2021-12-16 Live Training Call

Questions answered on this call:

6:30 – Full in-depth guide to using Outside Data Service Integration
26:15 – Understanding why records are rejected by Investment Dominator
28:00 – How to submit a technical support ticket and provide documentation
32:40 – What are the requirements for sending letters and different ways you can print them .doc .pdf
41:20 – Can you practice using Outside Data Service Integration before buying it
43:15 – How to change buying website themes and how to download free ones
49:00 – Are there any selling site themes for free now?
51:00 – How to review and Sign up for Live Q+A Sessions
55:00 – Creating a Tracking Link from the Marketing Tab within ID

2021-12-13 Live Training Call

What are the Investment Dominator [Big-3] setup requirements – 5:09
Signature/Profile – 7:14
Company Info – 15:24
Domains – 32:48

43:36 – How to Sign up for Future Live Q+A sessions
44:40 – How to review live replays of Q+A Session
45:50 – How to submit a technical support Question to Investment Dominator
47:30 – What are the next goals after this Monday session
51:03 – Can you go over how we import a . CSV land list

2021-12-09 Live Training Call

Questions answered on this call:

5:20 – Dropdown menu selection update
6:30 – Going over the tasks feature with the Investment Dominator
8:20 – Where to find resources on how to use the Investment Dominator
12:30 – How to find the property address for a record and view map
15:30 – How to add Longitude and Lat to. CSV file within Investment Dominator
19:30 – How to generate documents and what is the correct way to
27:30 – How to generate an offer package with the Investment Dominator
32:00 – Going over The order of stages and statuses
35:00 – Going over the default Deal flow process
40:00 – How to add a logo to a buying/selling site
44:00 – How to add a custom logo to a neutral letter
54:00 – How to add a PS Line or Company notes to your letters

2021-12-06 Live Training Call

What are the Investment Dominator [Big-3] setup requirements – 5:23
Signature/Profile – 7:00
Company Info – 13:31
Domains – 28:14

39:00 – How to Join Land Profit Generator Live Virtual Session
40:30 – How to review Quickstart Guide after onboarding call
42:00 – How to make sure you are signed up for Monday and Thursday call
42:25 – How to review Past replays of Live Q+A Training calls
43:00 – What to do if you have issues with the Investment Dominator Technical
45:55 – Why do you need two separate domains when using Investment Dominator
50:30 – What information is going to be printed out on your neutral letters’
55:40 – Reviewing the information on Ring Central Setup Guide in Detail
58:00 – How to work with Cropping Feature in Signature image

2021-12-02 Live Training Call

Questions answered on this call:

5:00 – New drop-down menu updates with the Investment Dominator
7:51 – Create a tracking link for a Marketing Campaign
12:47 – New update to the import section under Land
13:50 – Working with a Live Outside Data Service import Example
20:00 – How to find the records you imported from Outside Data Service
22:53 – How to prevent duplicate records when working with Outside Data Service
26:00 – How to verify if you got duplicate records from Outside Data Service
28:00 – How to review replays from the past Live Q+A Sessions
29:11 – learn more about tagging records with the Investment Dominator
34:00 – Using the Search by feature and Advanced Search with Land Section
39:50 – What are the Requirements for generating a blind offer Campaign
46:00 – Learning about expanding the default deal flow setup
49:12 – Can you explain the Outside Data Service Integration in detail
53:17 – How to Add additional pages to your buying/selling Site

2021-11-29 Live Training Call

What are the Investment Dominator [Big-3] setup requirements -1:08
Signature/Profile – 6:30
Company Info – 14:10
Domains – 30:00

39:18 – What are the next steps when working with the Investment Dominator
40:34 – How can we review past Live Q+A Sessions
43:14 – Using keywords to find Ring Central Articles within User Guide
47:00 – Why is it important to have the Company Information section filled out
49:00 – What support does Investment Dominator have?
51:00 – Having information other than numbers can cause errors with REI Print Mail
54:53 – How to Review all system updates to the Investment Dominator
56:36 – Going over new Integrations added to the Investment dominator

Phone Validation is Now Required

With the launch of our REIPrintmail Integration, we have had to make a few adjustments to the Investment Dominator System. For example, under the Company Phone number fields previously you were able to configure a company phone formatting like this:

1-(555)-555-5555 Ext. 1

With our recent system update, you are required to enter only a valid 10-digit phone number plus country code if this applies to you.

Here is an example of correct formatting:


Any additional text appended to the number like an extension number will not be accepted.

Please double check to ensure your phone numbers are correct as or you may see number formatting like this if entered with additional text information:

If you need to convey a phone extension we recommend using the ‘Company Notes‘ section or the ‘Letter P.S. Line’. You can also create a custom document that includes information about how to navigate your phone menu.

Brand New Dashboard Navigation Update

We are excited to announce we have made an update to the Dashboard of the Investment Dominator. This new update will present a hover-over option for the Dashboard Menu Items to now show dropdowns for easy access to fields within Investment Dominator.

