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Getting Started

If you are new to the Investment Dominator system and are unsure where you should even start, you’ve landing at the right place. In this article we will cover the basics that you as a new Investment Dominator operator should know.

  1. The first thing you’ll want to when you login to your CRM is to do some basic customization to your websites, so that the system references your correct information. Here’s how you can do some basic customization to your websites: (NOTE: This video does not contain sound)

    If you would like to configure a custom domain for your buying and selling websites, take a look at these instructions.

  2. Here is how you can add a signature file to your profile so that when you generate your letters it has your signature on them: (NOTE: This video does not contain sound)
  3. Once you have your application configured you’ll want to import your list of prospects from the County. Here’s how you do that:
  4. Next, you’ll want to generate your letters to your owners:
  5. Once you print your letters you will want to update the status of these records in bulk in the system, so that you can keep track of which ones you have mailed out to so far. Here’s how: (NOTE: This video does not contain sound)
  6. Once these property owners call you back and request an offer from you this is how you process them:

    You’ll want to do some comparable property research to determine a value for the property. Here’s how you do that within the system: (NOTE: This video does not contain sound)

    Once you’ve determined the market value of the property you can now make your offers, here’s how: (NOTE: This video does not contain sound)

  7. Once the owner accepts your offer the next step is to post your new property on your selling site. Here’s how:
  8. Now that you’ve posted your property on your selling site, it’s time to market your listing. Here’s how you can easily generate an ad for a local classified listing site: (NOTE: This video does not contain sound)

    But you don’t have to just rely on free classified sites to get your property out to the masses. You can run PPC campaigns like Facebook ads or banner ad campaigns on sites like LandWatch.com.If you do decide to run a paid advertising campaign we recommend that you generate a tracking link that is specific to the campaign (so that you can track the effectiveness of the campaign afterwards). Here’s how you do that: (NOTE: This video does not contain sound)

Okay, if you’ve followed along so far you should have a pretty good understanding of how the system helps you every step of the way as you go through a full deal life-cycle.

There are plenty more powerful features that we didn’t cover in this article, so please check out the complete user guide here to learn more about the other incredible features that the Investment Dominator has to offer.

Also should you have any questions along the way don’t hesitate to reach out to us by clicking on the Help tab on the top right corner of your CRM’s admin console. That looks like this: help
(or click here if your not logged into your admin console).