How To Customize The Look of Your Built-In Websites

In this two-part video tutorial we explain how to customize the look of your built-in websites using both the basic customization controls that are built into the Investment Dominator Admin Console under the ‘Customize> Website Settings – Buying‘ and ‘Customize> Website Settings – Selling’ areas as well as in part two, some advanced customizations you can make to your websites using CSS scripts.

NOTE: We do not recommend that you make CSS customizations to your websites and if you do, you do so at your own risk. If your websites become unresponsive or display an undesired look after you make your custom CSS modifications, you can remove your modifications from the ‘Customize> Website Settings> Website Header Tracking Code‘ area to reset the sites back to their default styles.

NOTE: In the 2nd part of this video we do not cover displays issues on mobile devices or tablets. You will need to make sure your CSS coder accounts for this and adds media queries to the style script that will adjust the look based on the screen size.

2019-04-15 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • How to Suggest A New Feature to the Investment Dominator Development Staff – 7:40
  • Can the search by Status selection be moved up on the list of criteria when searching for records – 9:00
  • Are step by step module lessons available for learning all of the Investment Dominator functionality – 10:25
  • How to communicate New Deals to all buyers on my Investment Dominator buyers’ list – 12:55
  • Where are the Investment Dominator Q&A calls recorded for review – 19:00
  • How to change the size of the signature fonts in Investment Dominator – 20:25
  • Can a personal signature font be added in the Investment Dominator for use – 23:40
  • When should the Property Listing fields Listing Short Description and Listing Long Description be utilized – 25:25
  • How Pat Live (Call Center Reps) place sellers’ responses to the neutral letter into the Investment Dominator – 34:50
  • How to customize offer letters when sending to a mail house for distribution – 38:25
  • How to Integrate the Pat Live Call Center with Investment Dominator – 43:55
  • How to go directly from Investment Dominator into Zillow or Trulia for comps – 46:00
  • How to have Offer Requests appear in the order received in Investment Dominator – 50:15
  • What affect will changing the domain name of the Buying site have on buyers  – 58:00

How To Re-Order Statuses and Custom Statuses

If you’ve created Custom Statuses in the system then chances are you would also like to re-order your status such that they make sense in your new customized Deal Flow.

By default, new statuses will display at the bottom of the Status selection list. But you can change the order of your statuses (both default and custom) under the ‘Customize> Custom Stages and Statuses> Sort Status’ screen.


Simply click and drag the statuses around on the preview screen to change the order they should appear in your lists.

Then click the blue ‘Save‘ button to save your changes.

2019-04-11 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • How to identify/delete all the records from your latest Import from the system – 04:00
  • When importing a list is there a place for name of owner #2 – 11:00
  • What is the Required Fields format necessary for Investment Dominator to upload County Data – 13:00
  • Viewing the Activity Log can a user just press “Delete” associated with the last Import transaction – 17:00
  • Is it necessary to list a different phone number for each Craigslist account – 20:20
  • How to save time/effort printing letters, stuffing envelopes and mailing letters – 22:45
  • How to handle a Previous Owner’s offer request from the legacy AGENTPRO era – 39:00
  • What is the best way to put your signature in a custom document for offer (sale agreement) – 41:30
  • Customizing envelope, (size) using for sending out offers – 45:30
  • How to Edit a Land Record in Investment Dominator  – 50:30
  • How to determine what is acceptable with TLO if you have a Regus Office for skip tracing activity – 53:25
  • Can we use Call Rail for Craigslist phone verification – 57:00
  • Where to find the Weekly Investment Dominator Q&A recordings – 59:15

2019-04-08 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What is the difference between Monday and Thursday calls – 8:00
  • How to maximize the use of the Buyer’s List – 8:40
  • How to customize the Jack’s Offer letter – make minor changes  – 13:30
  • How to search for Articles in the user guide and pull text to customize documents – 20:40
  • How to manage an entire tax assessor roll of data from a large county, how to parse data – 22:40
  • How to search for subjects in our on-line User-Guide – 27:00
  • How to adjust the Date(s) on a customized document 35:15
  • Where is the site for user(s) to review helpful tips about the Investment Dominator 37:45
  • How to find a VA (Virtual Assistant) – 40:00
  • What is the best method to Skip Trace – 45:00
  • Is it good for our Company Name to be listed in the Site Title field for both the buying and selling sites – 53:10
  • Understanding Line Span for creation of verification codes – 55:20
  • Is there any Help Guide for the Google Incognito mode – 1:01:40
  • How to locate/view the Weekly Live Q&A Training Calls – 1:03:35

