How To Log A Returned (Bounced) Check For A Note Payment In The System

If you ever felt lost when working with the Notes section within Investment Dominator we hope this guide on how to export your Notes will help!

Let’s say that we have been keeping track of your payments for a Note within your system, but realized that one of the checks bounced on your payments.

You can log this from your Investment Dominator directly and here’s how.

  1. First, find the Note for which you want to log the returned payment

2. Next click on Edit for that record

3. Scroll down to payments and click on Edit Payments

4. Go to the transaction you would like to report

5. Select the Payment Method as Check

6. Last click on the button for Returned

Proceed through the screens and this will be marked as returned.

This short video shows you a demonstration of how you can do this below:

Team> Activity Log: How To Undo Actions

Most single actions that you or other users in your system do (for example, changing a value of a field, deleting a record, merging a record, creating a record… etc) are logged and indexed under ‘Team> Activity Log‘.  Also under this section, you can ‘Undo’ past actions.  So for example, if you accidentally deleted some information from a record you can look up the action record of when you deleted the information and undo that action, which will restore the previous data back into that field.

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