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How to Generate a Mailing List for a Mailing House

The Investment Dominator was designed to fill the needs of investors of all experience levels and with all kinds of operation budgets.

For example, some users print out their own letters and envelopes to save money on labor, while others prefer to print out a mailing list and let a third party mailing house take care of the marketing.

Let’s go into a little more detail on that second option and see how to generate a mailing list.

After logging into your Investment Dominator account, click on the button that says “Generate Documents”.


Once inside the “Generate Documents” section, you will want to click on the button that says “Export”. This will export a .csv document of all of the contact records in the corresponding status.


For example, the “Export Data” button in the example above will only export contacts in the “Prospect” status.

Once you have the .csv file, just send it to your mailing house.

If you are using LetterPrinting.net here are the order options we recommend using for the Neutral Letter:

That’s 57 cents per letter! (Must order over 700 letters to get this discount rate).