How To Customize Buying and Selling Site Text Display

On both the Buying and Selling Sites provided in the Investment Dominator system, there is existing default text serving as an introduction to that specific website. You can modify and design your own version of this textual information to convey any messages you deem appropriate.

To customize either of the initial Buying or Selling Site text displayed, this is accomplished by entry of data into the [Buying Site Homepage Text] field.

Changing your Buying Site text display is easy to do, simply go to ‘Customize> Website Settings – Buying> Access Buying Site Homepage Text:‘ field.

Note: Changing your Selling Site text requires you go to ‘Customize> Website Settings – Selling> Access Selling Site Homepage Text:‘ field

Scroll down to [Buying Site Homepage Text] field and enter any text you want to appear when Buying Site Homepage initially displays.

Note: Any text or images found in the [Buying Site Homepage Text] field will automatically prevent Investment Dominator from the displaying the default built-in site text.

Once text has been entered into the [Buying Site Homepage Text] field, Scroll down to the end of the page and click the blue ‘Update Site‘ button to save the changes.

To view the changes click ‘Websites> Buying Site‘:

Your Buying or Selling Site with your new changes will be displayed on a browser tab.

How To Change The Look and Layout (Theme) of The Buying Site

The Investment Dominator system comes with two built-in Buying Site Themes a Legacy theme and a 2.0 theme as well as the option to create and upload your own custom theme. A theme controls the look and layout (design) of the website. For example, it controls what the menu, header, banner area, footer, and page structure looks like to the website visitor.

Changing your Buying Site Theme is easy to do, simply go to ‘Customize> Website Settings – Buying> Select Your Buying Site Theme‘:

Click on the theme option you want to change to:

Scroll down to the end of the page and click the blue ‘Update Site‘ button to save the changes.

To view the changes click ‘My Sites> Buying Site‘:

Your Buying Site with your new theme will load on a browser new tab:

Sample Buying Site Video

Below is an example of a Buying Site video that you can use on your ‘Sell Your Land‘ page:


To use this video on your website simply copy/paste the video HTML snippet from the section below into the ‘Source‘ tab of the HTML editor under ‘Customize> Website Settings – Buying> Sell Your Land Page Text‘:

70 Land Related LSI Keywords To Improve The SEO of Your Buying Site

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You can use these keyword terms in your website content to increase your SEO ranking.

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