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Delete Bulk or Individual Records

SMS Marketing and TCR Compliance

How To Remove A Custom Buying Site Theme

Change The Location of Where The Reference Number On The Envelope Appears

How Do I Access My Investment Dominator Admin Console?

How To Remove Your Domain From The Selling/Buying Site

How To Add An Image To A Custom Document

How To Add Your Signature To A Custom Document

How To Change Your Payment Method For Investment Dominator

Planned Roadmap: Where We’re Headed

Why is my csv list not importing? Unknown file format error

Understanding Spam: Why Am I Receiving Spam Messages and How ReCaptcha Works

Pause My Account And Save My Data

September Update: Quickly change your Subscription Type over at Profile > My Account

September Update: New KPI metrics on your Main Dashboard

How To View Your Activity Log

Brand New Wizards Screen Update

Permissions for User Management

How can I import international (non-domestic) mailing addresses into the system?

How Do I Unmerge A Record?

How To Show/Hide Disclosure Notice On Neutral Letters

How To Process A Subset Of Prospect Records

Why Are There fewer Letters In My Campaign Than The Number of Prospect Records In My System?

How To Add A Custom Logo On Neutral Letter

How To Enter Neighbor Records Into The System And Generate Neighbor Letters

How To Add Public/Private Links On Listings

How To Select A Sub-Set of Prospect Records For Printing

How To Manipulate The Order of Property Listings On Your Selling Site

Create Your Own Custom Optin Page/ Selling Site Theme

How To Change The Look and Layout (Theme) of The Buying Site

Can The My Buying Phone Number Be Different Than My Selling Phone Number?

How To Customize The Selling Website Menu

Why does my signature not load in my .doc file?

How To Search For, Or Filter/ Group Records

How To Setup A Direct Mail Campaign With (ITI Direct Option)

What Printing Supplies and Resources Do We Use With The Investment Dominator?

How To Generate, Or Upload A Signature For Your Letters

How To Remove The ‘Sell Your House’ Option From The Buying Site

How To Setup Users (Your Team) With Access To The Investment Dominator

Why is the number on the envelope different than the ID?

Excel Removes Leading Zeros From My Zip Code Data When I Export To .CSV How Do I Fix That?

What Happens to my Data if I Cancel?

Can I Cancel My Subscription?

I Can See my Buying Site, but why can’t I see my Landing Page, or Selling Site?

Can I Include a Letterhead on my Mailings?

Can I Send Customized Letters?

When I Generate my Mailings, Why Does the Investment Dominator URL Appear At the Bottom of the Page?

I’m Having Problems Uploading My List…What’s Wrong with Me?

Can I Change My Password?