How To Change Your Website's Domain - (Custom Domains)

The Investment Dominator comes with integrated buying and selling websites. By default, the URL (web address) of these sites will be something like this:

Can you imagine slapping that address on your letter to an owner?
It won’t look too pretty.

Therefore many users, choose to purchase their own custom domains from a domain registrar like and then point that domain to their Investment Dominator account. In other words, when the person types in the custom domain that you purchased (i.e. it will send them to your buying, or selling site.

Configuring your custom domains involves a 2-step process. Please follow the instructions below to configure both your Buying Website and Selling website…

STEP 1 – Register A Domain And Point It To Our Server

First, you must register your domain with a domain registrar like

We recommend that you register one domain for your buying site and another domain for your selling site. The reason we use two separate domains is that the people going to these two sites are in very different markets and have very different mindsets about real estate, so your domains should reflect that mindset that they are in.

IMPORTANT: You must point your registered domains to our server first. To do this ask your domain registrar (i.e. or whoever you bought your domain from) to point the www CNAME record to

NOTE: Both the host @ record as well as the www. DNS record will need to be pointed to .

Instructions for

NOTE: You can use any domain registrar that you like however, we recommend and provide only the instructions to configure this under, so you will need to apply the DNS setting changes that we mention below to your domain registrar’s control panel and you may need to contact their support in order to properly configure the CNAME record and Forward. 

  1. Log in to and navigate to your My Products page.
  2. If you aren’t automatically directed there, make sure to select the My Products tab: 
    here is the other way to get to domains:
  3. Click Domain Manager, Or under Domain Products select Manage next to the domain you would like to configure.
  4. From the top menu, click the DNS tab, and select Manage Zones:
  5. Enter the custom domain name you want to use and click Search.
  6. On the DNS Management page, in the Records section, click the Click pencil icon on existing MX records (pencil icon) next to CNAME record. 
  7. Change the ‘Points to’ value to and click Save.
  8. Change the ‘TTL‘ option to ‘Custom’ and enter in 600.
  9. Click the ‘Save‘ option to continue.
  10. Scroll down to the Forwarding section and click on Add next to the Domain section:
  11. Enter in your custom domain starting with the www. in the blank text box to the under the FORWARD TO section.
  12. Select the Permanent (301) option.
  13. Check the Update my nameservers and DNS settings to support this change option.
  14. Click Save.

TEST: To see if you have completed this step properly when you go to your new domain address in a web browser you should see the main page of the come up. If you see this you know you have completed step 1 and you can move on to step 2 below…

STEP 2 – Map Your Domain To Your APP

After you have pointed your domain(s) DNS to the correct IP Address, you can map your domains to your Investment Dominator CRM. To do this, log into your Investment Dominator app and click on the “Customize Site” button at the top.

Then scroll down to the section labeled ‘Website Settings – Buying‘ or ‘Website Settings – Selling‘ sections and enter your domain in the ‘Buying Site Domain‘ and/or ‘Selling Site Domain‘ boxes.

NOTE: Make sure to keep the http://www. part of your domain in there so the value should look like 

Click the ‘Change Your Domain‘ button, on the next screen review and confirm the change and your new domain will be saved.

IMPORTANT!: Once you change your buying site domain your login link also changes to become your buying site domain PLUS /my
For example, will be your new login link. (Your username and password stay the same).

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