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How to Create Custom Letters

While the Investment Dominator was designed with a certain deal flow and specific statuses in mind, it can be customized to fit any investment strategy. So here’s how you can create a custom letter for use in the Investment Dominator:

Log into your Investment Dominator account and then click on ‘Customize‘.

Then, scroll down a little until you see the option that says ‘Custom Document Templates‘.


A window will pop up, and you will be able to create just about any kind of document that you could want, including first-time mailings, land, short sales, probate, foreclosure, homes posted for tax sales, etc.

There is an option on the right that says ‘Insert Merge Field‘. Insert the fields that you want to be in the letter, and this will make sure that the letters come out properly addressed and with the correct information.

NOTE: Be sure that you select the correct option from the ‘TO‘ field. This will determine which fields you can merge into the document.

Also, you can make sure that the letter only goes to contact records in certain statuses.


After you have created your custom letter template, you can use it by clicking on ‘Generate Documents‘ and scrolling down to the bottom of the page. You will see an option to use the custom letter template that you created, and it will merge in the information of all contact records in the corresponding status.