Data Service - FAQ's

Data Service – FAQ’s

Since we launched our Investment Dominator Data Service, there have been some great questions submitted to us from Investment Dominator users and we want to take a moment to address them here.

  1. Are we able to integrate our existing DataTree account with the Investment Dominator?

    No, is not an Investment Dominator or Land Profit Generator service they are owned and operated by First American Title and do not integrate with the Investment Dominator. If you have an existing account with you can still export lists from them, format the data for the Investment Dominator, and then import the .CSV into your Investment Dominator system via our ‘Upload Import CSV File‘ option. For more information about that see our user guide article on how to import data via a CSV file.

    If you would like to skip the formatting and import steps we recommend that you use our integrated Data Service option instead click here.

  2. Can I convert my paid account from DataTree into an Investment Dominator Data Service plan?

    No, our integrated Data Service option is completely separate from DataTree. We recommend that you sign up with our integrated Data Service option for an easy and seamless way to generate your lead lists.

  3. How do I get started with the Paid Data Service?

    You must first select one of our paid Data Service plans under the ‘Profile>My Account>‘ section by clicking the blue ‘Add Data Service Account Upgrade‘ button and following the prompts to add it to your account.

    NOTE: You can pull a record count based on your criteria prior to upgrading to a paid account, but you will not be able to import those records until your account has upgraded with a paid Data Service plan.

  4. What is the fastest way to learn more about our Paid Data Service?

    Navigate to our user guide located under the ‘Help‘ tab of your Investment Dominator system or by going directly to search for the keyword “Data” in the search bar, or click on the ‘Data‘ tab.

  5. How much does the Paid Data Service cost?

    We have three main affordable plans to choose from:
    $47 per month gets you access to up to 470 records per month.
    $97 per month gets you access to up to 1385 records per month.
    $147 per month gets you access to up to 2450 records per month.

    PLEASE NOTE: This is not a pay-as-you-go service this is an optional monthly subscription that is in addition to your Investment Dominator CRM monthly subscription. Unused record credits do not roll over to the next billing period and there are no refunds for partially used credits, or for partial or inaccurate data.

    NOTE: If you need to access more than 2,450 land records per month, you can set up a custom subscription plan for based on the number of records you’ll need to access each month. To do this, simply click the link below the three main Data Service options on our Upgrade screen. Then on the order form adjust the quantity field with the number of records that you would like to access each month.

  6. How can I upgrade my Paid Data Service subscription to a different plan?

    You can select one of our paid Data Service plans under the ‘Profile>My Account>‘ section by clicking the blue ‘Add Data Service Account Upgrade‘ button and following the prompts to add it to your account.

  7. Can I just purchase a set amount of records vs. having a monthly subscription?

    At this time, we only have monthly subscription plans. You can purchase a list from other 3rd party list broker services and then filter and process it into a .csv import file and upload that into your system.

  8. Do unused records roll over to the next month?

    No, your paid Data Service record credit limit resets at the beginning of each billing cycle and any unused records do not roll over to the next billing period.

  9. What is your cancellation/ refund policy on the paid Data Service Integration?

    You can review our cancellation/ refund policy here under the ‘Subscription and Memberships‘ section.

  10. Are more advanced filters and options going to be added to the Data Service Integration?

    Yes, we are always improving the system by adding new data points, filters, and options, however, some updates are dependent on what our Data Provider allows, so we continue to work closely with them to try and make available more options to our users. To help us improve the Data Service please provide us feedback on any issues you experience with the service here.

  11. I want more Data Service options what do I do?

    We want to hear all your feedback about this new integration (good and bad), but please submit all feedback and feature requests through your Investment Dominator system under the ‘Help> Suggest A Feature’ section. This allows us to effectively organize the requests on our end and focus our efforts on the most requested items from all our users in our planning and development of upcoming system updates.

  12. How can I limit the number of records I download from the Paid Data Service?

    After selecting your search criteria and click the refresh count button to the right of the EST RECORDS area. Click next to go to the summary screen. Under the ‘Limit Size of Mailing’ input enter the number of records you wish to choose out of your limit.

