How To Attach Multiple Property Records To One Owner Record

As you may know sometimes a property owner owns more than one property. And in this case, the Investment Dominator CRM creates one owner record and then attaches the property records to that owner record. This is why in the Investment Dominator we have both an Owner Id number and a Property Id number and they do not match. Continue reading “How To Attach Multiple Property Records To One Owner Record”

How To Properly Process An Offer Request

When an owner receives your letter and wants to request an offer from you, they will do one of two things…

  1. Go to your Buying website that is referenced in the letter and fill out the offer request form under the ‘SELL YOUR LAND or ‘SELL YOUR HOUSE’ page.
  2. They will call you and request an offer over the phone.

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Bulk Actions vs. Select Record Actions

In the Investment Dominator, there are two different types of actions, ‘Bulk Actions’ that are based on records in a particular status and ‘Select Record Actions’ which are based on the records you select from the table.

The ‘Select Record Actions’ can be accessed at the top of the record table itself and ‘Bulk Record Actions’ can be accessed above the record table section. Continue reading “Bulk Actions vs. Select Record Actions”

Sample Data Processing Post for

Below is a sample project description that we would post to get qualified professionals to help process a raw County data list for import into the Investment Dominator.

Alternatively, check out what data processors other users have recommended on this shared resource list:

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How To Skip Trace Property Owner Addresses

Skip tracing is done when a letter that you have sent a property owner gets returned to you by the post office because the owner no longer lives at that address that the County had on file. This is quite common and is actually a great opportunity to buy property for pennies on the dollar because chances are if the owner forgot to update their address with the County when they moved, they also do not care too much about the property.  Continue reading “How To Skip Trace Property Owner Addresses”

How To Setup A Direct Mail Campaign With

The two mail houses we recommend at this time are or both of which are full-service mailing services that print, fold, stuff, stamp and mail your letters out on your behalf. There are many similar services out there, but these have a lot of options that work well with our direct mail campaigns to the owners.

STEP 1: How To Generate A Mailing List For The Mail House

  • Log into your Investment Dominator Admin Console and navigate to either the ‘Land Deals‘ or ‘House Deals‘ section depending on what type of properties you will be working with.
  • Click on the link at the top right of the page called ‘Campaigns‘.

  • Click on the green CSV Icon next to the letter campaign you want to generate. This will download a .csv file that you will need to upload to your iti Direct Mail order ticket (discussed later in step 2).
  • Hover over the [?] link to the right of the .CSV icon to bring up the tooltip (Click the link if on a mobile device or tablet).

    Click the links for both the Letter Template and Envelope Template and download these to your machine. You will need to upload these files as well to your iti Direct Mail order ticket (discussed later in step 2).

    NOTE: At this point, you should have three files saved on your local machine that look like this:
    NOTE: That your template files are formatted in a particular manner and that they only contain 1 sample envelope and 1 sample letter (meaning iti Direct Mail performs the mail merge on their end):


STEP 2: Create Your Order With The Mail House

  1. Open a new browser tab and navigate to

    Fill out the form on the right side of the screen get started. Most options are preselected for you however you need to update the ‘Quantity‘ field with the number of the recipient in your mailing. 

    PRO TIP: If you have the budget, Jack recommends the following options when you place your order with the Mail House:

    • Envelope type:  ‘#24b White Linen Envelopes’
    • Postage Class: ‘1st Class Presort’ for your first mailing (because speed is of the essence)
    • Turnaround Time: ‘2-Day Turnaround’ for your first mailing (because speed is of the essence)

    If you have a limited budget you can use the following settings to reduce your mailing cost (this will, however, also increase the time it takes for you to see results): 

    NOTE: That’s 57 cents per letter! (Order must have a quantity over 700 letters and include the options in the screenshot above to get this discount rate and the timeline is extended to about 3 weeks using these options). 

    Compare this price with the cost of supplies to print/fold/stuff/stamp the mailers yourself at home, you are looking at $0.68 per mailer (not including your time).

  2. When you are done adjusting the settings of your order click the green ‘ADD TO CART‘ button to continue.
  3. Review your order then click the red ‘CHECKOUT‘ button to continue.
  4. At this point, you can either log in with your account or click the ‘CONTINUE‘ button under the ‘New Customer Checkout‘ section to create a new account.
  5. After you create a new account you will need to enter your payment details to process the order.
  6. The mail house requires that you send them both your letter template and envelope template to them as a .pdf file and it needs to be formatted using their merge field format. For this, you need to upload the .csv file, letter, and envelope template that you generated in STEP 1 above. These three files are attached to the order ticket.

