design and develop your own custom themes and even share those themes with other users.

To create a custom theme you need to know a little about HTML and CSS. If you are not familiar with what that is, you can easily hire HTML and CSS developers on sites like or that can take a visual design that you have end code it using those web languages.

Ok, Let’s Get Started

  1. Download this Sample Selling Site Theme template which contains all of the built-in merge fields to call in things like the Optin Form that we use in our default themes.

    You can use these merge fields to pull in information or functions used in the Investment Dominator.

  2. Use basic HTML and CSS to design your layout, then reference the merge fields as needed within your page structure.

  3. Compress your theme files into a .zip folder then upload that folder under ‘Customize> Website Settings – Selling> Optin Page‘ and click the ‘UPLOAD CUSTOM THEME‘ option.

NOTE: The filename of the .zip file you upload will be the name of the theme when it is uploaded and a screenshot of theme is automatically generated based on your index.html file.

Here is a list of merge fields you can reference in your custom theme files.








[optin-form button_text=’CUSTOM BUTTON TEXT’ confirmation_url=’/thank-you.html’ input_fields=’c_fname, c_lname, c_email, c_phone, c_zip’]




[popup-link]POPUP LINK[/popup-link]






















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How To Mark A Listing As “PENDING” or “SOLD” On The Selling Site?

After you find a buyer for your property or sell your property you may still want to keep the property listing up on your Selling Site to serve as social proof.

There are two settings you need to have for the listing to display on your site as Pending or Sold.

  • The ‘Status‘ of the record must be in the ‘Found Buyer – Open Escrow‘ status.
  • The ‘Listing Status‘ option must be set to ‘Public‘.

This will display the “PENDING” text over the thumbnail of the listing.

If you then change the ‘Status‘ to ‘SOLD‘ then the text “SOLD” will appear over the listing thumbnail.

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How To Change The Look and Layout (Theme) of The Buying Site

The Investment Dominator system comes with two built-in Buying Site Themes a Legacy theme and a 2.0 theme as well as the option to create and upload your own custom theme. A theme controls the look and layout (design) of the website. For example, it controls what the menu, header, banner area, footer, and page structure looks like to the website visitor.

Changing your Buying Site Theme is easy to do, simply go to ‘Customize> Website Settings – Buying> Select Your Buying Site Theme‘:

Click on the theme option you want to change to:

Scroll down to the end of the page and click the blue ‘Update Site‘ button to save the changes.

To view the changes click ‘My Sites> Buying Site‘:

Your Buying Site with your new theme will load on a browser new tab:

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How To Generate A Blind Offer Package (for Land Investing)

IMPORTANT NOTE: We only recommend that you send out blind offers in an area where you have already done deals. If you have not done deals in an area yet we recommend only sending out the Neutral Letter Campaign followed by the regular Offer Package for only those who request offers from you.

To generate a Blind Offer campaign first import your data with the optional ‘Offer Amount‘ and ‘Back Taxes‘ data included in your import file, and import the records under the ‘Pending Preliminary Research‘ status.

Go go the ‘Generate Documents‘ page and toggle open the ‘Blind Offers‘ section. Click the .DOC or .PDF options to download the following documents:

  • Blind Offer Cover Letter
  • Offer
  • Exhibit A (Optional)
  • Envelope Labels

We put the Blind Offer Cover Letter, Offer into a manila envelope with a printed label on the outside with the mailing address and mail that to the owners. Here is a list of the resources we recommend to complete this package.

NOTE: You will get a much lower acceptance rate with this type of campaign in comparison to the Neutral Letter/ Offer campaign.

When you are done printing your Blind Offers, click the blue ‘Bulk Update Records‘ button to move these records into the ‘Blind Offer Sent‘ status.

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How To Generate An Option Package (for Land Investing)

If you are dealing with a high priced property or one that you are not sure you want to purchase you may want to send an Option Agreement to the owner vs. an Offer Agreement. The Option gives you the option to purchase a property at a specific predetermined price on or before a particular date and gives you the right to market that property for sale within that time period. If you are able to line up an end buyer for the property before your Option expires you can do a double close or just assign the Option or Sale Agreement to the end buyer. Allowing you to do a deal with no money. If you can’t line up an end buyer in time you can simply let the Option expire.

To Generate the Options Package first make sure the record is in the ‘Pending Preliminary Research‘ status.

Enter in and save an amount under the ‘Option Amount‘ field. This will be the amount you agree to purchase the property at, if you exercise your option to buy.

If there are any back taxes on the property, enter the amount under the ‘Back Taxes‘ field and save.

If you would like to change the default dates on the Option Agreement (optional) you can override them on a per property bases by selecting a date under the ‘Option Accept By‘ and ‘Option Expires On ‘ fields.

Make sure that the Owner’s Name or Company/Entity Name is filled out and matches the County’s records.

Click the blue ‘Update Record‘ button to save the changes.

Under the ‘Generate Documents‘ page. Click the ‘Options‘ tab to toggle it open. Click on the .DOC or .PDF options to generate and download the following documents:

  • Option Cover Letter
  • Option Agreement
  • Exhibit A (Optional)
  • Envelope Labels

Here is a list of resources we use for this including the Label and Envelopes we use for the Option Package.

Once you have generated your Option Agreements click the blue ‘Bulk Update Records‘ button to the right of the ‘Generate Documents‘ page to move the records into the ‘Option Sent‘ status.

