Why is My Website Marked as Dangerous or Suspicious?

If you are reading this article chances are you probably have run into an error on your buying site or selling site.

sometimes this can be a simple fix such as setting up the security for your site which is free thanks to the Investment Dominator.

What we have noticed is that there are some users who experience what seems like a “bad domain”. What this exactly means is when you first buy your domain there is a rare chance where there is a trail of activity from acquiring this domain that was flagged before by google. Which prevents our domain security or SSL from attaching to your site.

This may seem like all hope is lost but there are some options that are presented from the situation:

  • If you own a site marked as dangerous or suspicious: Follow these instructions


  • If you own a site that has been marked with “Did you mean”, “is this the right site”, or “fake site ahead”: Please submit a ticket within Investment Dominator for more support.
  • If you are a software publisher and chrome flags your downloads, learn how to resolve malware issues with your downloads. Follow these instructions :


The Investment Dominator Quick Start Guide Part 2 – Setting Up Domains

Hello and welcome to the second part of your journey with the Investment Dominator. The main topic for today is how you can begin to set up your domains for your buying and selling site. This article is meant to be a gateway to other domain providers which means it will be constantly updated.

If you missed part 1 of the Quick Start Guide on setting up your profile, please click here

If you are wondering the reason for customizing and creating our own domain since we are already provided a default one. You want to remain different from your peers and the best way to do this is by adding a personal flair to your website link. Especially when sending this out to your potential prospects!

Step 1: Register Your Domain and Point It To The Investment Dominator Server

Please note we recommend having separate buying and selling domains. This is simply because they both have two different purposes and in order to keep the flow of traffic to your site regulated for your potential prospects there should respectively be two channels one for selling and one for buying.

Step 2: Mapping Your Domain To your Investment Dominator App

Once the setup has been made with your domain and directed to our server the next step in the process will be to connect it to Investment Dominator.

Go into the customize tab on the Investment Dominator and go into your Website Settings – Buying from this section you will be prompted with an option to change your domain. Go ahead and click on this so we can register your new domain.

Go ahead and enter your new domain information for your buying site and if you made sure to connect your C-Name record with Investment Dominator click the check box below. From there hit the next button to confirm your domain name.

Step 3: Secure Your New Domains

Now after you confirm you will be prompted with a screen telling you your domain was changed and instead of just clicking okay we want to hit the Click Here To Secure Your Domain button. A lot of people miss this step so if you happened to click away, go into Customize -> Website Settings – then under the buying site domain there should be a button like so in the picture above which says Secure Your Domain.

Then you will be presented with a screen that looks like this enabling you to generate your SSL provided by Investment Dominator which will secure your website so you can have even better search optimization for your Buying or Selling site.

Then there you have it you have officially set up your Domains and have redirected them onto the Investment Dominator. Not to mention your sites are also now secured allowing for search engines to quickly prioritize your site rather than if it was not secured. The next step of this journey is Quick Start Guide Part 3 which is all about Customizing you can find this here. While you are still at the start of your journey with the Investment Dominator If you run into technical problems you can also message using the help function provided. For more information on where to find this check out this article here.

The key to realizing a dream is to focus not on success but significance, and then even the small steps and little victories along your path will take on greater meaning. – Oprah Winfrey

How to Manage Offer Campaign – Part 1

When we are using the Investment Dominator Real Estate CRM there are a lot of useful tools to help you mitigate steps in your processes. For instance, when sending out your bulk campaign offer letters you don’t have to use tags, you can use the following Custom Statuses, Custom Document, and a Recurring Task. We also have articles on these individual topics, but for now, let’s cover this. 🙂

Step 1: Understanding the Deal Flow

Before we jump straight into how to manage offer campaign emails it’s important to understand Stage vs Statuses which we have an article about here. This is important to follow the diagrams prepared for this conversation. Now let’s first take a look at the deal flow to help us understand the process.

Starting with our first row you can see the default deal flow setup which takes us through our process without the statuses behind it which can be customized (we will go over this later). It starts from left to right with the last stage being a sold property.

By now you should be familiar with this process, but if not then fear no more let’s break this down even further with the statuses behind each stage.

Step 2: Understanding Stage vs Status

So you can see above just how these stages which are listed in Bold set up a direct path through our statuses so they are all connected steps in the process. We first go into prospects that originally send a Prospect Neutral Letter this then turns into a Mailed Letter 1 before then turning into the Offer Request Stage and becoming Pending Preliminary Research status.

So the way you want to think about this process is we are essentially going from Stage to Stage, but we must pass through the statuses in order to complete each stage. Please keep in mind these are the default statuses and can be customized. So after ‘Pending Preliminary Research’ status is done we are able to then complete the Offer Requests stage to then take us to the Offers Made. This Stage contains multiple statuses depending on what type of agreement you send out. For example, Offer Sent is used if you send out the Offer Package, Options Sent is used if you send out Options, and Blind Offers Sent is used if you send out Blind Offers. If the owner accepts offer or option then this takes you to the Buying Stage. Then as we close on the property we move the record into the ‘Open Escrow Status’ which will allow us to enter the best part of the process.