NOTE: With this new navigation menu in order to get to the record summary page click the ‘Dashboard’ option under each main menu option.

Also, here is a video example to show you all the ways this has been updated.

2021-11-22 Live Training Call

What are the Investment Dominator [Big-3] setup requirements -3:20
Signature/Profile – 4:30
Company Info – 9:30
Domains – 25:20

35:24 – Next Steps after Welcome Call
37:00 – How to see the past live Q&A Call
39:00 – How to go over the Recommended Ring Central Phone Setup
43:13 – How to Add the Outside Data Service Integration to ID
45:18 – How to import land list by the method of . CSV
48:25 – How to Setup a domain with Google Domains
49:20 – How to send in a Ticket Support Request
51:00 – What are the customization options you can have for your sites
53:00 – Tips on Creating Domain names
54:36 – How to Review past Live Q&A Videos in the user guide

2021-11-18 Live Training Call

Questions answered on this call:

5:00 – Going over options on how to import first Land List
19:38 – Going over Imports section in relation to Activity Log
21:30 – How to begin the process to Send the list to Mailhouse
26:00 – How does the Prospect Neutral Letter Link to Buying Site
30:00 – Why is setting up forwarding needed for domains with ID
36:00 – How to Add multiple owners to a property record
39:40 – What are the different permissions for users created within ID
48:00 – How to view Activity Log of Outside Data Service imports
52:00 – Why do records get rejected from Investment Dominator import
56:00 – How to Export Notes your notes
56:50 – How to Log Bounced Check

2021-11-11 Live Training Call

Questions answered on this call:

5:44 – What resources are available to help with using the Investment Dominator
6:29 – Overview of Outside Data Service Feed is it right for you?
12:45 – How to Change the status of Records to have a limited Mailing
14:22 – How to Generate a New Search Criteria using Outside Data Service
19:45 – How to search for records quick within Land Tab
20:44 – How to review the information after an Outside Data Service Import
22:00 – How to review import details for Outside Data Service
25:50 – Overview of REI PrintMail Integration is it right for you?
35:50 – Going over the Selling Site customization options.

2021-11-08 Live Training Call

What are the Investment Dominator [Big-3] setup requirements –:30
Signature/Profile – 5:40
Company Info – 12:30
Domains – 32:00

49:18 – How to add our business partners to our ID account for access
53:37 – Is it necessary to have our business phone, domain names and Email Addresses set up for the 2 1/2 Day ID Workshop,
56:30 – Are there any technical issues we introduce by setting up phones with Grasshopper.com or our own personal VA in our office
58:40 – Why does my Company Information display disappear when I select the HELP, (support) function on the main menu

2021-11-01 Live Training Call

What are the Investment Dominator [Big-3] setup requirements –:30
Signature/Profile – 5:40
Company Info – 12:30
Domains – 32:00

33:30 – Next Steps after Welcome Call
36:00 – How to Create a new Support Ticket
36:40 – How to Sign up for future Live Q+A sessions
38:16 – Should you be sending documents from ID without establishing LLC
41:30 – Is the profile section being used for marketing purposes
43:00 – Going over the Subscriptions added onto Investment Dominator
48:23 – Overview of the User Guide within Investment Dominator
49:30 – What resources can help you with importing your first Land List

2021-10-25 Live Training Call

What are the Investment Dominator [Big-3] setup requirements –4:40
Signature/Profile – 5:00
Company Info – 11:00
Domains – 27:40

36:50 – How to find next steps after Welcome Call
39:00 – How to generate documents (Prospect Neutral Letter)
40:20 – How to leave a PS. Line or Company Notes
44:00 – How to get updated Custom Buying Site theme LandGen For free
49:00 – Going over Help Section
54:00 – Going over our User Guide

2021-10-21 Live Training Call

Questions answered on this call:

8:00 – Investment Dominator Quick Start Guide Overview (Import Land)
11:00 – How to upload your first CSV file
17:00 – How to Process a mail Campaign (Prospect Neutral Letter)
26:30 – Outside Data Service Integration Overview
33:00 – Why might Records not be importing into Investment Dominator
38:00 – How to review what records are being imported into ID
40:00 – New Buying Site Theme (LandGen)
46:00 – How to Customize your Buying Site
51:00 – Understanding how to use the Marketing tab for your benefit

How To Log A Returned (Bounced) Check For A Note Payment In The System

If you ever felt lost when working with the Notes section within Investment Dominator we hope this guide on how to export your Notes will help!

Let’s say that we have been keeping track of your payments for a Note within your system, but realized that one of the checks bounced on your payments.

You can log this from your Investment Dominator directly and here’s how.

  1. First, find the Note for which you want to log the returned payment

2. Next click on Edit for that record

3. Scroll down to payments and click on Edit Payments

4. Go to the transaction you would like to report

5. Select the Payment Method as Check

6. Last click on the button for Returned

Proceed through the screens and this will be marked as returned.

This short video shows you a demonstration of how you can do this below: