2021-02-08 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What are the Investment Dominator [Big-3] setup requirements – 4:10
    • Signature/Profile                       – 5:40
    • Company Info                           – 13:00
    • Domains                                   – 28:50
  • How to immediately review the [Big-3] setup requirements in Investment Dominator – 44:10
  • Is it necessary to hire a content writer to change the Buying/Selling sites in Investment Dominator – 46:30
  • In the Investment Dominator what are the acceptable Company Logo pixel sizes – 50:15
  • What is the recommendation for signature creation in the Investment Dominator – 52:05
  • Can an existing Company Name be initially set up and later changed in the Investment Dominator – 53:35
  • In setting up an LLC what is the nature of this business to be specified – 56:50
  • Is the Tax-ID the same as the EIN in Investment Dominator – 57:45
  • Is it possible to configure 2 Selling Sites in Investment Dominator – 58:25
  • Is it recommended to generate color signatures or black and white in a user’s profile – 1:00:00

2021-02-04 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What if there are still errors while generating the SSL Certificates in Investment Dominator – 3:25
  • How to handle domain providers, (such as GoDaddy) who automatically include security with a domain purchase – 9:20
  • Why does Investment Dominator now require SSN or TIN entry in Company Information – 11:30
  • Is it necessary to use the SSL Certificate generated in Investment Dominator to configure a website – 14:55
  • Processing an AgentPro-247 data list is it necessary to add columns for 2nd or 3rd Owners for importing into Investment Dominator  – 16:50
  • Is there a way to import directly from an existing list source, (i.e. Data Tree) directly into the Investment Dominator – 21:25
  • Is it feasible to have multiple Buying Sites connected to the Investment Dominator – 28:55
  • How to connect an Investment Dominator Buying Site directly with Mail Chimp – 33:40
  • What happens to entry of information directly into the [Contact Us] page on the Buying site in Investment Dominator – 36:30
  • How to import an address with Apt/Unit fields into the Investment Dominator – 41:15
  • Can we list fields beyond the 11 required fields required to successfully import data into the Investment Dominator – 44:15
  • How to locate the article [How To Find Your List For Land Investing] in Investment Dominator – 47:55
  • If a .CSV file has 11 required fields being sent to ITI, (Letteprinting.NET) why would we import additional data fields into Investment Dominator – 49:20
  • How to look up back tax information from County Sites on a property – 54:55

2021-02-01 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What are the Investment Dominator [Big-3] setup requirements – 4:00
    • Signature/Profile                        – 4:20
    • Company Info                            – 13:00
    • Domains                                    – 29:55
  • How to immediately review the [Big-3] setup requirements in Investment Dominator – 48:45
  • Is there a walk-through with instructions for Google Domains domain provider as is with GoDaddy – 51:40
  • Is the Investment Dominator Maximizer Workshop done Live or Virtually – 54:00
  • How to learn and possibly sign-up for the Investment Dominator Maximizer Workshop  – 55:05
  • How many individuals can share one Profile in the Investment Dominator – 56:35
  • How to add 1 user to the Investment Dominator to share 1 account – 58:25

How To Configure Your Website’s Domain – (Custom Domains)

The Investment Dominator comes with integrated buying and selling websites. By default, the URL (web address) of these sites will be something like the following:


Can you imagine slapping that address on your letter to an owner? This would definitely not convey a professional looking site URL.

Therefore many users, choose to purchase their own custom domains from a domain registrar like GoDaddy.com and then point that domain to their Investment Dominator account. In other words, when the person types in the custom domain that you purchased (i.e. www.YourDomain.com) it will send them to your buying, or selling site.

Configuring your custom domains involves a 2-step process. Please follow the instructions below to configure both your Buying Website and Selling website(s) in the Investment Dominator.

Note: In the following example we are using domain provider GoDaddy.Com with instructions.

Step 1) Register A Domain And Point It To Our Server

Execute the following to register your purchased Domain on the domain provider’s site, (i.e. GoDaddy, Name Cheap, REI Black Book etc.). In this example access GoDaddy.com.

We recommend that you register one domain for your buying site and another domain for your selling site. The reason we use two separate domains is that the people going to these two sites are in very different markets and have very different mindsets about real estate, so your domains should reflect that mindset that they are in.

