Sell Wizard

With the introduction of the new wizards coming to the Investment Dominator we wanted to provide a step-by-step solution to help with Selling.

Let’s break down how this will impact how you use the Investment Dominator.

You are given the choice to choose if you want to Generate A Listing or Process New Prospects looking for property to buy.

Process New Prospects

Choosing this option will send you to the New Prospect Form within the Marketing Tab. Allowing you to create that new prospect looking to Buy.

Generate A Listing

If you choose the option Generate A Listing you will need to select a property record within the system.

To start off it may be best to click on Open Property Details In A New Tab this will be a good reference going forward. Then Adjust Your Listing Title, click on Next when you are ready.

Don’t forget about your Listing Subtitle enter this as well.

This area is where you will include your Property Description, make sure to be descriptive.

It’s time to create an offer they can’t refuse to help you with this make sure to reference the Market Value.

If you are not using Owner Financing click on No however if you are refer to the next section.

Before we continue it may help to refer to our user guide article about the differences between Lease-Purchase and Loans found here.

Owner Financing – Loan/Contract for Deed

When you are creating a Loan you will be requiring a downpayment as well as an Interest Rate.

Owner Financing – Lease-Purchase

When you are creating a Lease Purchase you have the choice to have this Deposit applied as Rent Credit. If you choose Yes you will see this number reflected on your Total Monthly Payment.

For more on how to create loan/lease terms on the fly please refer to this link here.

Let’s dive back into the flow of the wizard if you have any images that will make this stand out go ahead and add them here. You can Locate the Image File or Drag and Drop the files before you click on Next.

From the images you have uploaded choose a Title and click the checkmark to save it. Then you have some options you can do for your image. You can only have one Featured Image and make sure you select the checkmark to list as Public to ensure everyone can see it. Last if you need to change an image for any reason you can Delete the Image then reupload the correct one.

Once all is completed you can Preview Your Listing if you notice any issues click on Edit Property Record.

Market Wizard

With the introduction of the new wizards coming to the Investment Dominator we wanted to provide a step-by-step solution to help with Marketing.

Let’s break down how this will impact how you use the Investment Dominator.

If you have already created an ad for the property you wish to work with you can select Generate A Tracking Link this will skip you ahead a couple of steps. If you have not generated an AD for the property at hand, do not worry let’s walk through Generating an AD click Next to continue.

1. Generating an AD For Your Property

You will first need to search for a record to work with you can use the following formats:

  1. Property ID
  2. First Name
  3. Last Name
  4. Company Name
  5. APN

Then once you select the property click on Next.

When you are creating your AD make sure you fill in the fields for Property Address and Property Zip. These will be required in order to proceed.

Also, some fields which you can take note of are Listing Headline, Sale Price, Market Value, and Estimated Repair Costs.

Once you have made these changes make sure you click on Update Property. Then click on Generate A Tracking Link.

2. Generate A Tracking Link

Now before you create your Tracking Link you will need to have a Page created within your Investment Dominator. Don’t fret if you do not have a page we have a step-by-step article here.

The following are ways you can search for your Page:

  1. Page ID
  2. Page Name
  3. Page URL

Next, you will be working on Defining Your Tracking Criteria. Focus on What Offer you are Promoting, What Campaign Platform is best, and the Format Best Suited for this AD.

If you want to run multiple ads, and target keywords based on the Campaign click on Yes. (to separate tags you can use a comma) There will be some new fields that pop up. Last will be planning your budget for this Campaign.

Now that you have completed all of the steps your Tracking Link will be created. You can Copy Tracking Link to Clipboard, View Tracking Report, or Generate Another AD.

How To Mark A Listing As “PENDING” or “SOLD” On The Selling Site?

After you find a buyer for your property or sell your property you may still want to keep the property listing up on your Selling Site to serve as social proof.

There are two settings you need to have for the listing to display on your site as Pending or Sold.

  • The ‘Status‘ of the record must be in the ‘Found Buyer – Open Escrow‘ status.
  • The ‘Listing Status‘ option must be set to ‘Public‘.

This will display the “PENDING” text over the thumbnail of the listing.

If you then change the ‘Status‘ to ‘SOLD‘ then the text “SOLD” will appear over the listing thumbnail.

Options> Generate Ad: How To Generate HTML For A Online Classified Site Property Listing

Once a property record is in the ‘Open Escrow – Detailed Research‘ or the ‘Complete/ Ready To Sell‘ Status, the ‘Generate Ad‘ option will appear for the property under the ‘Overview Table‘ view: Continue reading “Options> Generate Ad: How To Generate HTML For A Online Classified Site Property Listing”

How To Add A PayPal ‘Buy It Now’ Button To Your Property Listings

 Did you know you can actually add a PayPal ‘Buy It Now’ button to your listing? Well, you can! And here is how you do it…

1. First, follow the instructions from PayPal in order to generate your Buy It Now button code.  You can find the official instructions for that here.

2. Once you have your ‘Buy It Now’ button code from PayPal copy it then go to your listing in the Investment Dominator Admin Console and click the ‘Edit‘ link to the right of the property record.

3. Click the ‘Edit Source‘ link below the ‘Listing Long Description‘ field and then paste in the PayPal button code where you want it to appear in your listing.

4. Save the changes and then go to your listing by clicking the Listing tab on the top of the screen. You should see the PayPal button appear on your listing page now.