[owner-company-name] [owner-firstname] [owner-lastname]
[owner-address] [owner-address2]
[owner-city] [owner-state], [owner-zip]

Dear [owner-firstname],

First of all, let me thank you for responding to our initial letter and contacting us regarding your property in [property-county] County, [property-state].

After doing research on your property, analyzing the specific characteristics (i.e. location, size, access, utilities availability, improvements, etc.) as well as taking into consideration our investment needs, I am willing to offer you the following for your property:

Net Amount paid to Seller: USD(([property-price]-[property-backtaxes]))
Outstanding Back Taxes: USD(([property-backtaxes]))
Buyer estimated total cost of Purchase: USD(([property-price]))

As you review my offer, please keep in mind that I will cover all outstanding back taxes, if any, as well as 100% of the closing costs, including title insurance, recording fees, document courier charges, notary fees, etc. There are no hidden fees for you "the Seller." Furthermore, I will pay you cash and close quickly.

We strive to make the sale process very easy for our clients. You simply need to sign the attached Sale Agreement and mail it back to me. As soon as I receive it, I will call you to make arrangements to complete the transaction through a local Title Company, Notary, or Attorney.


[my-firstname] [my-lastname]
Phone: [offer-phone]
Fax: [offer-fax]

P.S. You can scan/email, or fax the sale agreement to [offer-email] with the subject line of "I accept your offer", or you can mail us a written reply to: [my-company-name] [my-company-address], [my-company-city] [my-company-state] [my-company-zip]