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The Property Description [read-more] Merge Field (More Tag)

By default when you enter in a Property Description the system will cut off the description on the selling site at 800 characters and then place put a “[See More]” link that the visitor can click on to get to the complete property details page.

If you would like to instead control where the system breaks up your content then you can use our ‘read more’ merge field. You can do this by simply adding the text [read-more] to your description at the point where you want the system to break up your content.
When the system sees this merge field it will add the “[See More]” link to your website listing at that exact point.
NOTE: If you use HTML scripts in your Property Descriptions, for example PayPal buttons or embedded videos from YouTube, you will want to use this [read-more] merge field to ensure your HTML script does not get cut off prematurely before the script ends as this will cause your selling site to not load properly.