Setting Up a Domain with Google Domains

This article is going to show you how to point your domain to

If you want to see the setup process involved with Go-Daddy Click here

Keep in mind the goal of this article is to take your domain from Google Domains and point your C-Name Record to the Investment Dominator.

You can click on the images which will link directly to the article from google domains support.

Let’s look at how we display the information on Go-Daddy

For Host input www

Points to change to

TTL (Time To Load) set to 600 Seconds

Once you are done pointing your C-name Record to the Investment Dominator then you must set up your domain Forwarding .

Lastly, verify your domain forwarding and keep in mind this may take up to 48 hours to reflect the changes made.

Why is My Website Marked as Dangerous or Suspicious?

If you are reading this article chances are you probably have run into an error on your buying site or selling site.

sometimes this can be a simple fix such as setting up the security for your site which is free thanks to the Investment Dominator.

What we have noticed is that there are some users who experience what seems like a “bad domain”. What this exactly means is when you first buy your domain there is a rare chance where there is a trail of activity from acquiring this domain that was flagged before by google. Which prevents our domain security or SSL from attaching to your site.

This may seem like all hope is lost but there are some options that are presented from the situation:

  • If you own a site marked as dangerous or suspicious: Follow these instructions

  • If you own a site that has been marked with “Did you mean”, “is this the right site”, or “fake site ahead”: Please submit a ticket within Investment Dominator for more support.
  • If you are a software publisher and chrome flags your downloads, learn how to resolve malware issues with your downloads. Follow these instructions :