Zapier: How To Connect Microsoft To-Do With The Investment Dominator

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What Is Zapier?

With Zapier you can easily connect and share data to and from the Investment Dominator with over 2000+ other web apps and saas systems. A complete app directory can be found at:

In this article, we are going to explain how to connect the Investment Dominator to Google Tasks, but first, let’s talk a little about Google Tasks…

What is Microsoft To-Do?

The Microsoft To-Do App sets you up for success by helping you manage, prioritize, and complete your goals and tasks.

How To Connect The Investment Dominator To Microsoft To-Do

Step 1 – Create The Zap Workflow:

First, log in to, then from the dashboard and under the ‘Create your own workflow‘ section, search for “Investment Dominator” under the ‘Connect this app…‘ field.

Under the ‘with this one!‘ field search for “Microsoft To-do“.

Under the ‘When this happens…’ field select ‘Update Record‘.

And under the ‘then do this!‘ field select ‘Create List ‘:

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Click the ‘Try it‘ button to continue with the setup.

Step 2 – Connect To Your Investment Dominator CRM:

Click on the ‘Sign in to Investment Dominator‘ button and then in the allow popup, enter in your API Key and App URL then click the ‘Try Connection‘ button.

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NOTE: You can get both your API Key and App URL by logging into your Investment Dominator account as an Admin (with API Permissions enabled) under the ‘Profile> API Credentials‘ section.

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Hit the ‘Continue‘ button on Zapier to keep going with the setup.

Step 3 – Setup The Zap Trigger

Under the ‘Record Type‘ field select ‘Land Deal‘.

Under the ‘Record Status‘ field select ‘Open Escrow – Detailed Research‘.

Click the ‘Continue‘ button to progress to the next step:

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Step 4 – Connect Your Microsoft To-Do

Click the ‘Sign in to Microsoft To-Do ‘ button then enter your Microsoft Account username and password into the popup window when it appears.

If you are already logged into the browser it will automatically pick up the account being used when prompted to log in.

Step 5 – Setup The Action

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Under the ‘Set up action‘ Select the List Field and enter :

Land Purchase Due Diligence Checklist – Property ID

You also want to add a merge field from Investment Dominator Called Property ID which you will attach to the end of the title.

Click at the end of the title than under Insert Data use the search bar to lookup ID it will be the first number that we see here. Now our title is able to attach to the property we are working with.

NOTE: If you are using the free version of Zapier you will not be able to activate your Zap after this point.

Click the ‘Test & Continue‘ button

To verify the test we just did was completed correctly you will notice within your Googe Tasks Account this will now generate our new task list.

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Now that we have created our List we will want to add our task items.

To do this we will need to follow along with our Due Diligence Checklist Document which can be found under the documents tab within Land Profit Generator Account.

With the document now downloaded we will be setting up our next Zaps under the action of Create Task.

Under the Setup Action, you need to select the List we just created to this click onto the field for Task List then click Custom.

Once Custom has been Selected then Choose the ID option as shown below.

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Then you will need to add the remaining Final touches which include:

Title of the Task if we follow the document the first item is Market Value.

And as for Notes copy and paste the information under the title for Market Value.

Next press continue.

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Verify before you continue to see if this has the output expected which you can do back on Microsoft To-Do.

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You will need to do this for the remaining 11 steps in the Due Diligence Checklist. Each step will need to include the List ID to attach to the correct list.

Once completed and Verified within your system you will get a final confirmation message that your Zap works!

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Hooray! Now, whenever a record is updated within your Land Records to the Open Escrow Detailed Research status; this will trigger a new List on Microsoft To-Do along with the additional Tasks Items for the Due Diligence Check List to populate from Zapier!

Market Wizard

With the introduction of the new wizards coming to the Investment Dominator we wanted to provide a step-by-step solution to help with Marketing.

Let’s break down how this will impact how you use the Investment Dominator.

If you have already created an ad for the property you wish to work with you can select Generate A Tracking Link this will skip you ahead a couple of steps. If you have not generated an AD for the property at hand, do not worry let’s walk through Generating an AD click Next to continue.

