2020-09-17 Live Training Call

2020-09-17 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • Can we simply direct new students to recordings of the Investment Dominator setup  – 4:15
  • Who is paying for closing costs after payment information is set up and complete – 6:05
  • Any update on Data Tree affiliation into the Investment Dominator  – 8:30
  • Once we receive our skip traces back from a 3rd party  how do we update the addresses in Investment Dominator – 11:45
  • Can we walk through the Zapier set up in Investment Dominator  – 16:50
  • Why properties may NOT be showing on the Selling Site in Investment Dominator  – 21:55
  • Is there any way a default envelope font change can reflect in bulk envelope template – 27:00
  • With a market value on a property of $15K – $25K does the LPG Business Model call for a  30% offer – 31:55
  • How to add an ICON for Investment Dominator onto your Android Phone – 38:20
  • How do we customize and list properties or how to get a deep dive on this topic in Investment Dominator – 45:00
  • How do you make a second offer in Investment Dominator and keep a record of the first offer – 49:15



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