System Merge Fields

The Investment Dominator equips you with the ability to create your own Custom Documents, Custom Website Pages, and Custom Blog and Property Posts. When creating these custom templates you can utilize system merge fields to dynamically pull in data from an Owner Record, Property Record, Contact Record, Your Company Information, or Profile.

Here is a list of system Merge Fields that you can use to output data on to your custom website pages, posts, and documents:

  • You can perform basic calculations with any numeric field in the system. To do this you must surround your calculation with double parentheses. For example the calculation for the Net To Seller amount is (([property-price]-[property-backtaxes]))
    • Operators include: + – / *
  • To output your value as a currency then place USD in front of your calculation for example: USD(([property-price]-[property-backtaxes])) will output the calculated value in the form of USD.
  • You can calculate a future date by adding the number of days to any date merge field in the system for example [current-date+7] will output the date of seven days in the future.
  • Some merge fields have option variables that you can include inside the merge field to add functionality to them. For example [optin-form confirmation_url=’/custom-page’] allows you to set a custom confirmation page URL for the Optin Form that is created when you use the merge field.

How To Create A Custom Property Listing Page Using The Merge Post Feature

To create a custom property listing page, that automatically displays property listings as your properties move into the ‘Complete Ready To Sell‘ status you first need to create a custom blog page. Here’s how…

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2017-04-24 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • How to create custom website pages
  • How to add an image to your custom page
  • How to create a custom blog for your website with a brief description and a read more link
  • How to add your custom page to your website menu
  • How to add blog posts/ articles to your custom blog
  • How to create a dynamic merge post page that pulls from your contact, land, or house data based on the status of a record.

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