How to Create a Custom Contact-Us Page For your Selling Site

Did you know that when working with our Custom Selling SiteTheme Option You are able to create custom page templates? Like for example, a Contact Us Page will allow you to display something like shown below:

You may have noticed that if you try to do this now within your selling site responding with an error that looks like this:

Let’s walk through the steps as to how we can update this in order for our selling site to display the Contact Us page which could not be done without a custom theme. Keep in mind for any of you creating custom themes you will be able to do this to your own theme, but we are using the one Investment Dominator provides for this example.

Step 1: Download the Updated Selling Site Theme

Download this updated Selling site custom theme option which can be found here this will also have instructions on how to download the theme. If you already have this previous version of the selling site theme on your computer please delete it.

After having the new theme on your computer do not upload it into Investment Dominator just yet. Your downloaded file will be in a compressed zip folder, extract this information to your desktop or even your downloads like this:

Then you will see the new screen popup after extracting to your downloads if it does not please locate where you extracted the zip folder.

Step 2: Use a Code Editor

There are many choices for code editors out there but a good open-source tool that we use in this example is called notepad++ which can be found here. With this installed you can then right-click on the

Make sure within your contact-us.html starts with this code at the top

[custom_page_template name="Contact Us"]

This will allow you to then create a custom page within the Investment Dominator to then display the code we have generated.

Step 3: Create a New Custom Page in Investment Dominator

So now that we have the required code done and updated you can then go back to the folder in step 2 and now we want to change it back to a zip folder so we can import it into Investment Dominator:

Now after you have this imported into your Investment Dominator we can focus on creating that new page to match our code for the Contact-us Page.

First, go to your Customize Section

Click on Website Pages and Posts

Click on Add Page

For Website choose Selling Website

Load Custom Theme Page select the theme we just installed

Page Status set to Public

Then just give it a page name like contact us this will convert the page URL to be contact_us

Once done you can preview your site directly before moving forward and adding it to your selling site.


Step 4: Enable the Page on Selling Site Menu

If you notice anything wrong with your selling site please reset your selling site menu to default

Now go back to the Customize section, but this time go to Website Settings Selling and click on the first option to edit the selling site menu.

Remember the name for the page we just created? You will see this show up in your header and footer menu under not set.

Drag and drop both contact us onto the set section with this done update your site and then review the results

Now going to your selling site will allow you to click on the contact us page which will now open for your selling site.

Setting Up a Domain with Google Domains

This article is going to show you how to point your domain to

If you want to see the setup process involved with Go-Daddy Click here

Keep in mind the goal of this article is to take your domain from Google Domains and point your C-Name Record to the Investment Dominator.

You can click on the images which will link directly to the article from google domains support.

Let’s look at how we display the information on Go-Daddy

For Host input www

Points to change to

TTL (Time To Load) set to 600 Seconds

Once you are done pointing your C-name Record to the Investment Dominator then you must set up your domain Forwarding .

Lastly, verify your domain forwarding and keep in mind this may take up to 48 hours to reflect the changes made.

Why Am I Seeing a Prompt to Merge Records

You may have noticed when using the Investment Dominator of a prompt informing you to choose yes or no to merge existing records within your land section.

This happens because within your land section you have more than one record with the same information including:

  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip

Let’s break this down further with an example:

Recipient A:
First Name = John
Last Name = Doe
Address = 123 Main Street
City = Phoenix
State = AZ
Zip = 85050
Recipient B:
First Name = Jane
Last Name = Doe
Address = 123 Main St
City = Phoenix
State = AZ
Zip = 85050

Since the address is not an exact match the system will treat it as two different owners but the post office will deliver it.

The second example of this would be this:

Recipient A:
First Name = Jane
Last Name = Doe
Address = 123 Main Ave.
City = Phoenix
State = AZ
Zip = 85050
Recipient B:
First Name = John
Last Name = Doe
Address = 123 Main Ave
City = Phoenix
State = AZ
Zip = 85050

Saying No to the Merge:

When you choose to not merge the records after getting the prompt from the Investment Dominator, you run the chance of sending duplicates in your mailing this is bad for various reasons. One of which includes money wasted on sending out a duplicate mailing to the same person.

Saying Yes to the Merge

You will have the choice to choose each record with duplicates and continue on the process of merging. While this may seem complicated let’s break it down.