The Selling Stage then presents us with our final Buying status being moved into the Complete/Ready to Sell status from there we can complete the process and move into the last stage and status which is Sold. Then Hooray we completely walked through the deal process flow and can discuss more custom statuses for all your needs such as multiple Mailed Letter, or multiple Offer Letter Sent. Please continue onto Part 2 for a more detailed explanation of how Custom Statuses Work.

How To Customize Buying and Selling Site Text Display

On both the Buying and Selling Sites provided in the Investment Dominator system, there is existing default text serving as an introduction to that specific website. You can modify and design your own version of this textual information to convey any messages you deem appropriate.

To customize either of the initial Buying or Selling Site text displayed, this is accomplished by entry of data into the [Buying Site Homepage Text] field.

Changing your Buying Site text display is easy to do, simply go to ‘Customize> Website Settings – Buying> Access Buying Site Homepage Text:‘ field.

Note: Changing your Selling Site text requires you go to ‘Customize> Website Settings – Selling> Access Selling Site Homepage Text:‘ field

Scroll down to [Buying Site Homepage Text] field and enter any text you want to appear when Buying Site Homepage initially displays.

Note: Any text or images found in the [Buying Site Homepage Text] field will automatically prevent Investment Dominator from the displaying the default built-in site text.

Once text has been entered into the [Buying Site Homepage Text] field, Scroll down to the end of the page and click the blue ‘Update Site‘ button to save the changes.

To view the changes click ‘Websites> Buying Site‘:

Your Buying or Selling Site with your new changes will be displayed on a browser tab.

How To Generate An Option Package (for Land Investing)

If you are dealing with a high priced property or one that you are not sure you want to purchase you may want to send an Option Agreement to the owner vs. an Offer Agreement. The Option gives you the option to purchase a property at a specific predetermined price on or before a particular date and gives you the right to market that property for sale within that time period. If you are able to line up an end buyer for the property before your Option expires you can do a double close or just assign the Option or Sale Agreement to the end buyer. Allowing you to do a deal with no money. If you can’t line up an end buyer in time you can simply let the Option expire.

To Generate the Options Package first make sure the record is in the ‘Pending Preliminary Research‘ status.

Enter in and save an amount under the ‘Option Amount‘ field. This will be the amount you agree to purchase the property at, if you exercise your option to buy.

If there are any back taxes on the property, enter the amount under the ‘Back Taxes‘ field and save.

If you would like to change the default dates on the Option Agreement (optional) you can override them on a per property bases by selecting a date under the ‘Option Accept By‘ and ‘Option Expires On ‘ fields.

Make sure that the Owner’s Name or Company/Entity Name is filled out and matches the County’s records.

Click the blue ‘Update Record‘ button to save the changes.

Under the ‘Generate Documents‘ page. Click the ‘Options‘ tab to toggle it open. Click on the .DOC or .PDF options to generate and download the following documents:

  • Option Cover Letter
  • Option Agreement
  • Exhibit A (Optional)
  • Envelope Labels

Here is a list of resources we use for this including the Label and Envelopes we use for the Option Package.

Once you have generated your Option Agreements click the blue ‘Bulk Update Records‘ button to the right of the ‘Generate Documents‘ page to move the records into the ‘Option Sent‘ status.

How to Configure your CRM and Websites

One of the first things that you will want to do after getting access to your Investment Dominator account is to customize the CRM and the websites that came with your subscription.

While the websites have already been built for you, we strongly encourage you to add your personal touch to them so they resonate more with buyers and sellers. You can also add videos to your landing page.

The first thing that you will want to do after logging in is to change your signature (the digital image that will be used on marketing material).

To do so, click on ‘My Profile‘…


Once inside, you will want to upload an image or your signature (this can be as easy as taking a picture with your phone and emailing it to yourself). Click on ‘Choose File‘, crop your image, and the click ‘Update‘ to save the changes.


After you have updated your signature, click on ‘Customize‘ to add a personal touch to your buying and selling sites.

Once inside the ‘Customize‘ section, you can add all sorts of information about yourself, your realtor, company notes, and logo. But perhaps the most important part is the actual text that visitors will see when they visit your sites.

At the bottom of the ‘Customize‘ page, you will see two large editable text boxes for your selling and buying websites.


Anything you type into those two boxes will overwrite the default text. If you want to keep some of the default text, just copy and paste it into the boxes and then make any adjustments that you want to.

If you want to include an embedded video in your website, just record your video and upload it to YouTube. Then, once on YouTube click on ‘Share‘ and then ‘Embed‘.

Click ‘source‘ on the text box and the paste the YouTube HTML code into the box. Then scroll down and click on ‘Update Site‘ to save your changes.