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SMS Marketing and TCR Compliance

Change The Location of Where The Reference Number On The Envelope Appears

How Do I Access My Investment Dominator Admin Console?

How To Delete A User From The Investment Dominator CRM System

How To Change Your Payment Method For Investment Dominator

Why is my csv list not importing? Unknown file format error

Understanding Spam: Why Am I Receiving Spam Messages and How ReCaptcha Works

How To Create Task Templates

New Update for Roles and Permissions for User Management

Tasks > Reports: Understanding the data

Tasks Update: Calendar View

July 2022 – Update to Investment Dominator

New and Improved Tasks and Team Management Update

Brand New Wizards Screen Update

How To Understand The Two Land Deals Display Formats

How To Search For Specific Users In System Activity Log

2021-03-01 Live Training Call

Zapier: How To Connect The Investment Dominator To DocuSign

How The New Prospect Script Creates A Task In Investment Dominator

How To Configure Your Website’s Domain with GoDaddy – (Custom Domains)

How To Change Dashboard Using View Function

The Investment Dominator Quick Start Guide Part 3– Customizing Your Buying/Selling/Optin Page

The Investment Dominator Quick Start Guide Part 2 – Setting Up Domains

How To Instruct PAT Live To Take Customer Calls

How to Manage Offer Campaigns – Part 3

How to Manage Offer Campaign – Part 2

How to Manage Offer Campaign – Part 1

The Investment Dominator Quick Start Guide – How To Get Started

How To Track Neutral Letter Conversion Rates In Investment Dominator

How To Effectively Report Technical Issues For Support

Best Practice: How to Properly Copy and Paste Content

How To Convert AgentPro247 Data To Import Into Investment Dominator

How To Tag Records And Execute Advanced Searches

How To Create A Custom Neutral Letter Template For Mailing

How To Edit/Delete Tags In BULK

How To Calculate Acreage Size Of Property

Recommended Ring Central Setup

How To Add A Custom Logo On Neutral Letter

PAT Live Management

HTML Editor Options

How To Add Public/Private Links On Listings

How To Select A Sub-Set of Prospect Records For Printing

How To Manipulate The Order of Property Listings On Your Selling Site

How To Give PatLive Access To Investment Dominator

How To Send Out 2nd Offer 30 Days Apart

How to process SKIP TRACED records in batches

How to Delete the last Import of Land Records

System Terminology Changes

Create Your Own Custom Optin Page/ Selling Site Theme

How To Mark A Listing As “PENDING” or “SOLD” On The Selling Site?

How To Change The Look and Layout (Theme) of The Buying Site

How To Generate A Blind Offer Package (for Land Investing)

How To Add Multiple Owners To A Property Owner Record

How To Move A Land Deal Over To The House Deal Section and Vice Versa

The Investment Dominator Plugin and Theme Marketplace (COMING SOON)

Creating Line Breaks and Paragraph Breaks with The HTML Editor

Data Table and Custom Column View

File Library

Company Emails

2019-04-22 Live Training Call

Phone System And Call Center

How To Customize The Look of Your Built-In Websites

How To Re-Order Statuses and Custom Statuses

System Email Notifications

Add Records

Email Deliverability – SPF Record For Your Custom Buying Site Domain

Set Property Location Option (Land)

Generate and Install an SSL Certificate For Your Custom Domains

The January 2019 Update

SEO Tip – Content

55 Land Related LSI Keywords To Improve The SEO of Your Selling Site

How To Customize The Selling Site Banner

How To Customize The Buying Site Banners

How To Adjust The Line Height of Text Within A Custom Document

Setting Margins On Custom Documents

Team> Activity Log: How To Undo Actions

How To Easily Add Social Media Icons To Your Listings

How To Customize The Color Scheme of Your Selling Site

How To Create A Custom Optin Page With A Custom Optin Form

How To Change The Layout of Your Selling Site Listings

How To Customize The Color Scheme of Your Buying Site

Order Data By Column

Highlight Records

Investment Dominator SEO

How To Add Image Captions To Your Property Listing Photos

How to Change The Default Offer/ Option Acceptance and Expiration Dates

How Tags and Tagging Records Work In The Investment Dominator CRM

How To Create Custom Website Pages, Custom Blogs and Posts!

Stages vs. Statuses

How To Customize The Selling Website Menu

How To Customize The Buying Website Menu

How To Add The Investment Dominator CRM To Your Tablet or Phone

How To Search For, Or Filter/ Group Records

How To Merge Property Records

How To Customize The P.S. Line In The Neutral Letter Template

How To Add A Custom Logo To Your Built-In Buying or Selling Website

How To Clear Your Browser Cache

How To Add Custom CSS Styles To Websites

How do I separate companies from individuals when I am doing a direct mailing campaign through a print house like

How To Properly Format APN’s And Zip Code Values In Excel

How To Split Your Large County Lists Into Smaller Mailing List (Campaigns) That You Can Import Into The CRM

Using PATLive (Call Center Service) To Answer and Log Your Acquisition Calls

How To Properly Process An Offer Request

Bulk Actions vs. Select Record Actions

Sample Data Processing Post for

System Updates: Our Evolution To Present-Day

SPF Record

How To Add Video To Your Website Pages

The Listing Short Description and Listing Long Description

How To Apply Bulk Actions To Selected Records

How To Setup A Direct Mail Campaign With (ITI Direct Option)

What Printing Supplies and Resources Do We Use With The Investment Dominator?

How To Generate, Or Upload A Signature For Your Letters

How To Create A Task And Assign That Task To A User

How To Setup Users (Your Team) With Access To The Investment Dominator

How To Add A PayPal ‘Buy It Now’ Button To Your Property Listings

Excel Removes Leading Zeros From My Zip Code Data When I Export To .CSV How Do I Fix That?

Marketing: How to Generate a Tracking Link

How to Create Custom Letters And Documents

Zapier: How To Connect The Investment Dominator To GetResponse Email Marketing Software

How to Add Google Tag Manager to your Websites

How to Access your Landing/Optin Page

How to Access your Buying Site

How To Change Your Password

How to Configure your CRM and Websites

How to Disable the Virtual Tour

An Overview of the Investment Dominator CRM

Record Notes: How to Add Record Notes to Stay Organized

How to Avoid Creating Duplicate Records