2020-05-25 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What are the Investment Dominator [Big-3] setup requirements – 4:30
    • Signature/Profile     – 5:35
    • Company Info         – 8:40
    • Domains                – 18:50
  • How to sign up for Thursday Weekly Live Investment Dominator QnA Training calls – 32:40
  • With a husband and wife team can only 1 profile and 1 signature be utilized in Investment Dominator – 34:05
  • How long will the SSL Certificates last before they expire out of Investment Dominator – 36:05
  • How to calculate acreage size for land records in Investment Dominator if county sites do not provide this information – 38:45
  • Are the Weekly Live QnA Training Calls considered the [On-Boarding] calls in Investment Dominator – 46:40
  • Is it necessary to filter out records from County data where Market Value is set to 0  – 49:15
  • Is it necessary to filter out records from County data where land is owned by municipalities, treasuries or private corporations – 50:35
  • How to ensure your free SSL Certificate has been installed correctly in the Investment Dominator – 53:50
  • Does the Investment Dominator replace the need for Upwork or VA assistance when it comes to formatting and importing data – 56:20
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2020-05-21 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What are the steps for adding additional land records when owners have multiple properties – 3:30
  • How to change the TEXT on the Buying or Selling site and modify some of the language in Investment Dominator  – 8:30
  • Is it necessary to have 3 names and 3 phone numbers represented in the Company Information in Investment Dominator – 13:00
  • Is it necessary to have 1 number and 2 extensions for the Neutral Letter and Offer Letter calls in Investment Dominator – 16:20
  • Can there be 1 phone set up with 3 separate extensions in the Company Information in Investment Dominator – 20:00
  • How to troubleshoot prospect records that were NOT successfully uploaded in Investment Dominator – 22:45
  • How to successfully upload AgentPro247 data into the Investment Dominator – 28:15
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2020-05-18 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What are the Investment Dominator [Big-3] setup requirements – 7:40
    • Signature/Profile     – 7:55
    • Company Info         – 12:15
    • Domains                 – 21:00
  • Is Ring Central the only option for setting up a phone system in company information – 40:20
  • Can the Company hone and Offer phone be the same number in Investment Dominator – 43:40
  • Will Ring Central or PAT Live accept TEXT messages to their assigned phone numbers – 45:30
  • What is the purpose of the Company Phone in Investment Dominator – 47:30
  • Will the Ring Central 800 number offer multiple extensions (ext. 1 or ext. 2) – 52:10
  • Where can the [Big-3] Set Up Requirements presentation be accessed for review in Investment Dominator – 53:40
  • What are the steps to set up multiple users/profiles in Investment Dominator – 56:05

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Recommended Ring Central Setup

We recommend LPGphone.com (Ring Central) as our preferred phone system for the Land Profit Generator method.

The reasons we recommend them as a resource include:

  • They offer a full-featured virtual phone system (virtual PBX) that can be easily self-managed (doesn’t require expensive phone techs to configure) at a fraction of the cost of a traditional company phone system.

    NOTE: For a complete list of features and up-to-date pricing information please refer to: https://www.ringcentral.com/office/plansandpricing.html
  • They are a virtual system that is hosted in the cloud so you don’t need to install any software on a server that you need to manage or maintain.
  • They provide you with full-featured Desktop and Mobile Applications that allow you to easily make and receive calls from your company phone lines and much more. To download their Desktop or Mobile Apps visit: https://support.ringcentral.com/download.html

Recommended Setup:

We have two recommended setups:

  • A two-line setup
    This will cost you less money per month and is only recommended if the same person/team in your company that takes the offer request calls is also the same person/team that handles offer questions/ negotiations.
  • A three-line setup
    If you have a call center like LandCalls.com answering your offer request line and a separate person/team that answers questions about offers you have made, or is in charge of handling offer negotiations then you want to use this three-line setup to ensure you have a separate extra line for your offer negotiation person/team and you significantly reduce the chance that the seller will call your call center to negotiate an offer.

    NOTE: With Ring Central you can upgrade/downgrade as needed so you can start with two lines then increase to three in the future as your company grows.

The Two-Line Setup

Here’s how it works:

Here’s how you set this up:

In this setup you have two lines, one for your buying (acquisition) side of your business, and one for your selling (disposition) side of your business. At a minimum you want to keep these lines separate because there is a major difference between people that sell land to you and people that buy land from you and you don’t want to cross those two distinctly different markets together.

When someone calls your Buying Line they will hear a custom ‘Auto Receptionist’ message prompting them to either select 1 if they received a letter from you and are interested in selling their property, and #2 if they want to speak to someone regarding an offer you already sent them. This is set up under ‘Phone System> Auto Receptionist> IVR Menus> New IVR Menu

NOTE: The downside of using the two-line setup is it relies on the caller listening to the message and selecting the correct option. Whereas the three-line setup is a simpler process for the caller and eliminates most scenarios

Where To Save The Two Numbers In The Investment Dominator?

Save your Buying Line under both:

  • Customize> Company Information> Company Phone
    Here you are going to put the notation (Option 1) after the number.
  • Customize> Company Information> Offer Phone
    Here you are going to put the notation (Option 2) after the number.

Save Your Selling Line under:

  • Customize> Company Information> Selling Site Phone

The Three-Line Setup

Here’s how it works:

Here’s how you set this up:

Register two additional users with phone numbers (so that your account has a total of three lines).

