How To Add Video your Selling Site Property Listing Elements

If you are reading this chances are you need to have a video added to one of your selling site properties.

This can now be done with the help of a new merge field called
[property-video] . Here are the steps that need to be done in order to complete this process.

Step 1: Find and Identify the Record

Now for this step, you will need a record to be in the Complete/Ready to Sell Status as well as having the privacy setting set to Public.

You should notice when you go to the selling site you now see the record you have chosen now listed.

Step 2: Attach the Video to the Property Record

Now go back to the record you are working on and click on edit this will allow you to make changes to the property details.

Scroll down until you see a Select Video option (this should be directly above the Transaction Information).

This will allow you to select the video you wish to use on your computer. Once selected make sure you upload the video to finalize the process.

As soon as the new video has been uploaded make sure to update the record in order to save the new changes made.

Step 3: Create a new Property Listing Element

Now the last step in this process will be to create a new listing element for this video.

To do this go to Customize -> Selling Site Settings

Scroll down until you see the Property Listing Elements and click Create New Listing Element

Now create the name for the listing element and add the merge field for property-video

Once you’re done click update.

Now for this part, you will be able to change the order of your property listing elements to best reflect your details.

To do this you can click on the move up or move down arrows.

Now it’s time to go and make sure your video is working head back to your selling site and verify the changes made to ensure they are correct.

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