2019-08-12 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • How to attach images and specify Featured images in property listings   –  5:10
  • How do some photo images come in with a Thumbnail print in lower right section of larger images in the Investment Dominator – 9:30
  • Why must domains be connected to the  Investment Dominator server – 12:00
  • Why must domains be forwarded  in the Investment Dominator – 16:40
  • How to process a large number of records in Prospect status in the Investment Dominator  – 19:40
  • How to execute the UNDO command in the Investment Dominator – 27:20
  • Are there any instructions for Host Master  in the Investment Dominator – 29:30
  • Explain the rationale for 2 separate sites requiring domains in the Investment Dominator – 32:20
  • New Feature – How to outsource the Selling side of Land Flipping business using the Investment Dominator  – 35:45
  • How to handle customers across the country purchasing property  – 44:15
  • How to answer questions regarding Perk tests supporting Land purchases – 46:50
  • What can increase the value of a property under contract – Perk Test & Access Easement – 51:00
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2019-08-08 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What can possibly hinder progress in the Land Flipping business   –  6:00
  • How to handle formatting of APN and Zip Codes being imported in the Investment Dominator – 11:50
  • How to place photos (thumbnail pictures) on the Selling site in Investment Dominator – 18:30
  • How to position images on Buying & Selling sites in the Investment Dominator – 23:00
  • How to add thumbnail pictures on images in the Investment Dominator  – 24:20
  • How to select and show photos on Buying & Selling sites in the Investment Dominator – 27:00
  • How to select and show Featured photos on Buying & Selling sites in the Investment Dominator – 31:35
  • How to customize an Offer/Sale agreement in the Investment Dominator – 38:20
  • How to copy in Source in the Investment Dominator to be copied for a customized document – 45:10
  • How to modify an existing document to fit on a single page in the Investment Dominator  – 50:25
  • What is the difference between STAGES vs STATUS and how are they used in the Investment Dominator – 55:50
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How To Move A Land Deal Over To The House Deal Section and Vice Versa

Sometimes the County may have indexed a property incorrectly in the list landowners that you obtained and initially uploaded into the Investment Dominator, or a person builds a home on a lot after you get the data from the County. In these scenarios, you will need to move that improperly indexed record from the ‘Land Deals‘ section over to the ‘House Deals‘ section so that it can be properly processed as a house deal (which has a completely different process than the land area).

  • To move the record over you simply look up the record under the ‘Land Deals‘ section and click on the ‘Edit‘ option next to it.
  • Under the ‘Property Information‘ section select ‘House‘ from the dropdown menu called ‘Property Type‘.

