2021-03-11 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • Can answers to webinar questions be provided using email correspondence – 2:55
  • Why does the Investment Dominator Welcome Screens occasionally display green boxes with numbers – 4:15
  • Is there a way to see the actual documents created/generated and sent within Investment Dominator – 8:55
  • Do the listings in the websites automatically update when the data in each of the Land Records is updated – 12:40
  • What is the tutorial for mailing out letters for ITI in the Investment Dominator CRM – 15:50
  • How to add a TAG to an entire mailing group in Investment Dominator – 20:45
  • How to produce mailing data for ITI, (Letterprinting.net) out of the Investment Dominator  – 27:50
  • How to get webinar questions answered if unable to attend a Thursday Webinar – 30:20
  • Is it necessary to focus on [All in process] or [Prospect] status records when sending records to ITI, (Letterprinting.net) for mailings – 34:15
  • How to avoid the message [Exceeding 10,000 records] using ReboGateway – 38:45
  • How does the ITI, (Letterprinting.net) process work in mailing out Neutral Letters – 44:05
  • After importing 1709 records into Investment Dominator, accessing mailing out to ITI there were only 1389 records showing, what happened here – 49:30
  • How to add tags to existing records in the Investment Dominator – 53:45

2021-03-08 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What are the Investment Dominator [Big-3] setup requirements – 3:25
    • Signature/Profile                          – 4:30
    • Company Info                              – 10:45
    • Domains                                       – 25:20
  • How to immediately review the [Big-3] setup requirements in Investment Dominator – 41:15
  • Is there a workshop just for the Investment Dominator software – 43:55
  • Is there a Thursday Investment Dominator Q&A session – 46:00
  • Is Landcalls.com the same as generic PAT Live – 47:25
  • Does it matter which area code the phone numbers in the Company Information display – 49:30
  • Why is it necessary to pull either SSN or TIN in Company Information – 51:25
  • Is it wise to have the Company Name as part of the Selling Site name in Investment Dominator – 54:45
  • Can websites in Investment Dominator be customized – 58:20

Why Are There fewer Letters In My Campaign Than The Number of Prospect Records In My System?

You may have noticed some strange things when you first start using the Investment Dominator system. For example, you might upload 1000 prospect records, but when you go to generate your mailing under ‘Land> Campaigns> Prospect Neutral Letter‘ you see that instead of 1000 letters in your mailing you have 958.

Why is this and what is going on?

Here’s what is happening: See out of 1000 Prospect records some of them are situations where the owner owns multiple properties and in that case, we only generate and send one letter to that owner.

So for example If one of the owners in the import file of 1000 prospects owns 5 properties then when we go to generate the mailing we will generate 996 letters. One letter for each owner that owns one property and one letter for the owner that owns five.

2020-04-30 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • Must you have Micro-Soft Excel & Word installed on your computer to use with Investment Dominator – 5:05
  • How retrieve any documents previously created and sent out of the Investment Dominator – 8:25
  • Is it necessary to renew the SSL Certificate for the Buying and Selling site in the Investment Dominator – 13:00
  • What is [Smith AI] as it relates to the Company Phone in the Investment Dominator – 17:15
  • What specific questions should be asked to the county when doing a deep dive research into a parcel – 20:00
  • Can only one website domain be used to start up a business in the Investment Dominator – 26:20
  • When printing offer documents what is the specific template used in Investment Dominator – 33:10
  • How to display the [Offer Amount] on the Land Deals dashboard page in Investment Dominator – 37:30
  • What to do when I receive a message from PAT Live The Website Is Not Working – 40:15
  • Is it necessary to send Exhibit-A with offers out of the Investment Dominator – 44:30
  • What occurs if a decision is made to move a Ring Central number to another VOIP provider, who is the sole owner – 48:20
  • Are the current Websites in the Investment Dominator WordPress sites – 51:05
  • Does the company 8 x 8 provide the same service as Ring Central for a phone system – 55:40

PAT Live Management

Though we recommend PatLive as a call center that specializes in taking real estate related calls, it is important to understand that they are a 3rd party company/service and therefore must be managed properly by you just as any other employee/VA in your company would be.

Below are a few tips to help manage your Pat Live account more effectively.

Initial Email

Approximately 1 week after your account setup is complete and you are nearing the time for PATLive Reps to begin answering calls on your account, you must send the instructional management email to the email address: pat@patlive.com.

In email Subject Line put your [Account #, <<First & Last Names>>]

Specify the following in the body of the email:

Put In Opening Greeting” & “Side-Bar

  • Keep calls to 7 minutes or less.
  • OK to interrupt customer to obtain pertinent information.
  • If unable to understand customer’s English – It is OK to collect Name & Phone only.

