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Using A Call Center To Take Your Calls

The call center service that we recommend is PatLive. They are a company that specializes in taking real estate related calls and have affordable packages that include everything from your phone line and voicemail service to a 24/7 staff that will answer your calls.


You can signup with them here: www.LandCalls.com

Or, if you call in, mention that you are a Jack Bosch student that using the Investment Dominator CRM.


You need to set up a separate Rep user login under the ‘My Team‘ area for the PatLive Reps to use, here’s how.

NOTE: PatLive only needs one user login created because they have multiple agents that will answer your phone line and they can all share a single login to process the calls.

Call Script And Processing

When a call comes in your Pat Live rep will click on the ‘Land Deals‘ or ‘House Deals‘ tab depending on what type of property the caller is calling about in your Investment Dominator admin console then click the ‘New Offer Request‘ option in the system. This will bring up a call processing wizard that includes what questions to ask the caller.

When the Pat Live rep completes the ‘New Offer Request‘ form the property record is automatically moved into the ‘Pending Preliminary Research‘ status.

NOTE: You should create a separate Rep user for Pat Live to login to your Investment Dominator system with. This is configured under the ‘My Team‘ section.

Estimated Call Time

Using the above script a Pat Live Rep can process calls, on average in about 2.5 – 4 minutes. *This estimate comes from Pat Live work with your assigned Reps and account manager to keep your calls within this time range.


  • PatLive cannot use a Google Voice phone number. They recommend that clients either choose a phone number from their internal number picker, or if you need to use your Google number, you can port the number over to the Pat Live system which takes about 24 hours. There is also a $3 charge from Google to release the number.
  • We recommend that you use a Ring Central phone number that forwards to Pat Live so that you can control how your calls are routed. You can purchase a Ring Central number here: www.LPGphone.com

PatLive Contact

Phone: 888-899-0607
Email: sales@patlive.com