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Install SSL For Custom Domains

Once you start using custom domains (recommend) for your Buying and Selling websites you’ll want to consider installing an SSL certificate for that domain. While this is not a required thing, more and more internet browsers, search engines, and virus scan software promote the use of the secured https protocol and without having an SSL certificate some web visitors will see unsecured connection disclaimer when they visit your websites.

How To Generate A SSL Certificate?

  • First, you need to generate a .cert file and in order to do this, you need a .csr file from us that contains some required information. So to get started, please open a Help Ticket under ‘Help> Create A New Support Ticket’ and let us know what your custom domain(s) are that you want to secure.
  • We will generate a .csr file for you and send that back to you through the support ticket system.
  • Use the .csr file to generate your .cert file and send that back to use (via your support request)
  • We will then install the file on your account and notify you when it has been activated.

Where Can You Get An SSL Certificate?

While there are many SSL providers out there (even free ones like www.letsencrypt.org) if you have already registered your domains with goDaddy.com (recommended) then the easiest way to obtain an SSL certificate is through your goDaddy.com account. More information about that can be found at: https://www.godaddy.com/web-security/ssl-certificate