1. Log in to GoDaddy.com and navigate to your My Products page using the following logon screen as shown:

2. If you aren’t automatically directed there, make sure to select the My Products tab as shown:

3. Click Domain Manager, Or under Domain Products select Manage next to the domain you would like to configure as shown:

Note: The system will display the following screen as shown:

4. From the top menu, click the DNS tab, and select Manage Zones as shown:

Note: The following SEARCH box will display for entry of domain name as shown:

5. Begin to enter the custom domain name you want to use and select the domain, click Search as shown:

6.  On the DNS Management page, in the Records section, click the Click pencil icon on existing MX records (pencil icon) next to CNAME (www) record as shown:

7. Change the ‘Points to’ value to investmentdominator.com, change ‘TTL’ to Custom and ‘Seconds’ to 600 as shown:                            

8. Click the ‘Save‘ option to continue.

9. Scroll down to the Forwarding section and click on Add next to the Domain section as shown:

10. Enter in your custom domain starting with the www. in the blank text box to the under the FORWARD TO section.

11. Select the Permanent (301) option.

12. Check the Update my nameservers and DNS settings to support this change option.

13. Click Save.

Step 2) Map Your Domain To Your APP In Investment Dominator

1. After you have pointed your domain(s) DNS to the correct IP Address, you can map your domains to your Investment Dominator CRM. To do this, log into your Investment Dominator app and click on the “Customize Site” button at the top.

2. Then scroll down to the section labeled ‘Website Settings – Buying‘ or ‘Website Settings – Selling‘ sections and enter your domain in the ‘Buying Site Domain‘ and/or ‘Selling Site Domain‘ boxes

3. Click the ‘Change Your Domain‘ button, on the next screen review and confirm the change and your new domain will be saved.

How To Change Dashboard Using View Function

You may have the need change the Land Records Dashboard fields display to provide additional fields for reference.  In the event the Dashboard display is showing too many fields, you may feel the need to reduce the number of fields being displayed for readability.

The following instructions can be executed to either add additional fields or reduce the number of fields in the Dashboard display based on your level of comfort.

Step 1) Display Dashboard Fields In Land Deals Area

Access the Land Deals area to display the Dashboard Fields to determine specific fields you may want to add or eliminate from the display as shown: 

Step 2) Access The View Function To Display Dashboard Fields

Access the ‘View’ Function to display existing Dashboard fields list for selection order and subsequent display as shown:

Step 3) Display Fields For Selection And DE-Selection

Once access the ‘View’ Function, the system will display the existing fields being displayed; as well as, the fields which are NOT currently being displayed on your Dashboard.

Note: Fields that are selected with a blue check should correspond with fields displayed on your Dashboard as shown: 

Fields Currently Displayed On Dashboard
Fields NOT Currently Displayed On Dashboard

Step 4) Select Any Un-checked Field To Display On Dashboard

Select any specific field for display on your Dashboard that is NOT currently checked!

Example: For illustration we have selected, (checked) the ‘Offer Amount‘ field to be displayed on our Dashboard as shown:

Step 5) Press Blue SAVE Button To Process Field Selection

Press the blue Save button to process the fields that have been either checked or un-checked for display on your Dashboard as shown:

Step 6) System Displays Updated Dashboard Fields

Based on selected or de-selected fields Investment Dominator will now show fields on your Dashboard as shown:

Note: In our example, we selected the ‘Offer Amount’ field to be added to our Dashboard display.

2021-01-28 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What is the cost of Notes Package in the  Investment Dominator  – 4:10
  • What are the most time consuming steps in the LPG process flow – 8:50
  • How to change the TEXT on the Buying or Selling site in the Investment Dominator – 12:30
  • How to check a Buying Site Domain in the Investment Dominator  – 18:30
  • What is the latest update on the Data Tree integration into the Investment Dominator – 22:35
  • What is the estimated cost of Data Tree records in Investment Dominator – 28:20
  • Why are we now asking for SSN or TIN in the company information section of Investment Dominator – 29:50
  • How does Investment Dominator store imported entries in the Land Records section – 33:40
  • Is it necessary to first create a TAG that will be imported into the Investment Dominator – 38:25
  • How to handle importing records that have been correct into the Investment Dominator – 44:20
  • Is there anyone to assist in mapping AgentPro247 data into the Investment Dominator – 48:45
  • How to use the Josaiah Stacey AgentPro247 Data Reformatting tool in Investment Dominator – 53:40

