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DataTree Integration – Upcoming Advanced Filters

We want to take a moment to address some planned updates to our DataTree Integration and give some insight as to when to expect these.

Below are a list of planned updates and where we are at in the process:

  1. The ability to exclude records by owner zip codes. Even though this filter is provided by DataTree in their web portal, there are limitations in their API that currently prevent us from doing this filter within the Investment Dominator. We are working closely with DataTree to get them to add the ability for us to exclude owner zip codes prior to us pulling the data, however at this time this is not possible.

    Once we have the ability to filter by owner zip code we plan to provide you with the option to filter it by both entering in a set of zip codes manually, as well as through a by radius tool.
  2. Filter by Zoning Codes: Currently we are working on a solution that would allow you to filter records out based on county zoning codes. Again in this case it requires DataTree to make an adjustment on their end before we can implement this filter into our system.

Coming Soon! A few filters that we are working on adding in the next few weeks are:

  1. The Do Not Mail Filter
  2. Last Sale Date Filter
  3. Improvement Value Filter
  4. Individuals/ Companies Only Filter
  5. Exclude Additional Properties Filter

These updates will be automatically pushed out to your Investment Dominator system and will appear under the ‘Advanced Filters‘ section as soon as they are ready.