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How to Import your List (for Land Investing)

The value of the Investment Dominator is truly seen once you start importing records and generating mailings. So how can you import your list when investing in land?

Log in to your Investment Dominator app, and the click on the “Land Deals” button.

Once there, click on the link that says “Import”…


STEP 1 – File Format

To avoid any problems uploading your list, we STRONGLY suggest that you first download the “Sample List” provided in Step 1 of the import process.


The formatting of this sample file is exactly what the Investment System requires, so the best practice is to simply add your contact records to the sample list. Be sure there are no excess spaces in the cells of the file as this may cause issues with the import.

As in the case of the sample file your import file must be saved as a comma delimited file or .csv file.

Required Fields

Your import .csv file must include the following required fields of information.

NOTagsSeparate tags by a pipe character like this: Tag 1 | Tag 2| Tag 3

Required? Field Name  Value
 YES Type Must be set to either Individual or Company
YES IF… the Type field is set to “Individual” for that record. First Name First name of the owner, if there are multiple owners on title just select one. NOTE: This value will be inserted into the Caller’s First Name field in the system.
YES IF… the Type field is set to “Individual” for that record. Last Name Last name of the owner, if there are multiple owners on title just select one. NOTE: This value will be inserted into the Caller’s Last Name field in the system.
YES IF… the Type field is set to “Company” for that record. Company Name of the company, trust, church or bank.
 NO Email Email address of the owner.
 NO Phone Phone number of the owner.
 NO Phone 2 Secondary phone number of the owner.
 NO Fax Fax number of the owner.
 YES Address Street address of the owner.
 YES City City of the owner
 YES State State of the owner.
 YES Zip Zip code of the owner.
 YES APN  APN (Assessors Parcel Number) of the property.
 NO Property Address Property street address, or GPS Coordinate (00.000000, -000.000000)
 NO Property City Property city.
 YES Property County  Property county.
 YES Property State  Property State
 NO Property Zip Property Zip code. Including this data in your import will allow you to comp your properties faster.
 NO Property Size The size of the property in acres.
 NO Short Legal Description Short legal description of the property. This is the summarized version of the property’s legal description.
 NO Offer Amount The amount you would like to offer for the property.
 NO Option Amount The amount you would like to offer for the property on an option.
 NO Market Value The market value or ARV (After Repair Value) of a property.
 NO Assessed Value The county’s assessed value for the property.
 NO Repair Estimate The estimated repair costs for the property. NOTE: This field is not used for land investing.
 NO Back Taxes The amount of back taxes owed on the property.
 NO Tags Separate each tag that you would like the property indexed with a pipe character like this: Tag 1|Tag 2|Tag 3

Again, double check that your list contains these 11 required import fields…
First Name
Last Name
Property County
Property State

The 16 optional import fields are…

Phone 2
Property Address
Property City
Property Zip
Property Size
Short Legal Description
Offer Amount
Option Amount
Market Value
Assessed Value
Repair Estimate
Back Taxes

NOTE: Your import file cannot include additional fields beyond these 11 required fields and 16 optional fields

STEP 2 – Upload Your File

Once you know that your list is formatted correctly, click on “Choose File” and then select the list of records that you would like to upload.


Once the list has been uploaded, click on “Land Deals” to see the contact records and to begin working with them.

Troubleshooting Issues

On occasion, some of your contact records might be rejected because they aren’t formatted correctly. The system will import as many records as it can and then tell you what was wrong with the others.

Let’s see an example.

Let’s say that you try to upload this list (we have added the colors to make it easier to identify the errors:


Some of these contacts records are fine and will be uploaded. But the ones with errors will not be accepted by the system. For example, look at the name of Column “E”. Instead of “Address”, the user has changed it to “ADDY”.

When the user tries to upload the list, this is the error message they will see:


So the user will correct the name of Column “E”, changing it to “Address”, and then try the import again. Once they do, the list will be accepted…almost. The user will now see a different error message:


The system has now accepted the list. 1 new contact record was uploaded, 6 records already in the system were not uploaded, and 4 contacts were rejected because they had issues. According to the error message:

  • Row 3 is missing a zip code
  • Row 4 has not identified the contact as “Individual” or “Company”
  • Row 6 is missing a first name
  • Row 11 is missing the APN

If you look back up at the screenshot of the list, you can see those empty fields.

Once the user corrects those errors, the corrected contacts will be uploaded into the system.

If you are still having problems uploading your list (for example if the first number of the zip code is a “0” or if your APN is being distorted):

  • Check out this article
  • Or click on the “Support” button in the upper right corner of the User Guide and get in contact with our Customer Service team


Or even better, click the Help button from within your CRM and contact support that way…