You will be presented with a screen showing you

  1. Fields on the lefthand side showing things like (property type, owner, and owner’s zip)
  2. Record A (record id)
  3. Middle column showing you the information you are keeping in the new record after merging
  4. Record B (record id)

Everything entered chosen to be moved onto the merged record will remain in the middle column. Once you are done click on the button right button to continue.

For more information on how to troubleshoot and undo a merge please review this article here:

In the rare scenario where you would want to send a letter to multiple people at the same Address

One thing we want to keep in mind is a situation like this is rare but to get over some of the technicality of this topic we have some methods to help. Here are some ways to address a piece of mail to many people at the same address.

  1. Use the Family name to cover all recipients. The process for addressing an envelope to multiple recipients who belong to the same family is as follows:

    First address Line – “The Family of Mr. and Mrs. John Doe” or
    “The Doe Family”
    This way lets the potential prospect know the mail is intended for everyone belonging to that family.
  2. In order to create a general statement for contacts you could also say as follows:
    “To the Residents of” followed by the line beneath which contains the address.
    Or if the potential prospect is part of a business rather than a residence replace residents with an appropriate title of address like “supervisors”, “owners”, or “employees.

How to Create a Custom Letter Template for ITI Direct

Did you know you could also send Custom Letters to a mail house like ITI Direct?

  1. Go to the Land Tab then click on the Campaigns Section you will be presented with this screen.
  2. find the custom document you created (for more information click here)
  3. Select the option ‘Other’

You will see your word documents which can be opened up and edited specifically to the needs of your mailhouse of your choice. For this istance we are working with ITI Direct so what you would do in this case is review the information needed directly from ITI which is also here.

From the information on the ITI Direct site we can see that we need to have our merge fields displayed with <<mergefield>> instead of what the Investment Dominator Provides as this [mergefield].

In order to do this open up those downloaded files on your computer and within Microsoft word click on enable editing then

1. Click replace

2. Under find what put this symbol [

3. For Replace With put this symbol <<

4. Click on Replace all

5. Do this same process again for this symbol ] and replace with >>

Once you are done review your documents to ensure they are in the proper format

Lastly just make sure you are saving this document as a PDF.

Following along with the article on what ITI needs in order to fufill a mailing you will need your:

2 PDF’s one with your custom letter template and custom envelope Template so make sure to save those word documents as PDF.

Last your CSV file associated with your custom letter which can be found on the Other screen

2021-08-26 Live Training Call

Questions answered on this call:

3:50 – How to find a template for a custom neutral letter and add a logo to it
9:20 – Hot to generate a campaign with a custom document
12:40 – How can you begin to get your LLC for company name
15:00 – how can you review imported records from our data tree integration
20:19 – How to add additional properties to one record to generate an offer
26:06 – Can you explain the marketing involved with our websites
30:57 – How can we customize our websites
35:14 – How to review email notifications from a record within ID
37:25 – How to view updates within the Investment Dominator
38:40 – ReI PrintMail integration with prospect Neutral Letters
47:10 – How to update records without them impact other records within ID
50:40 – How to use the tagging system
52:25 – Generating a campaign new screen for duplicate records
54:00 – Can you go over the data tree integration
56:00 – How to exclude previously imported records with data tree

2021-08-23 Live Training Call

What are the Investment Dominator [Big-3] setup requirements –2:00
Signature/Profile – 5:32
Company Info – 10:50
Domains – 26:10

36:00 – How to Sign up for Live Q&A calls and view previously recorded sessions
37:00 – Can you go over the company email field and where this appears on letters
38:38 – Can you put personal cell phone for company phone
40:14 – Can you go over the domains and helpful tips
42:50 – How you can view recorded sessions of live Q&A calls
45:15 – Can you go over custom themes and how they are created for buying site
51:52 – Going over Pending Import section of the Investment Dominator
53:40 – Going over generating documents with new Campaign Section
54:25 – ReI PrintMail Integration with Investment Dominator

2021-08-19 Live Training Call

Questions answered on this call:

If we cancel Service for Data Tree – Are the previously purchased leads safe since they are downloaded in ID?
If we have several names in data where spouses have different last names, do we create another column for the 2nd person’s first and last name to import into Investment Dominator?
If we receive a Market Value in our LEAD data, can we use this value as the actual Market Value to calculate our offers and NOT need to check any further?
What are the 12 states we know that are considered “NON-Disclosure” states?
Can we give an overview of the process of how we can load custom Neighbor Letters into ID and send to a mailing house?
Do we have a recording of this session to replay?
What is the difference between an Option Agreement vs a Contract Agreement?
What is the process of transporting the buyers list (email)
to Mailing?
Is there a way to send an Offer to the seller and get a confirmation that they received my offer?
How to use the “New Prospect” function in Investment Dominator?