2019-04-04 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • How do we edit the Listings page when we have no properties to list – 7:00
  • How many pictures can be used in any one listing – 14:00
  • How do I generate the Net to Seller amount on a custom document – 16:00
  • What are the guidelines for determining vacant land comps – 22:00
  • What to do after selecting records and Generating Documents when the order of envelopes vs letters do not match – 30:00
  • Why is there a blank line for the owner information (Seller) on the Offer request – 33:00
  • How to change the notification email address for the selling site – 37:00
  • What happens when we have a signed contract (from Seller) and they change their mind and won’t proceed with closing – 40:00
  • Which value is best to use when doing Land Analysis – County Assessed Value or County Appraised Value – 42:00
  • When updating a land record can we prevent Investment Dominator from popping back up to the top of the page – 45:00
  • What needs to happen if website pages still show as Not Secure – 46:00
  • When will the Loan Servicing feature be implemented in Investment Dominator – 50:00
  • Is there any update on when Investment Dominator will provide access to County lists – 54:00
  • Will Owner Financing be supported in Investment Dominator – 56:00
  • Will Investment Dominator display a total # of records at the bottom of the page (i.e. not just page 2 of 5 etc.) – 58:00

System Email Notifications


The internet service providers (Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo…) are drowning more and more in spam. As a result they are taking more and more action to protect their users – YOU.

On a daily basis thousands of emails are being rejected directly and are not even allowed onto the server.

That means, the emails never arrive in your account – not even in your SPAM folder

To prevent that, I need you to urgently mark us as “Safe Senders” in your email program.

Otherwise it’s very likely that you won’t even receive over 60% of all my emails including our instructional videos.

If you haven’t yet done it, please whitelist us asap, or add the following emails to your Contacts list (for example with Outlook, Gmail or Yahoo):

Next, when you added our email to your Safe Senders List, or to your Contacts, please press REPLY and send a quick message back with just the words “I marked you as safe” or something like that.

That will also improve your deliverability rates a LOT, because your email provider now sees that you don’t just receive emails but you also answer (so there is back and forth communications which they love)

Another factor that can impact your delivery rates is: if you no longer open the emails you receive from me (for example you might say “I will collect these emails and look at them later”…

Or, you never interact with us (meaning you never click the actual links, or open or even read the emails, or you simply open and close them right away), then your providers will classify that emails form us as “non-important” and “not interesting” and will over time not show you these emails anymore.

So if you want to continue to receive emails from me, make sure you follow the instructions above.

Thank you!

Add Records

For the most part, you’ll want to create records in the Investment Dominator by importing data from into either the ‘Land Deals’, ‘House Deals‘, or ‘Buyers List‘ tabs. However, from time-to-time you may need to create just a single record manually. For that please follow the process below…

Create A Land Deal Record

  • Click the ‘Land Deals‘ tab.
  • Click the ‘Add Record‘ option at the top right side of the screen.
  • Fill out the fields under both the ‘Caller’ as well as the ‘Owner of Record’ sections (which includes the owner’s Name and Address) as well as at minimum the ‘Property State’, ‘Property County’, and ‘Property APN’ fields.

Create A House Deal Record

  • Click the ‘House Deals‘ tab.
  • Click the ‘Add Record‘ option at the top right side of the screen.
  • Fill out the fields under both the ‘Caller’ as well as the ‘Owner of Record’ sections (which includes the owner’s Name and Address) as well as at minimum the ‘Property State’, ‘Property County’, and ‘Property Address’ fields.

Create A Buyer’s List Record

  • Click the ‘Buyers List‘ tab.
  • Click the ‘Add Contact‘ option at the top right side of the screen.
  • Fill out at a minimum the ‘Name’ and either a ‘Phone’, ‘Email’, or ‘Address’ for the Contact.

Can The My Buying Phone Number Be Different Than My Selling Phone Number?

Yes, the phone number that is displayed on your Buying Site as well as printed on your neutral letters is configured under ‘Customize> Company Information> Company Phone‘ and your Selling Site number is configured under ‘Customize> Website Settings – Selling> Selling Site Phone‘.

NOTE: You can also configure a different phone number for your offer package mailer under ‘Customize> Company Information> Offer Phone

Email Deliverability – SPF Record For Your Custom Buying Site Domain

We use a service called to relay our notification emails.

As long as you have configured your buying site’s domain with a www CNAME record to point to as recommended you shouldn’t have to make any adjustments in regards to the email notification system.

However, if you are pointing your domain to our servers another way then you must configure a TXT record with a TXT Value of :

v=spf1 ~all