How to Manage Offer Campaigns – Part 3

So now that had the chance to understand the default deal process and then create our own custom statuses now the last part of this walkthrough is about custom documents. Log into your Investment Dominator and click on the customize like so:

From this point find the section called ‘Custom Documents‘ and click ‘Add Document’ then we can begin the steps in order to create our first custom Document

You will be prompted with this menu and first, we are going to focus on the fields highlighted in the red box. Following the previous articles for the ‘To’ field stick with the ‘Owner – Land Only’ option, the next ‘Document File Type‘ should be PDF for the most accessible option. ‘Document Title’ should be called Custom Letter 2 and ‘Status‘ should be ‘Mailed Letter 1’. The last section will be ‘Document Type’ will be portrait since this is a letter. Do not worry about the insert merge field tab just yet.

So now we can focus on the actual document which in the picture above I have provided an example message of what you could send to your prospects after ‘Mailed Letter 1’. You may notice some words are in brackets like this [] this is because of the ‘Insert Merge Field‘ which can provide you easy access to prefilled information on your prospects and for your own company information too. Once you are done you can hit document preview and you will get see something like this:

Please note this is just an example and your document will have prefilled information that will be added in by the ‘Merge field option’.

At the top of the page, we have the status set to ‘Mailed Letter 1’ but now we are taking this and creating a document for ‘Mailed Letter 2’

Once you are done writing the document you must now take a look at the following fields. For ‘Allow Generate Envelope Label’ click Envelope because we are sending letters and for ‘Allow Export data’, we want to say yes. Then ‘Allow Bulk Update‘ yes as well. Now, this is important for the ‘Per Each Property’ we want to say ‘No‘ because it will go to just the owner since they could have multiple properties.

Now following our example from before we will create a process connecting the Status of ‘Mailed Letter 2’ to ‘Mailed Letter 3’ finishing our process for creating custom documents.

We have now created custom Statuses as well as custom documents allowing for flexibility in our letter and really anything we would want to customize. As you can see the Orange is the ‘Custom Statuses’ and or ‘Custom Documents’ that could be created. If you missed any of the steps of this please check out ‘How to Manage Offer Campaigns – Part 1 Also if you find yourself to be a visual learner please check out the walkthrough video below.

How to Manage Offer Campaign – Part 1

When we are using the Investment Dominator Real Estate CRM there are a lot of useful tools to help you mitigate steps in your processes. For instance, when sending out your bulk campaign offer letters you don’t have to use tags, you can use the following Custom Statuses, Custom Document, and a Recurring Task. We also have articles on these individual topics, but for now, let’s cover this. 🙂

Step 1: Understanding the Deal Flow

Before we jump straight into how to manage offer campaign emails it’s important to understand Stage vs Statuses which we have an article about here. This is important to follow the diagrams prepared for this conversation. Now let’s first take a look at the deal flow to help us understand the process.

Starting with our first row you can see the default deal flow setup which takes us through our process without the statuses behind it which can be customized (we will go over this later). It starts from left to right with the last stage being a sold property.

By now you should be familiar with this process, but if not then fear no more let’s break this down even further with the statuses behind each stage.

Step 2: Understanding Stage vs Status

So you can see above just how these stages which are listed in Bold set up a direct path through our statuses so they are all connected steps in the process. We first go into prospects that originally send a Prospect Neutral Letter this then turns into a Mailed Letter 1 before then turning into the Offer Request Stage and becoming Pending Preliminary Research status.

So the way you want to think about this process is we are essentially going from Stage to Stage, but we must pass through the statuses in order to complete each stage. Please keep in mind these are the default statuses and can be customized. So after ‘Pending Preliminary Research’ status is done we are able to then complete the Offer Requests stage to then take us to the Offers Made. This Stage contains multiple statuses depending on what type of agreement you send out. For example, Offer Sent is used if you send out the Offer Package, Options Sent is used if you send out Options, and Blind Offers Sent is used if you send out Blind Offers. If the owner accepts offer or option then this takes you to the Buying Stage. Then as we close on the property we move the record into the ‘Open Escrow Status’ which will allow us to enter the best part of the process.

The Selling Stage then presents us with our final Buying status being moved into the Complete/Ready to Sell status from there we can complete the process and move into the last stage and status which is Sold. Then Hooray we completely walked through the deal process flow and can discuss more custom statuses for all your needs such as multiple Mailed Letter, or multiple Offer Letter Sent. Please continue onto Part 2 for a more detailed explanation of how Custom Statuses Work.