1. Generating an AD For Your Property

You will first need to search for a record to work with you can use the following formats:

  1. Property ID
  2. First Name
  3. Last Name
  4. Company Name
  5. APN

Then once you select the property click on Next.

When you are creating your AD make sure you fill in the fields for Property Address and Property Zip. These will be required in order to proceed.

Also, some fields which you can take note of are Listing Headline, Sale Price, Market Value, and Estimated Repair Costs.

Once you have made these changes make sure you click on Update Property. Then click on Generate A Tracking Link.

2. Generate A Tracking Link

Now before you create your Tracking Link you will need to have a Page created within your Investment Dominator. Don’t fret if you do not have a page we have a step-by-step article here.

The following are ways you can search for your Page:

  1. Page ID
  2. Page Name
  3. Page URL

Next, you will be working on Defining Your Tracking Criteria. Focus on What Offer you are Promoting, What Campaign Platform is best, and the Format Best Suited for this AD.

If you want to run multiple ads, and target keywords based on the Campaign click on Yes. (to separate tags you can use a comma) There will be some new fields that pop up. Last will be planning your budget for this Campaign.

Now that you have completed all of the steps your Tracking Link will be created. You can Copy Tracking Link to Clipboard, View Tracking Report, or Generate Another AD.

Make Offers Wizard

With the introduction of the new wizards coming to the Investment Dominator we wanted to provide a step-by-step solution to help with Making Offers.

Let’s break down how this will impact how you use the Investment Dominator.

Make sure you had the chance to review our guide on Researching Deals which can be found here.

You will notice the records that you have done the research for will populate on this list here. If you do not notice the record you would want you can use the search box to look for Property ID, First Name, Last Name, Company Name, or APN.

Once you have the record selected click Next.

You will be given a chance to review any information from this record before you continue. Ensure the Back Taxes Owed and Estimated Market Value is valid since we will be using those to generate your offer. Once done click Next.

Take the time to read the details on this page. Based on your Estimated Market Value the system will recommend an offer between 25-34% of this number. You do have the option to move the slider to position your offer to your liking. Keep in mind also of any Back Taxes Owed this will need to be taken into account.

Now review the information on this screen to verify the correct amounts for Your Offer, Back Taxes, and Net to Seller. If everything looks correct it’s time to print you can choose My Printer or if you want to use a Printing Service that option will also be available.

You will notice that you have three options to download your documents depending on your preference of choice. Click on the DOC icon to generate your offer package for each item.

  1. Offer Agreement
  2. Exhibit “A”
  3. Envelope Label

You’ve made it to the last step to verify your documents and once you have completed this make sure to move these records into the Offer Sent status.

Research Deals Wizard

With the introduction of the new wizards coming to the Investment Dominator we wanted to provide a step-by-step solution to help with Researching Deals.

Let’s break down how this will impact how you use the Investment Dominator.

Now to begin this wizard you will need to have a property in mind within your Land Section. You can identify this record by using one of the following options:

  1. Property ID
  2. First Name
  3. Last Name
  4. Company Name
  5. APN

In my example, I used APN once you found the record select it and click Begin Preliminary Research.

Now you will have the chance to directly update this record, if you have any additional information you can edit fields such as Road Acess, Zoning, and as well as list any Reported Improvements.

Please note there is one required field which is Property Zip this will help in generating your Property Location so make sure to fill this out.

Once property review is done you will need to conduct County Back Tax Research. Keep In mind at any time during this wizard you can come back to this and pick up where you left off last. If you notice when conducting research the property has any back taxes please list that here. If not just click on Save and continue.

Now the fun part! You want to really begin honing in on your property by finding listed sold comparables. You can use the options listed here to be able to do this research. Once you have found a comparable you will click on Add Sold Comparable.

Let’s say for example you use Zillow you can list that as your Source and provide the URL. You will see this is required just like Headline, Size, Sold Date, and Sold Price.

You can also attach a Featured Image, Description, and Location. Once filled out click on Add Sold Comparable.