2021-08-16 Live Training Call

What are the Investment Dominator [Big-3] setup requirements –1:00
Signature/Profile – 2:51
Company Info – 10:00
Domains – 25:00

33:03 – How to generate your SSL for your new domain
35:00 – Does the profile section information go on letters
36:45 – How to effectively report technical issues for support
41:34 – can you clarify the selling site phone (Company Information)
45:40 – Any information on the process of getting your LLC and tips
51:20 – Recommended Ring Central Setup
52:51 – How can we edit our buying/selling websites
54:56 – How to join our Monday and Thursday Q&A sessions

2nd Offer Cover Letter

<p style="text-align: right;">[current-date]</p>

<p style="text-align: right;">&nbsp;</p>


<p>[caller-firstname]&nbsp;[caller-lastname]<br />
[owner-address]&nbsp;[owner-address2]<br />
[owner-city],&nbsp;[owner-state] [owner-zip]</p>


<p>Dear [caller-firstname],</p>

<p>A few days/weeks ago I wrote to you with an offer to purchase your property in [property-county] County, [property-state]. Unfortunately, due to a mistake in our system, I sent you the wrong offer and would like to apologize for this.&nbsp; If you are still interested in selling your property I have included in this letter the new corrected offer amount. I have also attached the formal Sale Agreement for your to complete and mail back to me.</p>

<p>I am willing to offer you the following:</p>

<table align="center" border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" style="width:80%;">
			<td><strong>Net Amount paid to Seller:&nbsp;</strong></td>
			<td style="text-align: right;"><strong>USD(([property-price]-[property-backtaxes]))</strong></td>
			<td><strong>Outstanding Back Taxes:</strong></td>
			<td style="text-align: right;">USD(([property-backtaxes]))</td>
			<td><strong>Buyer estimated total cost of Purchase:</strong></td>
			<td style="text-align: right;">USD(([property-price]))</td>

<p><br />
As you review my offer, please keep in mind that I will cover all outstanding back taxes, if any, as well as 100% of the closing costs, including title insurance, recording fees, document courier charges, notary fees, etc.&nbsp; There are no hidden fees for you &ldquo;the Seller.&rdquo;&nbsp; Furthermore, I will pay you cash and close quickly.&nbsp;</p>

<p>We strive to make the sale process very easy for our customers.&nbsp; You simply need to sign the attached Sale Agreement and fax or mail it back to me.&nbsp; As soon as I receive it, I will call you to make arrangements to complete the transaction through a Title Company (or Attorney).<br />


<p>[my-signature]<br />
<strong>[my-firstname] [my-lastname]</strong><br />
[my-company-name]<br />
[my-company-address]<br />
[my-company-city], [my-company-state] [my-company-zip]</p>

2021-08-12 Live Training Call

Questions answered on this call:

  • 4:00 – Zapier Articles updated within the User guide section
  • 5:15 – Live example walkthrough of google sheets and Zapier
  • 10:00 – best way to tag skip trace records
  • 13:00 – Different ways to generate a campaign with the Investment Dominator
  • 17:00 – New update with Campaign section and generating letters
  • 21:00 – How to generate documents instead of a campaign
  • 22:00 – importing a list with Investment Dominator update
  • 26:10 – Market research with the Investment Dominator User Guide
  • 28:43 – How to have the property location populate a map location for your records
  • 30:00 – Marketing tab vs contact us page Investment Dominator
  • 33:50 – What is the purpose of the Marketing tab
  • 34:50 – How to create custom pages for our websites
  • 46:53 – Creating custom documents with the Investment Dominator
  • 55:55 – How to sign up for our weekly live Q&A Calls

