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How To Properly Process An Offer Request

When an owner receives your letter and wants to request an offer from you, they will do one of two things…

  1. Go to your Buying website and fill out the offer request form under the ‘SELL YOUR LAND or ‘SELL YOUR HOUSE’ page.
  2. They will call you and request an offer over the phone.

If the owner goes to your buying site…

If the owner goes to your website they simply need to enter their name and reference number that was printed on the envelope and letter in the first step of the form. By doing that, the system will look up their record in the system and on the 2nd step of the form they can enter in some additional information about them and their property, that they wish to sell, and submit the offer request.

Here is a sample video that we would post above the offer request form on your buying site to explain to the owner in a simple manner how to fill out the form:

NOTE: The system automatically puts the record in the ‘Pending Preliminary Research’ status when someone requests an offer through your buying site.

If the owner calls you…

If the owner chooses to call you instead (most do) then the proper way to process the call is to ask the owner what the reference number is that was printed on their letter.

Once you have this number, from the admin console and under either the ‘Land Deals’ or ‘House Deals’ tab click on the ‘Search by…’ dropdown and choose the ‘Owner Id (Letter Ref#)’ option. Then to the left of that enter in the number that the owner gives you and press ‘Search’ to pull up the record.

Click the ‘Edit’ link to the right of the record to open it up…

The first thing you want to do is change the ‘Status’ field to ‘Pending Preliminary Research’ so that the system know this owner wants an offer.

You can work through the list of questions to see how much the owner knows about the property, but at this point, you are just documenting what the owner tells you, after the call you will verify everything with the county to ensure you have all the correct information about the property before you make your offer.

The next step is to do your preliminary research and make your offer, here are a couple articles that cover that step in detail…

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