STEP 3: Updating The Records In The Investment Dominator After The Mail Has Been Sent

Once iti Direct Mail has confirmed that the letters have been mailed you will want to update the status of your prospects to a mailed status.

  1. Log back into your Investment Dominator Admin Console and click on either the ‘Land Deals‘ or ‘House Deals‘ tab then on the ‘Campaigns‘ link at the top right of the page.
  2. Then click on the ‘Bulk Update Records‘ button to move all these prospects into the next Status.

Customize The Offer Contract For Land – (Agreement When Buying)

All of Jack’s letter and contract templates that he uses are preloaded into the Investment Dominator system. If you would like to alter them the best way is to create your own custom document under ‘Customize> Custom Documents‘.

For example to edit the Offers Template please follow the below process…

  1. Go to ‘Customize> Custom Documents
  2. Click the ‘Add Document‘ button
  3. Under the ‘To‘ field select ‘Owner – Land Only
  4. Under the ‘Status’ field select ‘Pending Preliminary Research
  5. Under the ‘Document File Type‘ field select ‘DOC’
  6. Under the ‘Document Type‘ select ‘Portrait’
  7. Under the ‘Document Title‘ enter in a custom title for your document like “Custom Offer Template”
  8. Under the ‘Document Content‘ editor select the ‘Source‘ button.
  9. Then in the content window copy and paste the text in this file: land-offer-template-when-buying
  10. Under the ‘Allow Generate Envelope/Label‘ field select ‘Label
  11. Under the ‘Allow Export Data‘ field select ‘Yes
  12. Under the ‘Allow Bulk Update‘ field select ‘Yes
  13. Under the ‘Move To‘ field select “Offer/Option Sent”
  14. Under the ‘Per Each Property‘ field select ‘ Yes
  15. Click the blue ‘Add‘ button to save the custom document.

I am not able to update/save a property record – what’s wrong!

If you are trying to save some property information but the record is not updating or saving the first thing to consider is if possibly you are trying to save a property that is already in the system and has a duplicate APN, State and County combination.

To solve this issue you want to Merge your duplicate records into one unique record. Here’s how:

How To Merge Property Records

To prevent duplicate records in the future please review this article:

How to Avoid Creating Duplicate Contact Records

How to Do Comparable Property Research (for Land Investing) To Determine A Property’s True Market Value

  • Real estate investing is like any other kind of investing – you need to buy low and sell high. So the key to successful real estate investing is not only about the price you sell the property for, but you also need to make sure that you buy the property at the right price well below market value so that you have your profit margin built in at the time you purchase the property.

The Investment Dominator has made it easy for investors to research land parcels, find out their true market value so that they can make offers accordingly.

Here’s how you can use these market research tools.

STEP 1- Set Property Zip Code

You can set the ‘Property Zip’ code one of three ways…

  1. The ‘Property Zip’ can be included in your initial import file into the system. See here for more details.
    NOTE: Occasionally the property zip code in the Assessment Roll is incorrect, so even if you import the Property Zipcode initially from the County data we recommend that you verify that it is correct when the property is in the ‘Pending Preliminary Research’ status after the owner has requested an offer from you.
  2. You can use the ‘Set Property Location‘ option explained here.
  3. If the County provides you with that information you can add it manually following the instructions below…
  • Go to ‘Land Deals‘ and click on the ‘Offer Requests’ Stage.
  • Click the ‘Edit‘ link to the right of the record you would like to edit.
  • Scroll down to the ‘Property Information‘ section and enter in a value under the ‘Property Zip‘ field.
  • Click the ‘Update Record’ button to save the change.

After you have filled in this information, something cool happens – a new option under the Options menu called ‘Market Research‘ will appear. If you click the ‘Market Research‘ option, options for,,,,,, and will appear.

Click on one of these options to view the comparable listing maps for these popular real estate marketplaces to figure out the true market value of your property compared to what’s on the market or has been sold recently.

Recently sold properties are the best way to find out the market value of a property – in other words, what people are actually willing to pay for a property like the one you are looking at.

Average up the numbers given by the different sources, and you should have a reasonably accurate market value, and then you can use that number to make your offer.

For more information on the 4-ways we evaluate vacant land, please review module 8 of the Land Profit Generator course.