  13. I added the Paid Data Service To my account, but I still cannot pull a list, what do I do?

    One thing to note is that the permissions for the Outside Data Service are only assigned by default to the Primary (or Super Admin) of the account. This means that if you have a team of 5 people on your account only the primary will be able to pull the data unless you specifically assign the ‘Allow Import From Outside Data Service’ permissions to a member of your team. To do this simply follow the instructions discussed in more detail here

  14. I need help with the Paid Data Service what do I do?

    The first thing to do is log into your Admin Console and click the ‘Help’ tab then do a quick keyword search under the ‘Search Our User Guide’ section to see if we have a User Guide Article already that covers what you need help with.

    If you don’t find a User Guide article or still have questions, send us a message under the ‘Create A New Support Ticket’ section and we will be happy to help you figure out a solution, take a look at your account, and troubleshoot issues as needed, or point you to training resources that answer the questions you have.

  15. If I pull a partial list from a County and then come back later and pull the rest does the system ignore the ones I already pulled previously?

    Yes, but only if you generate a list from previously pulled and saved criteria under the ‘Outside Data Service’ section. To do this, select and load a ‘Saved Criteria’ option from the dropdown menu under ‘Step 2’ of the import process, then set the ‘Exclude Previously Imported Records’ option to ‘Yes’ the next time you pull data from that same County.

    If you try to import from the same County again and DO NOT use the ‘Exclude Previously Imported Records’ option, you may end up pulling the same records you had already imported previously and as a result will essentially use up record credits for unnecessary duplicate records.
    You must use the original criteria that was created, or saved when you first pulled from a given County. Failing to select the correct criteria, or creating new criteria may cause you to pull duplicate records.

  16. How is Market Value determined? Is it really Assessed Value?

    Our Data Service provides a data point called Market Value and for the majority of Counties in the United States, we do have data for that. The Market Value is derived from sold data provided by the County, however, in some cases this data point is empty, and in those scenarios, the fallback in our system is to reference the County Assessed Value instead.

  17. Do we exclude owners who own more than one property?

    Currently, we do not do this by default, however, if you click the ‘Advanced Filters‘ option you can set the filter called “Include owners with multiple properties?” to “No” and then the system will exclude those owners.

  18. How old or fresh is the data from the Data Service?

    The frequency of updates depends on the County. Our data provider supplies data to Title Companies, including First American Title, to aid them with their closings. As a result, our data is typically updated daily. However, our updates are not done in real-time when the County makes a change. Instead, our data provider updates once a day with any new changes.

  19. What ‘Use Codes’ does the system use to identify land records?

    The following use code filters are utilized:
    Vacant Land (NEC)
    Commercial Lot
    Multi-Family Acreage
    Multi Family Lot
    Recreational Acreage
    Residential Acreage
    Residential Lot
    Rural Homesite

  20. Do we guarantee the data from this 3rd party data provider?
    No, the data that we provided is obtained by a 3rd party data service and deemed highly reliable but not guaranteed.

    Furthermore, any filters or options relating to our data service are subject to the limitations of both the Investment Dominator Data Service as well as from our source data provider and may be updated, downgraded, or improved at any time for any reason.

  21. Why do some counties have a low record count even though there seems to be a large amount of land in that area?
    The most common reason for this is that the county itself does not classify vacant land properly in its own database. An example of this is a county that might have no Property Class or Use Code that correlates with vacant land. If you come across a county like this that has a low property count, you can open a support ticket and include the county name and state and we can review it in detail and determine if there are other ways to identify land in that particular county.
    It’s also worth noting that some counties just don’t have many out-of-state owners. If you would like to get more records from a County, you want to adjust the filters in ‘Owner of Record > Exclude in-state Owners > No’. This would usually significantly increase the amount of records.

  22. Why some records do not import into my system?
    The Investment Dominator requires 11 data points and if a property record does not meet that minimum requirement it is rejected by the system during the import process. The most common reason a record is rejected is as a result of a missing mailing address for the owner and the most common reason why the owner’s mailing address is missing is because the county has a policy or law that allows the owner to not disclose their address. An example of this is if you look up many properties on the official San Bernadino County, CA Tax Collector’s website, under the Address field, you will see a disclosure line that reads “Protected per CA Govt. Code Sect. 6254.21”. If the county does not disclose the mailing address of the owner, our Data Service does not have this data and therefore when you go to import these records they will be rejected by the system. You can view a log of which records were rejected under the ‘Add (From Data Service/Feed)> Detail’ section of the logged activity record for your import, found under the ‘Team> Activity Log’ section of the system.

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