Using A Call Center Service To Answer and Log Your Acquisition Calls

Using A Call Center Service To Answer and Log Your Acquisition Calls

The call center service that we recommend is PatLive. They are a company that specializes in taking real estate related calls and have affordable packages that include everything from your phone line and voicemail service to a 24/7 staff that will answer your calls.

NOTE: PatLive is a call center (answering service) NOT a phone system software.

Step 1 – Set Up a Rep User For PatLive To Access Your Investment Dominator CRM System

If you would like PatLive to have the ability to lookup the prospect record in your Investment Dominator system will need to set up a separate ‘Rep’ type user for them to use to log in to your system with.

You can setup this new Investment Dominator user under the ‘My Team‘ tab. Click here for specific instructions on what user permissions we recommend you use when setting up this new user for PatLive to use.

Step 2 – Create an Account With PatLive

First, in a new browser tab navigate to: which will redirect you to a PatLive sign up form specifically for Jack Bosch students.

NOTE: Upon completing that form, you will receive a call back from call ID 800-775-7790 to collect some sensitive information that is not included on the initial form (billing information, a security question, and then you’ll pick out a package and company phone number at that time).

NOTE: You can alternatively call in your order at 888-899-0607 (not recommended) vs. using the signup form above. If you do decide to call in your order you must mention that you are both a Jack Bosch student AND that you use the Investment Dominator CRM, so that you will be directed to the appropriate team and setup process.

The PatLive Setup Form

In the setup process, you will be asked to fill out scripting forms. This is needed because you will have details that are not the exact same as everyone else, such as your business name and hours of operation, for example. The link to the forms will be:

The first page will ask you for your contact information (Name, Email, and Phone Number) to associate what you’re doing online with the account that was created during the signup phase.

At this point you will be asked if you’re using Investment Dominator here:

If PATLive is going to be using your Investment Dominator CRM in a non-traditional way, notate your special instructions for that in the first field, otherwise, just type in “Default“.

To answer the second question simply enter in the login details for the ‘Rep’ user you set up for PatLive to use in Step 1 above.

Enter in the Login Link, Username, and Password for their user.

NOTE: PatLive only needs one user login created because they have multiple agents that will answer your phone line and they can all share a single login to process the calls.

Once that information has been input into the PATLive scripting form, the next screen will look like this:

You will likely not be running any Radio or TV ads, you will receive either Less than 50 or 50-500 calls a week, you will be forwarding your RingCentral number to PATLive, enter what that number is, and you will be following up either Immediately, 24-48 Hours, or something else.

This next section is for information that PATLive is allowed to relay if pressed by your callers. They can and will give this information out, so only provide information that you’re comfortable with callers being told:

The next section gives you the option of having a recorded message such as, “Please hold for [Company name]” or not. Additionally, you can choose the way the call is answered by the PATLive agent answers or provide a custom version:

Emergency calls are non-applicable:

Finally, choose the default conclusion or create a custom closing statement that your PatLive Rep will say to your callers before they end a call:

It is very important that you click ‘Next‘ button and then click ‘Submit Form‘ at the very end as shown here:

PatLive will reach out when they receive your script and once again in 24-48 hours from their receipt of your completed scripts, once the system is working. This is when you will forward your Ring Central number to the provided PatLive number. Do not forward your Ring Central number to the PatLive number before it works, because the calls will not be answered.

Call Script And Processing

When a call comes in your Pat Live rep will click on the ‘Land Deals‘ or ‘House Deals‘ tab depending on what type of property the caller is calling about in your Investment Dominator admin console then click the ‘New Offer Request‘ option in the system. This will bring up a call processing wizard that includes what questions to ask the caller.

When the Pat Live rep completes the ‘New Offer Request‘ form the property record is automatically moved into the ‘Pending Preliminary Research‘ status.

Estimated Call Time and Account Management

Using the above script a Pat Live Rep can process calls, on average in about 2.5 – 4 minutes. *This estimate comes from Pat Live work with your assigned Reps and account manager to keep your calls within this time range.

To ensure that your account runs smoothly we recommend that you follow a few management processes.


  • PatLive cannot use a Google Voice phone number. They recommend that clients either choose a phone number from their internal number picker, or if you need to use your Google number, you can port the number over to the Pat Live system which takes about 24 hours. There is also a $3 charge from Google to release the number.
  • We recommend that you use a Ring Central phone number that forwards to Pat Live so that you can control how your calls are routed. You can purchase a Ring Central number here:

PatLive Contact

Phone: 888-899-0607

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