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How to Set Up an API/ Zapier.com Connection with the Investment Dominator

Update: You can use the Zapier – Investment Dominator Integration in this link

The Investment Dominator is all about keeping your records organized and maximizing your efficiency. A great feature to help you do so is something called an API (Application Program Interface), which allows the Investment Dominator to exchange information with other programs and applications that you choose.

We’re not going to go too deep into technical details here. Instead, we will focus on the the steps that you need to take to integrate your Investment Dominator with an autoresponder like GetResponse (for example, to add a new contact to your mailing list in GetResponse when they are added to your buyers list in the Investment Dominator).

Let’s start by getting some specific information about our two apps and then we will see how to use Zapier.com to connect them.

First, open an account with GetResponse (if you don’t already have one), and use the drop down menu on the right to click on “Integrations”.


The Investment Dominator is not yet among the default programs that can be integrated wth GetResponse, but that is okay because you can click on “API & oAuth” and connect them using a API.


After clicking on “API & oAuth” you will see a box on the right that says “My secret API key”.


Keep this window open, because you will need that long line of characters in a minute.

In a new window or tab, head over to the Investment Dominator to get the API. Log in as an Admin and click on “My Profile”


Scroll down and you will see your unique “App URL” and “API Key”.

NOTE: This API URL and API Key section will not display on mobile devices so to generate the API Key make sure you are accessing this page from a desktop or tablet. 

So far so good?


Now that we have the API infromation from both GetResponse and the Investment Dominator, let’s connect them using Zapier.com.

So in a third tab or window, head over to Zapier.com and open an account there (if you don’t already have one). Zapier.com is a third party app that acts as a sort of bridge that lets programs talk to each other.

While we are using GetResponse for this article, you can actually connect any of the apps you see listed here with the Investment Dominator.


Once inside your Zapier account, create a new link (called a “Zap”) to the between the Investment Dominator and GetResponse.

You will first need to choose a “Trigger App” to kick off an action in an “Action App”.


The next step is to link the SPECIFIC Investment Dominator and GetResponse accounts (after all, you don’t want your information being sent to someone else, right?).

For this, you will need that API information we got earlier.

After your choose your trigger and action apps in Zapier, you will be asked to enter in the API information (good thing you didn’t close those tabs, right?) and you will be good to go.

Consider testing out the Zap by entering in a sample new contact on your buying site landing page and then verifying that the contact was also added to GetResponse.

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