2021-08-09 Live Training Call

What are the Investment Dominator [Big-3] setup requirements –1:00
Signature/Profile – 3:30
Company Info – 9:10
Domains – 26:30

  • 34:26 – How to secure and install your free SSL from Investment Dominator
  • 36:07 – How to sign up for weekly live Q&A calls
  • 37:00 – Can you go over the three-line setup using Recommended Ring Central phone system
  • 38:00 – Are you able to change company information later on
  • 40:10 – How to view previous recordings on Live Q&A sessions
  • 42:30 – FAQ section of the investment dominator user guide
  • 44:00 – Best Practices and quick-start sessions with Investment Dominator
  • 50:10 – How to submit a feature suggestion
  • 51:45 – How to effectively report technical issues to Investment Dominator support
  • 57:00 – New update with Campaign section and generating letters

2021-08-05 Live Training Call

Questions answered on this call:

  • 4:00 – How to search the Investment Dominator for information using User Guide
  • 7:50 – Going over Pending Imports and update to importing a land list
  • 12:40 – New Zapier Articles and using automation with the Investment Dominator
  • 16:45 – How to view imported records from our outside data service integration
  • 18:34 – Can I put on hold my data tree subscription
  • 23:35 – How to generate offer campaign documents
  • 28:00 – How to view recorded sessions with the Investment Dominator Q&A Calls
  • 32:17 – Going over where REI PrintMail is located and additional information
  • 34:30 – Going over Skip trace and how to find more information
  • 39:50 – Going over custom status and how we can create them
  • 48:08 – how to view tags added into the Investment Dominator
  • 52:20 – Generating blind offer package and user guide articles
  • 54:00 – Selling site customization

2021-08-02 Live Training Call

What are the Investment Dominator [Big-3] setup requirements –0:40
Signature/Profile – 4:26
Company Info – 10:52
Domains – 29:40

  • 38:37 – How to generate your free SSL for your domains
  • 40:45 – How to register for weekly live Q&A sessions with Investment Dominator
  • 41:15 – How to view previous recordings on Live sessions
  • 42:00 – What are the requirements for importing a list and troubleshooting
  • 48:00 – How to troubleshoot APN issues with Land List upload
  • 49:50 – what do I put in company information if I do not have my LLC
  • 51:53 – New ways you can generate documents/ Campaigns with the Investment Dominator
  • 54:30 – How to preview generated neutral letter and what information is on it

Merging Records with REI PrintMail Integration

You may have noticed when you are getting ready to send a campaign to REI PrintMail of a pop up that alerts you which looks like the following:

Since you will be sending records directly to REI PrintMail for verification one thing you want to note is how records are being processed.

For instance, the Investment Dominator will consider a duplicate record if the mailing address is exactly matching another record. Now this will matter if you notice a couple at the same mailing address. The system will prompt you to select the records for merging before moving forward.

You will also notice that after selecting the records you wish to merge it will then bring up the same merging screen used throughout the Investment Dominator.

Make sure that the data you want to keep is in the middle and you get all needed information transferred over.

How To Update My Email On File

You may have wondered if it is possible to change the email address associated with the Investment Dominator.

We’re here to tell you this is possible, in fact, there are two ways you can change emails with the Investment Dominator.

If you need to change the email address for the Super Admin for your Investment Dominator account (email associated with your billing), please create a support ticket under the ‘Help‘ tab of your system.

If you need to change an email address of a user in your system, or even another admin member of your team you can do the following:

Head into the ‘Team‘ section of the Investment Dominator:

Find the user you wish to change the information for by Clicking ‘Edit‘:

Then change the Email Address field for that User:

NOTE: The ‘Email‘ field is a separate field from the ‘Username‘ field. If you update the ‘Email‘ field for a user we also recommend that you update their ‘Username‘ as well to match.

New Outside Data Service Integration Feature

Did you know the Investment Dominator recently updated with a new feature now available in the Import of the Land tab?

With this new update, you will now be able to Generate Criteria for your search on a specific land county. You will then be able to import that list of prospects into the Investment Dominator.

Going to Land -> Import

Then select the option for ‘Get Data From Our Outside Data Service‘ to start the process.

There’s a ton of information on how you can set up this integration, generate criteria as well as FAQ below:

How to Enable the Integration:

How to Generate Criteria: