How to Remail To The Same County

There could be a lot of reasons why you would like to remail to a county again that was already processed in mailed letter one status, but what about if we wanted to issue another mailing with an updated list of records.

Lets first identify what we are trying to accomplish

  1. Update records
  2. Create a new status
  3. Create a custom document
  4. Import updated records
  5. Send out mailed letter 2

From these steps we will begin to create an idea of everything we need and this tutorial will take everything step by step to ensure you can follow along easily.

Please note if at any time at all within the Investment Dominator you have made a mistake you can undo most actions made within the application, review our article here about this:

Step 1: Update records

We want to ensure that we do not mail to a person we already have mailed to in our mailed letter 1, people we made an offer to or purchased property. In order to do that you can scrub through your list which was previously uploaded and delete the contacts with which you do not want to work with.

A helpful tip with organization as well when updating the records you want to work with is adding a new tag to associate all the records with your mailed letter 2. For this demonstration I have chosen ML2 you can do whichever works for you and if you need more information on tagging review this article here:

Then once you are done with filtering through your list just keep in mind the APN make sure this matches with the previous information before this is essential to ensure everything imports properly if you notice discrepancies please review this article here:

Step 2: Create A New Status

We have an article chain which goes over everything in more detail located here: . This will explain how to create a new status but in this article I will highlight the key information.

Go to the Customize section of the Investment Dominator then click on ‘Custom stages and Statuses’

Then click on Add Status

From there click the appropriate settings like shown above Then once done click Add.

Then sort your status like so the most important part of this is to ensure prospect is at the top and your new mailed letter 2 comes after mailed letter 1. Then hit Save.

Step 3: Create A New Custom Document

Just like the example before we have an article that goes over this in detail which can be found here:

Proceed to the customize section of the Investment Dominator then go to ‘Custom Documents’ then click ‘Add Document’.

For more detail on the creation of the document you can review the article listed, but follow what’s on the picture above and make sure to turn on allow ‘Bulk Update’ this will prompt the Move To section from that select ‘Mailed letter 2‘.

Step 4: Import Updated records

So going back to what we did on step 1 the next step after creating this document is to take our CSV and upload it into the Investment Dominator, but there are some things we want to change from our normal process.

Go to the import section of your Investment dominator and this time take your updated list and click on ‘Update Existing Records’. this short prompt in yellow will also highlight some key items that need to match in order for this to work. Go ahead and upload your list then you should be good to go to our last step.

Step 5: Send Out Mailed Letter 2

So now that you have completed the following the last thing to do to complete your second mailing is to send them out and the key for this step is to not generate a campaign. Since you are using custom documents you are going to need to use the generate documents button within the land tab.

The reason for this is so we can use our custom documents the way we intended to have them work so we can send them straight to mailed letter 2.

It will ask you to choose the records which you want to work with so if you did our tagging earlier you should search for tag then click all records within it.

Then because of the step we did earlier for our custom documents then the bulk update happens after sending out mailing they should be pushed to Mailed Letter 2 instead of 1.

How To Generate A 1098 Document For Active Loans

IMPORTANT: While the Investment Dominator CRM provides users with the option to generate a 1098 document, you must consult with your CPA and have them review the document prior to submitting it to IRS or your buyer.

The Investment Dominator system gives you the option to generate a 1098 document for your active loans.

NOTE: The IRS deadline date to file this form is January 31st of the subsequent year so January 31st, 2021, is the deadline for the 2020 1098 document.

Also NOTE: This document only applies to active loans (this does not apply to lease purchases).

Step 1: Updating Your Buyer Information

Before we get started with the steps to generate the document one thing we want to check on is if the correct information is put in place for our buyer in order to have the fields input correctly.

Let’s start by opening your Investment Dominator then going into the ‘Marketing‘ tab:

You should have a contact record indexed under the ‘Buyer‘ Type. Locate your buyer then click on the ‘Edit‘ link to the right of the record:

Ensure that the contact record is linked to the property under the ‘Interested In‘ field and that the contact information like the buyer’s name, email, and phone are filled in:

Next, you will need to enter the address, city, state, and zip code of the buyer as these fields will be applied to the 1098 document.

Lastly, a critical step that needs to be completed or the 1098 document cannot be generated properly will be the SSN or TIN of the buyer. This is required in order the link the 1098 form to the buyer:

Part 2: Updating Your Information

Now that the information has been properly set-up for your buyer the next step you will need to do is make sure all of your information is correct.

Please proceed to the ‘Customize‘ section at the top of Investment Dominator and then click on ‘Company Information‘ this will allow you to to enter in your SSN or TIN into the system.

Step 3: Generating The 1098 Form

Next, you must go to your ‘Notes‘ section at the top of Investment Dominator and find the loan you want to generate the documents from.

Click the checkbox to the left the record of your choice then click the ‘Generate Documents‘ option at the top of the table:

You have the option to preview the document by clicking on the magnifying glass icon to the left the PDF icon.

NOTE: This is just a preview. Do not print directly from this preview page as that will not be compatible with the requirements for the 1098 document:

While the preview shows the correct placement this is only a preview to represent how the data will be printed on the final official paper.

When clicking on the PDF icon on the right side, however, this will be the correct setup for information that needs to be printed on the official form paper which can be requested from the IRS, purchased from an office supply store, or provided by your CPA. Please remember to consult with your CPA and have them review the document prior to submitting it to IRS or your buyer.

