How To Load Saved Criteria For Our Outside Data Service

NOTE: If you would like to know How To Generate A New Land List Via our Outside Data Service please click here.

In order to Load Your Saved Criteria first, navigate to the ‘Land’ tab then click on the ‘Import’ option.

Click the ‘Get Data From Our Outside Data Service’ option, this will allow you to see the options below like ‘Load Criteria’:

Select the saved criteria that you would like to load, then click the ‘Load Criteria‘ option:

From this point, you will get a new pop-up screen that contains your previously saved list criteria.

How To Add Multiple Owners To A Property Owner Record

To add multiple property owners to a land, or house ownership record click on the ‘Edit‘ link to the right of the property record:

Then make sure that the ‘Individual‘ option is selected under the question ‘Owner of Record> This property is owned by:‘, and the ‘Yes‘ option is selected under the question ‘Owner of Record> Are there other owners on title?‘:

Enter the name of the others on title under the 2nd through 5th owner name fields.

NOTE: Typically we don’t deal with properties that have more than five owners on title, but if you do have a property with more parties than five you can either add the remaining names under the ‘5th Owner’s Last Name‘ field, or you can mark the record as a ‘Company/ Entity‘ then put all the owners into the ‘Company Name‘ field.

How To Search For, Or Filter/ Group Records

You can locate property records by using the ‘Search By’ option located at the top left side of the ‘Land Deals’ or ‘House Deals’ page. Continue reading “How To Search For, Or Filter/ Group Records”