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How To Add Multiple Owners To A Property Owner Record

To add multiple property owners to a land, or house ownership record click on the ‘Edit‘ link to the right of the property record:

Then make sure that the ‘Individual‘ option is selected under the question ‘Owner of Record> This property is owned by:‘, and the ‘Yes‘ option is selected under the question ‘Owner of Record> Are there other owners on title?‘:

Enter the name of the others on title under the 2nd through 5th owner name fields.

NOTE: Typically we don’t deal with properties that have more than five owners on title, but if you do have a property with more parties than five you can either add the remaining names under the ‘5th Owner’s Last Name‘ field, or you can mark the record as a ‘Company/ Entity‘ then put all the owners into the ‘Company Name‘ field.

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Buyers List> New Prospect: How To Process a New Prospect and Qualify Leads

When people view your property ads and contact you for more information about your property you’ll want to process the lead and set up the sale. To do this, click on the ‘Buyers List> New Prospect‘ option to bring up the New Prospect Wizard.

The wizard is designed to collect the name, phone, and email of the prospect as well as collect some crucial information that will help you close the sale and track your marketing results like:

  • What property they are interested in
  • Where they saw your ad (lead source tracking)
  • Why they liked the property
  • What they intend to use it for if they buy it
  • How much they can put down
  • How much they can afford per month

An important part of processing the lead is also following up with them, so the last part of this processing wizard allows you to set a follow-up appointment that is automatically saved under your Tasks and assigned to your user and attached to both this Buyer’s List record and the property the prospect is interested in.

The system also automatically emails a link to your complete property listing to the prospect after you hit the blue ‘Save‘ button to complete the call.

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How To Move A Land Deal Over To The House Deal Section and Vice Versa

Sometimes the County may have indexed a property incorrectly in the list landowners that you obtained and initially uploaded into the Investment Dominator, or a person builds a home on a lot after you get the data from the County. In these scenarios, you will need to move that improperly indexed record from the ‘Land Deals‘ section over to the ‘House Deals‘ section so that it can be properly processed as a house deal (which has a completely different process than the land area).

  • To move the record over you simply look up the record under the ‘Land Deals‘ section and click on the ‘Edit‘ option next to it.
  • Under the ‘Property Information‘ section select ‘House‘ from the dropdown menu called ‘Property Type‘.

    NOTE: Selecting ‘Mobile Home‘, or ‘Commercial Property‘ will also move this record to the ‘House Deals‘ section.
  • Click the ‘Update Record‘ button to save the changes and move the record from the ‘Land Deals‘ tab over to the ‘House Deals‘ tab.
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Advanced Search and Saved Searches

With our ‘Advanced Search‘ option, you can easily and quickly identify records under the ‘Land Deals‘, ‘House Deals‘, and ‘Buyers List‘ section based on multiple AND/OR search criteria.

Using this feature you can identify records based on almost any record field in the system and by adding a combination of custom record filter rules such as Equal To, Not Equal To, In, Not In, Less Than, Greater Than, Between, Is Empty, Is Not Empty, etc. to the search.

Advanced Searches can also be saved and accessed under the ‘Reports> Saved Searches‘ area.

Below are some examples of advanced searches that you could run…

Example 1: By Status and By Date Created

Let’s say you want to identify all the records under your Land Deals section where the Status is set to ‘Prospect‘ and where you created the records on a particular date (through import or manually one-by-one). All you need to do is go to ‘Land Deals> Advanced Search‘ and then create a search with the following criteria:

Example 2: By Type and By Phone

Let’s say you want to identify a list of contacts in your Buyers List that have phone numbers but have not purchased a property from you yet. All you need to do is go to ‘Buyers List> Advanced Search‘ and then create a search with the following criteria:

Example 3: By City, Status, and Note

Let’s say you want to identify all the house deals you are currently researching in the Houston area, where you also mentioned “roofing issues” in a note. All you need to do is go to ‘House Deals> Advanced Search‘ and then create a search with the following criteria:

Example 4: By Status and Tag

Let’s say you want to identify all the land deals that you have successfully sold to this point and that was also tagged with a custom tracking tag that you created. All you need to do is go to ‘Land Deals> Advanced Search‘ and then create a search with the following criteria:

You can even search records that have multiple tags by clicking the options ‘Add Rule‘, ‘AND‘, ‘Tag‘, ‘contains‘ then select the other tag to search by:

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How To Add A Property Search Bar To Your Selling Site

You can provide your Selling Site visitors with the ability to search for available properties on your Selling Site by:

  • Keyword (In Listing Heading, Short and Long Description)
  • State
  • City
  • County
  • Parcel Number (APN)
  • Property #
  • Price
  • Size

How To Add or Remove The Search Option From Your Selling Site

You can add or remove the property search option from your Selling Site under ‘Customize> Website Settings – Selling> Display Property Search‘.

Select ‘Yes‘ to display it, and ‘No‘ to remove it.

How To Add The Search Option To A Custom Selling Site Page

To add the search option to a custom page, first, create a public Custom Selling Site Page then under the under the ‘Insert Merge Field‘ dropdown menu select the ‘Property Search‘ option which will insert the ‘[property-search]‘ merge tag into your ‘Page Content‘ and add the interactive property search bar your custom page.

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