2021-01-25 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What are the Investment Dominator [Big-3] setup requirements – 2:30
    • Signature/Profile                        – 4:30
    • Company Info                            – 11:30
    • Domains                                    – 27:10
  • How to immediately review the [Big-3] setup requirements in Investment Dominator – 40:50
  • Is there an Investment Dominator App to be down-loaded – 42:40
  • Can Call-Rail phone #s be used in the Company Information section within Investment Dominator – 44:00
  • Is it necessary to put a Fax # in the Company Information section within Investment Dominator  – 44:50
  • How to resolve error message received when generating the SSL Certificate for a Buying/Selling site domains in Investment Dominator – 45:55
  • How to access the site to review the [Big-3] setup requirements in Investment Dominator – 49:15
  • Where is the script for PAT Live to use when answering Land calls in Investment Dominator – 50:40
  • What is the next step in the LPG process after sending out mailers in Investment Dominator – 54:50
  • How to register for the Monday or Thursday Weekly Live Investment Dominator QnA Webinars – 57:45

2021-01-21 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • Is the scheduled Feb 09 2021 Investment Dominator Maximizer Workshop done in person or virtually  – 3:35
  • How to have both Buying and Selling Websites show in Websites drop-down in the Investment Dominator – 4:45
  • How to have both business partners set up profiles in the Investment Dominator  – 8:50
  • Is it wise to have one phone set up for both Seller and Buyer calls in the Investment Dominator – 13:00
  • Is it simple to move domains from GoDaddy to Blue-Host provider for connection to the Investment Dominator – 17:30
  • What is the best Ring Central Phone configuration to start with in Investment Dominator – 21:10
  • Are the Thursday Webinar recordings recorded and posted in Investment Dominator – 29:15
  • How to import a mass county data list and manage that list the Investment Dominator – 32:10
  • What is the name of a company who can take pictures of vacant land for Marketing within the Investment Dominator – 42:05
  • Can 300 records from 10 months ago still be loaded and considered valid data into the Investment Dominator – 45:25
  • Is there a tutorial in Investment Dominator on how to be proficient using Facebook Marketplace – 48:45
  • How to have both business partner’s name appear as signatures on Neutral Letters produced out of Investment Dominator – 51:00
  • How to change the [Default Offer Accept By] dates generated out of Investment Dominator – 55:40

2021-01-18 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What are the Investment Dominator [Big-3] setup requirements – 5:00
    • Signature/Profile                     – 5:40
    • Company Info                         – 12:15
    • Domains                                  – 31:45
  • How to review the [Big-3] setup requirements immediately in Investment Dominator – 48:10
  • Should a private phone be utilized as a Company Phone prior to being set up with Ring Central in Investment Dominator – 50:00
  • Does the $37.00/month price for 2 phone numbers include taxes & fees with Ring Central – 52:15
  • What is the need for the 2nd phone number for Selling Site Phone number within Investment Dominator – 54:00
  • Will the Tax ID# in Company Information be displayed on any of the documents produced out of Investment Dominator – 57:30

2021-01-14 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • How to fix a Time-Zone in the Investment Dominator so that the Notes date/time stamps show correctly – 3:45
  • How to upload a list of builders in the Marketing section of the Investment Dominator – 6:05
  • How to generate a built-in Neighbor Letter in Investment Dominator – 9:55
  • When using an REI-Conversion website is it necessary to have a Zapier plug-in on REI-Conversion to interface with Investment Dominator – 19:25
  • If Land Records are in [Pending Preliminary Research] status why doesn’t the Market Research function display in Investment Dominator – 24:50
  • How to change the order of property listings on the Selling Website in Investment Dominator – 33:30
  • How to change the Selling Site Listings layout in Investment Dominator – 38:00
  • With a county list of 5,000+ records can a VA make 3 separate files – a) Out of state, b) 2 hours away and c) local sellers – 40:50
  • Is there a way to record an exact date for mailing an Offer from within the Investment Dominator – 46:35
  • Should offers still be mailed to sellers who have specified they want Market Value for their property – 54:10
  • Does Investment Dominator track all properties SOLD in some type of report form – 57:55
  • Is there a [Deed Form] in the LPG for access – 1:00:15