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How to Add Notes to Stay Organized

An important feature of each contact record is the section for admin notes.



This section allows you to add 500 characters to talk about the property, the seller, your research, and any other pertinent information. These notes will be especially important once you start mailing out hundreds or thousands of letters per month and receiving many dozens of phone calls.

What kind of notes will you want to add?

Because many sellers will want to chat for awhile, note down details about their family, why they are selling, and their overall personality. This will let you show a personal interest in them during followup communication.

Also, consider adding important information about repairs for houses, specific problems or issues that the seller may have mentioned.

As you do more and more deals, you will determine what information is the most important to you and your business. Use the notes section to remind you of past conversations, questions, and plans and you will stay organized even when handling lots of phone calls and deals.

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