How to add a User with a line:

Navigate to ‘Users> Add User‘:

Select the ‘Domestic‘ option then click ‘Next‘:

Click on the tab called ‘Add Users without Devices‘.

Then select ‘Yes‘ under the ‘With Numbers‘ field.

Select a local number from the options then click the ‘Add’ button.

Click the ‘Unassigned Extensions‘ option from the left sidebar, then click new extension line to configure it:

Fill out the form to set up the new user/line.

Under the User’s ‘Call Handling & Forwarding‘ settings you can set the forward number that will either go to your call center as in the case of line 1, the desktop app of the person that is going to handle your offer negotiation for line 2, as well as the person/team taking your sales calls for line 3.

NOTE: Ring Central is a 3rd party company so they can change their pricing, features, interface at any time and we do not have control over that. This article should merely serve as a reference to help you get set up the way we have structured our business.

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2020-05-14 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • Is it permissible to use a student’s deal on the Live QnA Training Webinars as examples for Market Value research – 5:00
  • How to determine adequate profit margins for deals in Investment Dominator – 7:50
  • How to ensure the various Company Information (example – email addresses) are correct in the Investment Dominator – 14:00
  • How to modify text on the Buying & Selling site’s homepage in Investment Dominator – 19:25
  • What is the effect of filtering for Out of State owners in AgentPro247 data – 33:35
  • How to obtain the Latitude/Longitude of a parcel if there is NO address in county records – 39:10
  • How to obtain the size of the subject parcel if the county does NOT supply the acreage – 44:40
  • If a new list of Land Records are imported that already exist, will Investment Dominator prevent duplicate entry of those records – 47:30
  • How to use an existing field to import Notes data into the Investment Dominator – 54:00
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2020-05-11 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What are the Investment Dominator [Big-3] setup requirements – 4:30
    • Signature/Profile     – 4:35
    • Company Info         – 9:00
    • Domains                 – 15:45
  • Should Offer Letter calls be handled by PAT Live representatives – 32:20
  • How to configure a separate site outside of Investment Dominator – 37:20
  • What are the 2 free extensions provided by PAT Live for Company phone and Offer phone – 44:45
  • How to gain access to the seller’s information entered on the Buying Site in Investment Dominator – 48:25
  • Where to find answers to technical questions sent via the [Create A New Support Ticket] in Investment Dominator – 53:35
  • How does BOGUS Name/Email address information get entered in the [Prospect] buyers list in Investment Dominator  – 55:10
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2020-05-07 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What are the 2 New Articles published for May 2020 in the Investment Dominator – 4:15
  • Are there any articles for a voicemail script when answering sellers in the Investment Dominator – 8:10
  • How to handle 1 prospect record showing with a property ID number as 100000000 and no associated information – 12:05
  • How to handle properties (Florida) labeled disqualified sale due to deed  – 16:15
  • If sellers have 3 – 4 properties for sale is it best to send one offer per property out of the Investment Dominator – 20:45
  • How to include Company names when mailing out Neighbor Letters from Investment Dominator – 26:05
  • Can a Custom Neighbor Letter be created to add additional fields in Investment Dominator  – 28:35
  • How to group land records for offers requests to complete Market Value analysis on the entire group at once – 43:40
  • How to import records in the Investment Dominator where [Type] field is equal to Company – 52:30
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2020-05-04 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What are the Investment Dominator [Big-3] setup requirements – 4:30
    • Signature/Profile     – 4:35
    • Company Info         – 9:00
    • Domains                 – 15:45
  • How do you upload AgentPro247 Excel files in the Investment Dominator – 28:40
  • How to send multiple Offer Letters using a custom offer letter generated in Investment Dominator – 36:30
  • Why Neighbor Letters records listed as [Company] do not import in the Investment Dominator – 40:10
  • With Neighbor Letters already imported can the Interested Property field be updated in batch in Investment Dominator – 44:10
  • Can Investment Dominator send bulk personalized emails to sellers for follow-up offers – 53:25
  • How to include a Signature in custom offer letters created in Investment Dominator  – 57:05

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2020-04-30 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • Must you have Micro-Soft Excel & Word installed on your computer to use with Investment Dominator – 5:05
  • How retrieve any documents previously created and sent out of the Investment Dominator – 8:25
  • Is it necessary to renew the SSL Certificate for the Buying and Selling site in the Investment Dominator – 13:00
  • What is [Smith AI] as it relates to the Company Phone in the Investment Dominator – 17:15
  • What specific questions should be asked to the county when doing a deep dive research into a parcel – 20:00
  • Can only one website domain be used to start up a business in the Investment Dominator – 26:20
  • When printing offer documents what is the specific template used in Investment Dominator – 33:10
  • How to display the [Offer Amount] on the Land Deals dashboard page in Investment Dominator – 37:30
  • What to do when I receive a message from PAT Live The Website Is Not Working – 40:15
  • Is it necessary to send Exhibit-A with offers out of the Investment Dominator – 44:30
  • What occurs if a decision is made to move a Ring Central number to another VOIP provider, who is the sole owner – 48:20
  • Are the current Websites in the Investment Dominator WordPress sites – 51:05
  • Does the company 8 x 8 provide the same service as Ring Central for a phone system – 55:40
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