How To Generate A 1098 Document For Active Loans

IMPORTANT: While the Investment Dominator CRM provides users with the option to generate a 1098 document, you must consult with your CPA and have them review the document prior to submitting it to IRS or your buyer.

The Investment Dominator system gives you the option to generate a 1098 document for your active loans.

NOTE: The IRS deadline date to file this form is January 31st of the subsequent year so January 31st, 2021, is the deadline for the 2020 1098 document.

Also NOTE: This document only applies to active loans (this does not apply to lease purchases).

Step 1: Updating Your Buyer Information

Before we get started with the steps to generate the document one thing we want to check on is if the correct information is put in place for our buyer in order to have the fields input correctly.

Let’s start by opening your Investment Dominator then going into the ‘Marketing‘ tab:

You should have a contact record indexed under the ‘Buyer‘ Type. Locate your buyer then click on the ‘Edit‘ link to the right of the record:

Ensure that the contact record is linked to the property under the ‘Interested In‘ field and that the contact information like the buyer’s name, email, and phone are filled in:

Next, you will need to enter the address, city, state, and zip code of the buyer as these fields will be applied to the 1098 document.

Lastly, a critical step that needs to be completed or the 1098 document cannot be generated properly will be the SSN or TIN of the buyer. This is required in order the link the 1098 form to the buyer:

Part 2: Updating Your Information

Now that the information has been properly set-up for your buyer the next step you will need to do is make sure all of your information is correct.

Please proceed to the ‘Customize‘ section at the top of Investment Dominator and then click on ‘Company Information‘ this will allow you to to enter in your SSN or TIN into the system.

Step 3: Generating The 1098 Form

Next, you must go to your ‘Notes‘ section at the top of Investment Dominator and find the loan you want to generate the documents from.

Click the checkbox to the left the record of your choice then click the ‘Generate Documents‘ option at the top of the table:

You have the option to preview the document by clicking on the magnifying glass icon to the left the PDF icon.

NOTE: This is just a preview. Do not print directly from this preview page as that will not be compatible with the requirements for the 1098 document:

While the preview shows the correct placement this is only a preview to represent how the data will be printed on the final official paper.

When clicking on the PDF icon on the right side, however, this will be the correct setup for information that needs to be printed on the official form paper which can be requested from the IRS, purchased from an office supply store, or provided by your CPA. Please remember to consult with your CPA and have them review the document prior to submitting it to IRS or your buyer.

NOTE: There are three templates for the 1098 Form there is A, B, and C copy, please consult with your CPA on what to do with these three versions but generally speaking:

  • 1098 A – This one goes directly to the IRS
  • 1098 B – This one goes to the buyer of the loan
  • 1098 C – This one is for your records

IMPORTANT: While the Investment Dominator CRM provides users with the option to generate a 1098 document, you must consult with your CPA and have them review the document prior to submitting it to IRS or your buyer.

How To Enter Neighbor Records Into The System And Generate Neighbor Letters

Generating Neighbor Letters out of Investment Dominator is a strategy to assist in selling properties you are currently marketing. To adequately support this activity, it is necessary to enter Neighbor records into the Investment Dominator for access.

There are currently 2 different methods to have Neighbor records entered into Investment Dominator and they are described as follows:

A) Entering Neighbor Records by way of the Add Contact function in the Marketing tab. Enter 1 Neighbor record at a time for a given property.

B) The importing of Neighbor Records for specific parcels after acquiring a list of names/addresses from county records or using an outside vendor.

A) Enter Neighbor Records by [Add Contact] function

Neighbor Records can be entered 1 record at a time for a given property using the Add Contact function. The following steps illustrate this process:

Step 1a) Under Marketing Tab > [Add Contact] function

Navigate to the ‘Marketing Tab> Add Contact function:

Step 2a) Enter Any Available Neighbor Information

On Add Contact screen enter any information acquired to generate Neighbor Record. Fields noted in RED, (not marked Optional) should be entered.

Note: If using County record information you may have a limited amount of information to enter for this neighbor, such as first/last name and mailing address.

1st Part Of Neighbor Record
2nd Part of Neighbor Record

Step 3a) Finish and Add Neighbor Record

Press the blue Finish Add Contact button to complete entry of Neighbor Record

B) Importing Neighbor Records for parcels after acquiring names/addresses from county records or use of an outside vendor

Neighbor records can be entered into the Investment Dominator, (in bulk) by use of the Import function. The following steps illustrate this process:

Note: A vendor such as ListSource can be employed to supply an entire list of Neighbors around a specific parcel for importing into Investment Dominator.

Step 1b) Under Marketing Tab > Import function

Navigate to the ‘Marketing Tab> Import function:

Step 2b) Prepare The Import List Based On Sample List Format

Prior to importing a list of Neighbor records, make sure your .CSV (Excel) file is saved on your computer based on the following attributes:

  • Each Neighbor record must have the Type=Neighbor
  • First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, Interested In Property ID – A, (at minimum) fields must be entered based on SAMPLE-CONTACT-IMPORT-LIST.csv as shown
  • Excel file must be saved as .CSV (Comma Delimited) at an appropriate location on your computer

Note: Use the sample list to ensure your data list is formatted correctly.

Step 3b) Import Excel Neighbor Records File

Under Marketing Tab select Import function to import Neighbor Records Excel file into Investment Dominator.

Choose the .CSV Comma Delimited Excel file, (saved from Step 2b) using the Choose File function. The chosen file displays next to Choose File button.

Press the blue Upload List button to import the Neighbor Records into Investment Dominator.

C) Generating The Neighbors Letter Campaign

Navigate to the ‘Marketing> Campaigns‘ screen in the system, then under the ‘Marketing section click the .DOC or .PDF icons on the ‘Neighbor’s Letter (Land)‘ line for both the letters and envelopes.

If you would like to have a mailing house print the letters click on the green .CSV icon to the right of the row to generate the mailing list for the main house.

Using ASCII Symbols In Ad Titles As Pattern Interrupts

When people scroll through ads on sites like Craigslist that have popular text list views you’ll want to make sure your listing stands out. One way to do this is to use ASCII or HTML Symbols in your titles to catch the eye of visitors as they scan through the list of titles.

Below is a complete list of HTML codes you can use in your titles to display a special character in your title:

































































































































































What Is The Purpose of The Marketing Contact List (A.K.A Buyer’s List)?

The ‘Marketing‘ section on the Investment Dominator is where we manage the disposition or marketing/sales side of the business.

Jack and Michelle Bosch talk about this in the Land Profit Generator training program in Session 16: Internet Marketing Basics.

Basically, the Buyers List a list of prospects that you grow, refine, and nurture over time. Since real estate is not an impulse buy, it normally takes a few touches before you sell a property to someone and the Buyers List helps you keep track of these people while they are in that decision-making period.

Here are some helpful articles that talk about the ‘Buyers List’ in more detail, but we also recommend that you watch the Land Profit Generator Module 16 to get the overall concept of this important list.

Marketing: How To Import Contacts Into Your Marketing List (A.K.A Buyers List)

To import and create prospects, neighbors, buyers or investor contacts in the system, and add them to your Marketing Contact List (also known as your Buyers List), follow these two simple steps… Continue reading “Marketing: How To Import Contacts Into Your Marketing List (A.K.A Buyers List)”