    NOTE: Selecting ‘Mobile Home‘, or ‘Commercial Property‘ will also move this record to the ‘House Deals‘ section.
  • Click the ‘Update Record‘ button to save the changes and move the record from the ‘Land Deals‘ tab over to the ‘House Deals‘ tab.
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2019-08-01 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What was the genesis for the design of the  Investment Dominator CRM – 2:25
  • What’s new for the Investment Dominator in terms of Twitter – 4:25
  • If a property address exists from the County is it necessary to enter the Latitude/Longitude into the property record in Investment Dominator – 6:50
  • When there are 2 separate properties belonging to one owner should the records be merged in  the Investment Dominator – 15:50
  • When is it logical to merge records vs using the Add Additional Property function in the Investment Dominator  – 17:20
  • Why use TAGs to track Sub-Groups of properties in the Investment Dominator – 21:55
  • How to utilize the Set Offer and Option Amounts function to generate offers in the Investment Dominator  – 35:20
  • What is the rationale for having a Buying & Selling site; as well as, a separate Buyer & Seller phone system established for business calls – 42:00
  • How to add a Custom Status (Neighbor  Letter Sent) in the Investment Dominator – 47:00
  • How to handle APN numbers and ZIP Code formatting on data imports in the Investment Dominator (Part A) – 55:10
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2019-07-29 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What methodology are the weekly QnA sessions based on with the Investment Dominator  –  2:15
  • How to add additional Status Options in the Investment Dominator  – 5:55
  • Can any of the Built-In Status Options be deleted in the Investment Dominator – 13:30
  • How to sort newly created Status Options in the Investment Dominator – 17:00
  • How to obtain the Zip Code of a property with no address in the Investment Dominator  – 20:40
  • What is the second way to obtain a Zip Code of a property with no address in the Investment Dominator – 33:10
  • What is the difference between the Offer package vs the Option package in the  Investment Dominator – 38:10
  • What is the benefit of using Options vs Contracts to purchase property  – 45:35
  • Should the same format of the Offer Letter be utilized when sending a second offer on property – 48:15
  • Can the signed Contracts with sellers be cancelled for any reason deemed necessary – 50:00
  • Is it true we are not obligated to Close on property when we find issues  – 52:15
  • Should a formal letter be mailed to cancel a signed contract on property – 54:30
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2019-07-25 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • How to enter questions for weekly Investment Dominator Live QnA sessions – 5:15
  • How do Buyer records end up in Investment Dominator from the Selling Site – 6:05
  • How will Investment Dominator send email notifications from prospective buyers – 9:05
  • How to utilize the Advance Search function for the Buyers list in the Investment Dominator  – 14:05
  • How to delete the Latest Import  in the Investment Dominator – 19:05
  • What is the use of the Delete function in the Activity Log entries in the  Investment Dominator – 26:40
  • How to search the Activity Log and locate a recent Import transaction in the Investment Dominator  – 30:05
  • To process records efficiently only import a subset of a main data file into the Investment Dominator – 31:48
  • What is the final step after importing a subset of records being sent to a mailing house (Letter printing.net) in the Investment Dominator – 37:30
  • Can records be selected from Agent-Pro 247 and placed into a sample file for importing into the Investment Dominator – 39:20
  • How to enter the Buying and Selling Site Domains into the Investment Dominator – 43:10
  • How to add additional Custom Status options into Investment Dominator – 53:00
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2019-07-22 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • How powerful is the Investment Dominator CRM in organizing our overall business processes and deal flows – 5:55
  • How to Search for Users in the Investment Dominator Activity Log – 8:10
  • How to utilize the Advance Search function for both Buyers list and Land Deals in the Investment Dominator  – 12:20
  • How to TAG records for Status change in the Investment Dominator – 31:00
  • Can a Sale Agreement or Lease Purchase agreement be generated out of the Investment Dominator – 35:10
  • How to set the correct Time-Zone for a company in the Investment Dominator  – 41:10
  • How to add a company Logo in a neutral letter in the Investment Dominator – 47:10
  • How to add documents into Land Records in Investment Dominator – 56:10
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2019-07-18 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • Should imported data contain all Apartment #s and Suite #s for owners coming into the Investment Dominator – 3:45
  • What is the lowest Land Value amount set for Land Records imported into Investment Dominator – 6:10
  • Can extremely colorful ads be produced out of Investment Dominator similar to Jack’s Sunnyland Site – 8:55
  • How to merge records efficiently in the Investment Dominator – 18:10
  • How to UNDO commands in the Investment Dominator – 22:25
  • How to view Details in the Activity Log in the Investment Dominator  – 24:50
  • How to add Private/Public Links on listings in the Investment Dominator – 27:55
  • How to search the Activity Log for specific users-ids in Investment Dominator – 39:45
  • How to process owners with multiple properties in the Investment Dominator – 45:05
  • After negotiating the price for a property purchase should the seller cross out and initial the original offer letter – 50:00
  • How to best protect your company’s interest with a serious buyer of property – 55:10
  • Is it necessary to have your company registered in a specific state in order to transact business in that state – 57:50
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The Investment Dominator Plugin Directory (COMING SOON)

We are currently looking to work with talented web developers to grow a directory of 3rd party plugins for the Investment Dominator system that would allow users to add additional functionality to their business by utilizing the data they store in the Investment Dominator CRM.

Web developers would leverage our robust and secure API to access data within Investment Dominator accounts and create additional functionalities and tools that can be shared among the growing Investment Dominator user community to help improve their success in the area of Land, Home and Note Investing and management.

If you are interested in becoming an Investment Dominator plugin developer, then please send us a message under the ‘Help> Suggest A Feature‘ section and let us know, please also include your web development experience, coding languages you specialize in,  and what plugins you would like to develop. We are looking forward to working with you to help grow this platform into the #1 Real Estate Investment CRM for Land, Homes, and Notes.

NOTE: Approved developers must be an Investment Dominator user themselves, understand the structure of the platform, have a solid grasp on how the API works and should have experience or a deep understanding of Land, Home, or Note investment procurement and management.

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Advanced Search and Saved Searches

With our ‘Advanced Search‘ option, you can easily and quickly identify records under the ‘Land Deals‘, ‘House Deals‘, and ‘Buyers List‘ section based on multiple AND/OR search criteria.

Using this feature you can identify records based on almost any record field in the system and by adding a combination of custom record filter rules such as Equal To, Not Equal To, In, Not In, Less Than, Greater Than, Between, Is Empty, Is Not Empty, etc. to the search.

Advanced Searches can also be saved and accessed under the ‘Reports> Saved Searches‘ area.

Below are some examples of advanced searches that you could run…

Example 1: By Status and By Date Created

Let’s say you want to identify all the records under your Land Deals section where the Status is set to ‘Prospect‘ and where you created the records on a particular date (through import or manually one-by-one). All you need to do is go to ‘Land Deals> Advanced Search‘ and then create a search with the following criteria:

Example 2: By Type and By Phone

Let’s say you want to identify a list of contacts in your Buyers List that have phone numbers but have not purchased a property from you yet. All you need to do is go to ‘Buyers List> Advanced Search‘ and then create a search with the following criteria:

Example 3: By City, Status, and Note

Let’s say you want to identify all the house deals you are currently researching in the Houston area, where you also mentioned “roofing issues” in a note. All you need to do is go to ‘House Deals> Advanced Search‘ and then create a search with the following criteria:

Example 4: By Status and Tag

Let’s say you want to identify all the land deals that you have successfully sold to this point and that was also tagged with a custom tracking tag that you created. All you need to do is go to ‘Land Deals> Advanced Search‘ and then create a search with the following criteria:

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