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Set Property Location Option (Land)

Most vacant land lots do not have a property street address which is typically assigned to a property once a building permit has been filed. It is likely that the County Assessor will only provide you with partial property location information like the Property’s Township, Section, and Range numbers and legal description, and perhaps a Property Zip code and street name, while others just provide you with a copy of the Plat Map (Showing roads in the area and the lot location), or access to their GIS system (which is preferable).

Use the information the County provides to locate your lot within the Investment Dominator system…

  • Click the ‘Land Deals‘ tab at the top of the screen.
  • Click the ‘Offer Requests‘ Stage to pull up your properties in the “Pending Preliminary Research” status.
  • Hover over the ‘Options‘ icon and click the ‘Set Property Location‘ option.
  • An interactive map will appear and you can hold down your  Ctrl key on your keyboard while rotating your computer mouse wheel control to zoom in and out of the map. Click and drag the map area to move your location view until you locate your property per the information the County Assessor gives you for that property. 
  • Click the map to add a location pin to the property
  • Click the ‘Save Pin Location‘ to save both the GPS coordinates for the property (pin location) as well as the Property Zip code.
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