How to Create a Custom Letter Template for ITI Direct

How to Create a Custom Letter Template for ITI Direct

Did you know you could also send Custom Letters to a mail house like ITI Direct?

  1. Go to the Land Tab then click on the Campaigns Section you will be presented with this screen.
  2. find the custom document you created (for more information click here)
  3. Select the option ‘Other’

You will see your word documents which can be opened up and edited specifically to the needs of your mailhouse of your choice. For this istance we are working with ITI Direct so what you would do in this case is review the information needed directly from ITI which is also here.

From the information on the ITI Direct site we can see that we need to have our merge fields displayed with <<mergefield>> instead of what the Investment Dominator Provides as this [mergefield].

In order to do this open up those downloaded files on your computer and within Microsoft word click on enable editing then

1. Click replace

2. Under find what put this symbol [

3. For Replace With put this symbol <<

4. Click on Replace all

5. Do this same process again for this symbol ] and replace with >>

Once you are done review your documents to ensure they are in the proper format

Lastly just make sure you are saving this document as a PDF.

Following along with the article on what ITI needs in order to fufill a mailing you will need your:

2 PDF’s one with your custom letter template and custom envelope Template so make sure to save those word documents as PDF.

Last your CSV file associated with your custom letter which can be found on the Other screen

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