Review Your Monthly Billings

To review your monthly bill by calling PAT Live customer service at 1 800-775-7790. Review your first month’s bills immediately following the first full month of service.

Note: Obtain your username/password from PAT Live customer service agent.

While on the phone with a PAT Live customer care agent do the following:

  • Log into your account, (username/password)
  • Access “Billing” section
  • View – “Mailbox Billing Detail” – see all calls and call minutes being charged

Lodging Formal Complaints Regarding Calls

To lodge a formal complaint contact PAT Live customer service at 1 800-775-7790

Note: We normally lodge formal complaints if we notice 7 or more calls on a billing exceeding 12 minutes in length.

Lodging a formal complaint should result in the following actions:

  • PAT Live supervisor will review any months bill and analyze calls sited; as well as, any other excessive calls based on your requirements
  • PAT Live supervisor should contact you within 24 – 48 hours and provide a detailed report of analysis findings.
  • If you highlight specific calls, supervisors are authorized to provide “PAT Live Promo Minute” credits to your account.
  • (Optional) Request that the PAT Live supervisor assign an LR2 Rep or Customer Service Representative to your account in the future.

How PAT Live Bills Calls

In order to fully understand your monthly PAT Live bill, you must first know how calls are billed.

  • 1 Minute or Less, (even a quick hang up) gets billed for 1 minute
  • Subsequent billing, occurs every 6 seconds, (i.e. 1.1 = 1 min 6 seconds, 1.2 = 1 min 12 seconds, 1.3 = 1 min 18 seconds, etc.)

PAT Live Contact

Phone: 888-899-0607 Email:  sales@patlive.com

2020-04-27 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What are the Investment Dominator [Big-3] setup requirements – 3:50
    • Signature/Profile     – 3:55
    • Company Info         – 9:20
    • Domains                 – 20:05
  • How do you add a Land record in Skip Trace status without going through prospect status in the Investment Dominator – 35:10
  • How to set up Ring Central extensions and voicemail for Company Information – 36:50
  • How to set up a custom [Do Not Bother Me] status in the Investment Dominator – 41:00
  • How to execute an Advanced Search using the [Group Option] in Investment Dominator – 45:30
  • How to select records in Pending Preliminary Research status and a single neighborhood in the Investment Dominator 51:25
  • When printing offer documents is it necessary to produce and send the [Exhibit-A] document as well – 56:20

2020-04-23 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • How to upload a list into Investment Dominator that is sent from a VA – 6:35
  • How to put a Custom Logo on your Neutral Letter in Investment Dominator – 12:25
  • Is it possible to avoid importing records that have previously been imported into Investment Dominator – 24:40
  • When producing either Neutral Letters or Offer Letters in Investment Dominator should we print labels – 29:00
  • Is it necessary to have 3 separate domains for Websites out of Investment Dominator – 31:55
  • What is the most efficient way to pull the property address (Latitude/Longitude) within the Investment Dominator 33:45
  • Can procedures on the Weekly Live Q&A Training Calls be replayed at later times in the Investment Dominator – 41:40
  • What is an efficient method of extracting county data from AgentPro247 or ReboGateway for importing into the Investment Dominator – 43:45
  • If a seller is executor on the estate from deceased parents can he/she legally sell a property without going into probate – 47:50
  • What is the best Ring Central Phone system plan for a beginner investor – 52:44

2020-04-20 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What are the Investment Dominator [Big-3] setup requirements – 3:20
    • Signature/Profile     – 4:40
    • Company Info         – 8:20
    • Domains                 – 17:45
  • How do Tags and tagging work in the Investment Dominator – 31:40
  • For seller financing deals is the buyer provided any type of coupon book for tracking payments – 38:50
  • For seller financing deals is the buyer provided any type of coupon book for tracking payments – 38:50
  • How to set up Ring Central in the company information for access – 44:55
  • Are there any videos on the processing Notes (seller financing) function in the Investment Dominator 46:45
  • Can a group of prospect land records be selected and tagged all at once in the Investment Dominator – 48:30
  • With land zoned as Agricultural can a mobile home be parked on the property – 51:30
  • How to persuade buyers to purchase land zoned as Agricultural – 54:30
  • What are the Investment Dominator [Big-3] setup requirements prior to the 2-Day Maximizer Workshop – 57:05

HTML Editor Options

In various areas of the Investment Dominator you will find an HTML editor that will allow you to insert images, create bullet-point lists, format text, align text, add hyperlinks, create data tables, paste text from an external source, and much much more!

Below are just some of the options available to you in our HTML Editor.

Hover over the icons in the HTML Editor itself to get a definition of what each option is used for, but to help define some for you here please reference the image below: