2021-01-21 Live Training Call

2021-01-21 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • Is the scheduled Feb 09 2021 Investment Dominator Maximizer Workshop done in person or virtually  – 3:35
  • How to have both Buying and Selling Websites show in Websites drop-down in the Investment Dominator – 4:45
  • How to have both business partners set up profiles in the Investment Dominator  – 8:50
  • Is it wise to have one phone set up for both Seller and Buyer calls in the Investment Dominator – 13:00
  • Is it simple to move domains from GoDaddy to Blue-Host provider for connection to the Investment Dominator – 17:30
  • What is the best Ring Central Phone configuration to start with in Investment Dominator – 21:10
  • Are the Thursday Webinar recordings recorded and posted in Investment Dominator – 29:15
  • How to import a mass county data list and manage that list the Investment Dominator – 32:10
  • What is the name of a company who can take pictures of vacant land for Marketing within the Investment Dominator – 42:05
  • Can 300 records from 10 months ago still be loaded and considered valid data into the Investment Dominator – 45:25
  • Is there a tutorial in Investment Dominator on how to be proficient using Facebook Marketplace – 48:45
  • How to have both business partner’s name appear as signatures on Neutral Letters produced out of Investment Dominator – 51:00
  • How to change the [Default Offer Accept By] dates generated out of Investment Dominator – 55:40



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