NOTE: There are three templates for the 1098 Form there is A, B, and C copy, please consult with your CPA on what to do with these three versions but generally speaking:

  • 1098 A – This one goes directly to the IRS
  • 1098 B – This one goes to the buyer of the loan
  • 1098 C – This one is for your records

IMPORTANT: While the Investment Dominator CRM provides users with the option to generate a 1098 document, you must consult with your CPA and have them review the document prior to submitting it to IRS or your buyer.

How to Manage Offer Campaign – Part 2

Step 3: Adding Custom Statuses

Hello Again, From what we discussed in How to Manage Offer Campaign Part 1 we now have a firm understanding of the Default Deal Flow Setup and now we want to learn how to add our own custom Statuses. In order to do that let’s start with the custom statuses for the Prospect Stage.

So if you are now just starting from this tutorial go ahead and log into your investment dominator. Go ahead and follow the arrow in the picture above pointing to the customize section.

From the customize section go ahead and click on ‘Custom Stages and Statuses’ then this page will open up like so:

Proceed to scroll down until you hit a section in which you can add your own status which you can see represented by the arrow above.

Following the chart from How to Manage Offer Campaign Part 1 for the purposes of this article, we are going to focus on the ‘Prospect’ stage and create our ‘Custom Statuses’ which are represented as orange. Just as a reminder the beige is the default deal setup which you can go over again from the article linked to part 1.

You will be introduced by a window asking you about the ‘Custom Status‘ type you wish to create go ahead and choose Land. You will then notice from the arrows above the fields which need your attention. Since we are in the ‘Prospect Stage’ and looking to add on additional letters. Following our ‘Mailed Letter 1′ will be ‘Mailed Letter 2’ which goes under the ‘Status Name’ then under ‘Status Options’ click the checkmark for ‘Generate Document’ after this go-ahead click the add button.

You will now see after adding the custom status it now shows up under the ‘Custom Property Status’ highlighted in a red box above. Now for the purpose of this tutorial let’s generate a ‘Mailed Letter 3’ which we will repeat the same steps we did for ‘Mailed Letter 2’.

Keep in mind it’s the same steps as before, but for ‘Status Name’ put ‘Mailed Letter 3’. Now after hitting the add button you should see your newly created ‘Statuses‘.

From this point, we now need to correct the order in which our Statuses will communicate with each other just like how we have it in our diagram above. Go ahead and click the ‘Sort Status’ button to the right of the ‘Add Status’ button.

You will now be prompted with a window showing you the Custom Statuses we have created. Since we are primarily working on Land you can see above ‘Prospect’ are the custom statuses we created. These are out of order and in order to change this, we can drag and drop them below. Like so :

So first should be ‘Prospect’ then ‘Mailed Letter 1’, and then both custom statuses following respectively. Then all you would have to do is click the ‘Save’ button to finalize everything we have done. Now for the final part of this, we will be adding custom documents that will be attached to your custom statuses. You can find this on How to Manage Offer Campaign Emails Part 3

Notes> Generate Documents

To generate documents for a Note first select one or more Note records from the records table under the ‘Notes‘ tab.

Then click the ‘Generate Documents‘ option:

Click on either the .doc icon or .pdf icons to generate and download the document.

NOTE: Before you generate documents make sure a buyer record is linked to the Note as well as a Property Record is attached.

Bulk Actions vs. Select Record Actions

In the Investment Dominator, there are two different types of actions, ‘Bulk Actions’ that are based on records in a particular status and ‘Select Record Actions’ which are based on the records you select from the table.

The ‘Select Record Actions’ can be accessed at the top of the record table itself and ‘Bulk Record Actions’ can be accessed above the record table section. Continue reading “Bulk Actions vs. Select Record Actions”

How To Generate an Offer Package (for Land Investing)

Did you know that the Investment Dominator can help you when it comes time to make offers on properties of vacant land?

You will be pleased to know that the software has a built-in calculator that quickly gives you a idea reasonable offers you can make to a seller. To access it, a contact record must be in the ‘Pending Preliminary Research‘ status.

On the right hand side of the record click on the Options Menu then the option called ‘Calculate Offer/ Option Amount‘.

A window will appear that lets you input some specific information about the property.

For land, the two most important numbers are the MARKET VALUE and any BACK TAXES AND PENALTIES, or money owed by the property.

Once you enter in those numbers, the calculator will leap into action and give you an offer. Well, technically, the calculator will give you a minimum and maximum offer.

It is up to you what offer you make, but experienced investors know that they don’t want to start at the high end and leave themselves nowhere to go. So it might be a good idea to start on the low end or somewhere in the middle.

That way, in case the seller come back with a counteroffer, you will have room to negotiate.

You can choose either the minimum or maximum offer and click “Set”, and that information will be entered in the “Offer” field (the contents of which field will be merged into the offer letter later on).

Once you have set your Offer Amounts as well as saved any Back Tax amounts to the property record you can generate your Offer Package which include:

  • An Offer Cover Letter explaining your offer
  • A one-page Offer agreement
  • An optional Exhibit A page
  • An Address Label for your offer package (typically sent in a 9×11 envelope)

To Generate these documents go to ‘Land> Campaigns> Offers‘ :

Then click on Generate Documents:

You have the option to select ‘Local Printer’ or ‘Other’

For this example, We go through the PDF documents and .Doc File templates you can generate.

You will be able to generate documents for the following documents:

Offer Cover Letter
Exhibit A

You will also see you can just click on the ‘Zip File’ option and generate all of the documents into one folder.