The Listing Short Description and Listing Long Description

In the ‘Listing Short Description‘ field, you can enter in a short 800 or less character description about your property that will be used on the property listing page of your selling site.

When visitors click either the ‘[See More]‘ link or ‘View Details‘ button on your listing from your selling site they will be taken to the full property listing page. On the full property listing (or the Property Details Page) what is displayed is the ‘Listing Long Description‘.

The ‘Listing Long Description‘ can contain HTML, images, display tables, hyperlinks, bullet point lists, custom text styles, and more. Use the built-in HTML editor to generate the HTML for this section of your listing.

In addition to the option included in our HTML editor, you can also add custom HTML scripts and tags. For example, in the case you want to embed a YouTube video or Paypal button into your listing, you can click on the ‘Edit Source‘ link at the bottom of the ‘Listing Long Description‘ section then enter in your custom HTML tags.

How To Add A PayPal ‘Buy It Now’ Button To Your Property Listings

 Did you know you can actually add a PayPal ‘Buy It Now’ button to your listing? Well, you can! And here is how you do it…

1. First, follow the instructions from PayPal in order to generate your Buy It Now button code.  You can find the official instructions for that here.

2. Once you have your ‘Buy It Now’ button code from PayPal copy it then go to your listing in the Investment Dominator Admin Console and click the ‘Edit‘ link to the right of the property record.

3. Click the ‘Edit Source‘ link below the ‘Listing Long Description‘ field and then paste in the PayPal button code where you want it to appear in your listing.

4. Save the changes and then go to your listing by clicking the Listing tab on the top of the screen. You should see the PayPal button appear on your listing page now.