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Customize The Offer Contract For Land – (Agreement When Buying)

All of Jack’s letter and contract templates that he uses are preloaded into the Investment Dominator system. If you would like to alter them the best way is to create your own custom document under Customize Site> Custom Documents.

For example to edit the Offers Template please follow the below process…

  1. Go to Customize Site> Custom Documents
  2. Click the ‘Add Document’ button
  3. Under the ‘To’ field select ‘Owner – Land Only’
  4. Under the ‘Status’ field select ‘Pending Preliminary Research’
  5. Under the ‘Document File Type’ field select ‘DOC’
  6. Under the ‘Document Type’ select ‘Portrait’
  7. Under the ‘Document Title’ enter in a custom title for your document like “Custom Offer Template”
  8. Under the ‘Document Content’ editor select the ‘Source’ button.
  9. Then in the content window copy and paste the text in this file: land-offer-template-when-buying
  10. Under the ‘Allow Generate Envelope/Label’ field select ‘Label’
  11. Under the ‘Allow Export Data’ field select ‘Yes’
  12. Under the ‘Allow Bulk Update’ field select ‘Yes’
  13. Under the ‘Move To’ field select “Offer/Option Sent”
  14. Under the ‘Per Each Property’ field select ‘ Yes’
  15. Click the blue ‘Add’ button to save the custom document.

To use this new custom document make sure