Setting Margins On Custom Documents

At this time don’t have a “Margins” option available in the system when creating a custom document, however, you can use the Table or Div option to create a container for your content and then adjust the dimensions of the Table or Div accordingly.  Continue reading “Setting Margins On Custom Documents”

How To Undo Actions

Most single actions that you or other users in your system do (for example, changing a value of a field, deleting a record, merging a record, creating a record… etc) are logged and indexed under ‘My Team> Activity Log’.  Also under this section, you can ‘Undo’ past actions.  So for example, if you accidentally deleted some information from a record you can look up the action record of when you deleted the information and undo that action, which will restore the previous data back into that field.

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How To Easily Add Social Media Icons To Your Listings

The easiest way to add social media icons to your property listings is with the help of social media icon managing software like, which is a FREE service that allows you to display social media icons on any page of your website. There are other similar services out there that allow you to do the same thing but in this article, we will show you how to integrate the code into your website.  Continue reading “How To Easily Add Social Media Icons To Your Listings”

Investment Dominator SEO

The Investment Dominator comes with a built-in Buying and Selling website. Both of these websites have been Search Engine Optimized in the following manner…

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