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How To Generate HTML For A Online Classified Site Property Listing

Once a property record is in the ‘Open Escrow – Detailed Research’ or the ‘Complete/ Ready To Sell’ Status, an option for an ‘Ad’ will appear for the property under the ‘Overview Table’ view as well as at the top of the property ‘Edit’ screen.


When you click on the ‘Ad’ option a preview of the ad displays. If there are any highlighted areas this indicates that there is missing information and should serve as a prompt for you to fill in these fields under the property record before you proceed.

Once you have added all the necessary information under the ‘Edit> Property Listing’ section of your property record there should be no highlighted areas that display on the ad preview screen.

At this point simply scroll down on the ‘Ad’ preview screen to the copy section and click the blue ‘Copy’ button to copy the generated ad HTML into your machine’s clipboard.

Paste this HTML into the Description or Body fields of your classified ad.

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