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How To Generate the “Neighbors Letter”

The Neighbors Letter, as Jack calls it, is a marketing letter sent out to owners of property in the surrounding area of a property that you own and are trying to sell.

Since the neighbors live, or already own property, in the same area it is an easier sale because they already know what the area is like and they may want to buy more property nearby to expand their lot size, or to hold on to for a long term investment.

The Investment Dominator allows you to easily generate a Neighbors Letter campaign. Here’s how you do it.

  1. First you must add the names, and mailing addresses of the neighbors to your ‘Buyers List’. Usually you get this information from the County Assessor’s office, or through a service like AgentPro247.com
    Add a new Buyers List record by clicking on the ‘Buyers List’ tab and then the ‘Add Record’ link.
  2. When creating the ‘Buyer List’ record make sure to select “Neighbor” from the ‘Type’ drop down menu and under the ‘Interested In’ field select a property from your (ready to sell) property list.
    What you are essentially doing here is attaching this prospect to the property record in the system as a Neighbor of it.
  3. Once you have saved all your neighbor records (a property can have multiple neighbor records) you simply go to the ‘Land Deals’ tab then click on the ‘Generate Documents’ link.
    cThen  scroll down to where it says “Neighbors Letter” and click either the DOC or PDF icon to generate the letters.
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