Create Your Own Custom Optin Page/ Selling Site Theme

In addition to the two built-in Selling Site themes that come with the Investment Dominator system, you can design and develop your own custom themes and even share those themes with other users.

To create a custom theme you need to know a little about HTML and CSS. If you are not familiar with what that is, you can easily hire HTML and CSS developers on sites like or that can take a visual design that you have end code it using those web languages.

Ok, Let’s Get Started

  1. Download this Sample Selling Site Theme template which contains all of the built-in merge fields to call in things like the Optin Form that we use in our default themes.

    You can use these merge fields to pull in information or functions used in the Investment Dominator.

  2. Use basic HTML and CSS to design your layout, then reference the merge fields as needed within your page structure.

  3. Compress your theme files into a .zip folder then upload that folder under ‘Customize> Website Settings – Selling> Optin Page‘ and click the ‘UPLOAD CUSTOM THEME‘ option.

NOTE: The filename of the .zip file you upload will be the name of the theme when it is uploaded and a screenshot of theme is automatically generated based on your index.html file.

Here is a list of merge fields you can reference in your custom theme files.








[optin-form button_text=’CUSTOM BUTTON TEXT’ confirmation_url=’/thank-you.html’ input_fields=’c_fname, c_lname, c_email, c_phone, c_zip’]




[popup-link]POPUP LINK[/popup-link]






















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  • How to identify the owners that request offers
  • Introduction to the Reports section
  • What happens if owners request an offer through your Buying site form

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