You will then be able to add more Sold Comparables or even delete ones before you click on Save and Continue.

If you also find Listed Comparables please enter these into the system just as you did Sold Comparables.

Now with both Listed and Sold Comparables tracked you will see based on the data entered you can use the estimated property market value or you can set a custom value.

Lastly, you will be presented with a summary with the market value chosen as well as any back taxes listed.

How To Select A Sub-Set of Prospect Records For Printing

First off, it is advisable to import only the specific records you plan to process into the Investment Dominator. However, you may have already imported several thousands of records into the Investment Dominator; but, only want to select/process a sub-set of the prospect records imported.

How do you manage a large number of prospect records imported going forward on a weekly basis?

Step 1) – Select all Prospect Land records and put them in the “ON HOLD” status

Note: Check for any other Land Records in the “HOLD” Status prior to executing this step and update/move those records into a different status.

Use the ‘Search By‘ function and select the “Prospect” status as shown below.

Press the blue ‘Search‘ button next to the field to bring up all the prospect records in your system.

Click the ‘Select All‘ checkbox above the records to select all the records in the search query.

Select the ‘Change Status‘ option above the records.

Change the status field to the ‘ON HOLD‘ option.

And press the blue ‘Confirm Move‘ button to move these selected records from the ‘Prospect’ status to the ‘On Hold’ status.

Press the blue ‘Clear Search‘ option above the record table to display all records under the ‘Land‘ page.

Step 2) – Select only the Prospect records by Property ID Range to be processed

NOTE: The following is only a simulation, you may select any number of records to be processed by Property ID Range as necessary.

Select/display all records “ON HOLD” status by pressing the ‘On Hold‘ Stage filter at the top of the record table as shown:

Select the ‘Search by>Property Id Range‘ option and enter the record range of records that you want to process.

Click the blue ‘Search‘ button.

NOTE: The ‘Property Id Range’ can equal 250 records, 500 records or any range of records you want to process. In this example 11 records display.

Click the ‘Select All‘ checkbox to select all the records in the search query.

Click the ‘Change Status‘ option.

The “Prospect” status should already be selected, so simply press the blue ‘Confirm Move‘ button so that these selected records move from the “ON HOLD” status to the “Prospect” status:

Step 3) – Generate your direct mail letter campaign

Click the ‘Campaigns‘ option above the record table:

Click the green icon on the first line to save the .CSV Excel mailing list file, (containing all Prospect records included in that mailing) to your computer and send the .CSV file and two accompanying template files, (Neutral Letter and Envelope template) files to for them to process.

Step 4) – Use the ‘Bulk Update Records’ option to change the status of processed records for tracking

Click the ‘Bulk Update Records‘ function to change status of the records mailed from ‘Prospect’ to the ‘Mailed Letter-1’ status:

NOTE: The following week in order to process the next set of 250 or 500 records simply repeat the process above starting at Step 2) .

How To Attach Multiple Property Records To One Owner Record

As you may know sometimes a property owner owns more than one property. And in this case, the Investment Dominator CRM creates one owner record and then attaches the property records to that owner record. This is why in the Investment Dominator we have both an Owner Id number and a Property Id number and they do not match. Continue reading “How To Attach Multiple Property Records To One Owner Record”

How To Add A PayPal ‘Buy It Now’ Button To Your Property Listings

 Did you know you can actually add a PayPal ‘Buy It Now’ button to your listing? Well, you can! And here is how you do it…

1. First, follow the instructions from PayPal in order to generate your Buy It Now button code.  You can find the official instructions for that here.

2. Once you have your ‘Buy It Now’ button code from PayPal copy it then go to your listing in the Investment Dominator Admin Console and click the ‘Edit‘ link to the right of the property record.

3. Click the ‘Edit Source‘ link below the ‘Listing Long Description‘ field and then paste in the PayPal button code where you want it to appear in your listing.

4. Save the changes and then go to your listing by clicking the Listing tab on the top of the screen. You should see the PayPal button appear on your listing page now.