How to Create a Custom Letter Template for ITI Direct

Did you know you could also send Custom Letters to a mail house like ITI Direct?

  1. Go to the Land Tab then click on the Campaigns Section you will be presented with this screen.
  2. find the custom document you created (for more information click here)
  3. Select the option ‘Other’

You will see your word documents which can be opened up and edited specifically to the needs of your mailhouse of your choice. For this istance we are working with ITI Direct so what you would do in this case is review the information needed directly from ITI which is also here.

From the information on the ITI Direct site we can see that we need to have our merge fields displayed with <<mergefield>> instead of what the Investment Dominator Provides as this [mergefield].

In order to do this open up those downloaded files on your computer and within Microsoft word click on enable editing then

1. Click replace

2. Under find what put this symbol [

3. For Replace With put this symbol <<

4. Click on Replace all

5. Do this same process again for this symbol ] and replace with >>

Once you are done review your documents to ensure they are in the proper format

Lastly just make sure you are saving this document as a PDF.

Following along with the article on what ITI needs in order to fufill a mailing you will need your:

2 PDF’s one with your custom letter template and custom envelope Template so make sure to save those word documents as PDF.

Last your CSV file associated with your custom letter which can be found on the Other screen

How To View Imported Records From Outside Data Service

NOTE: If you would like to know How To Generate A New Land List Via Our Outside Data Service please click here.

When you import records into the system through our optional Paid Data Service the records will display under the ‘Land‘ tab of your system typically in the ‘Prospect ‘status:

NOTE: When you import records via our Paid Data Service we import more than the 11 required fields typically used in a CSV file import.

If you would like t to analyze the imported data further simply click on the ‘Edit‘ option to the right of an individual land record that was imported to review all the owner and property data that was given by DataTree:

DataTree typically provides information like all owners on record, as well as property geolocation data (longitude and Latitude of the property) which we add to the ‘Property Address‘ field for mapping.

You should also see the ‘Short Legal‘ description as well as the size of the property in acres as well as both Assessed and Market Values:

How To Edit/Delete Tags In BULK

Tags are used to index Land, House and/or Contact records in Investment Dominator; as well as, to group certain records for future reference. This article will focus primarily on editing or the deletion of existing tags assigned to multiple records in the CRM in a bulk manner.

Note: There is an existing article detailing how Tags and the Tagging Records process works in detail entitled, How Tags and Tagging Records Work In The Investment Dominator CRM.

Create a Tag

To create a tag in the CRM select ‘Customize > Tags > Add Tag button as shown…

Next, enter the new Tag Name and select the blue ‘Add‘ button as shown…

Note: In this example, the Tag will be used to tag land records on initial offers to search for the mailing of 2nd Offers in the near future.

Tag Records

To tag land records go to the ‘Land Deals’ tab and select the records for tagging, then select the ‘Tag’ function as shown….

Select the newly created tag from the drop-down list of tags to be assigned to the previously selected land records and press the blue ‘Confirm Tag‘ button as shown…

Note: This same methodology applies to the tagging of both House and Contact records in Investment Dominator.

System should display Records(s) successfully update message should display!

Editing/Deleting Tags In BULK

To edit/delete a tag in the CRM select ‘Customize > Tags > Scroll or PAGE to the specific TAG for editing or deletion.

Select the ‘Edit’ function to EDIT or DELETE the selected Tag as shown…

Note: The last created TAG will appear on the very end of the previously created tags list.

To Edit the existing TAG make any appropriate changes to the tag and press ‘Save’ function.

To Delete the existing TAG press the ‘Delete’ function.

NOTE: Editing or deleting the tag will remove any reference to the tag in any records in the system even if records were indexed using that tag.

Search By… Tag Option

You can now search all land records by the newly modified tag using the ‘Search By’ function and selecting the ‘Tag’ option. Select the specific tag to filter by and select the blue ‘Search’ button…

Searching by the selected Tag will return all records where this tag, (or modified tag) is now assigned.

If the specific tag was deleted from the system, the tag will NOT be available in the drop-down tags list for selection.

How To Customize Jack’s Offer Templates

We don’t recommend that you change any of our built-in document templates as these have been tested and tweaked over thousands of successful deals.  For this reason, we only give you the option to create your own custom documents instead of editing our built-in templates.  However, if you would like to test out variations of the letter for yourself, in this article we will discuss how you can create a new Custom Document that uses our content as a base and then add your own customizations to that.

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